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A Blind Eye To Open Borders

Dear Editor,

Our Congress, not known as a proactive group save trolling for contributions and mud wrestling for pork, has had a fire lit underneath its collective bottoms in the guise of the new law passed in Arizona re: illegal aliens. For years Congress has turned a blind eye to our ‘open’ borders hoping the discomforting situation would just go away. Bureaucrats stalled using the phrase “they are taking the jobs Americans do not want to do” as justification to do nothing. Meanwhile, the Federal Government has allowed illegals to violate our southern borders by the millions, often trespassing on private property in numbers, at all odd hours day and night.

It is not uncommon for those owning land on our southern border to have their property defiled; and, awaken to the sound of gun shots, not what they bargained for when they purchased their property. Congress does nothing. Meanwhile, illegals, desperate to earn money in the land of opportunity, often paid their way here with every cent they had creating an entirely new field of employment, trafficking in illegals. The population

Letters of illegals has swelled to well over twenty million although nobody knows the actual count because they are illegal. The federal government left addressing the problem to first, the border homeowners, then the counties, then the cities, then the states. Guess whose turn it is now?

Finally, after waiting for the Feds to give violated citizens relief in her state, Governor Brewer of Arizona signed into law permission for policemen to stop people who they judge could be here illegally and request they show documentation proving they are citizens. If those stopped are found to be here illegally, they will be sent home to apply to return legally. In all honesty, illegals knew when they came here they ran the risk of being sent home. Is sending them home now the best answer to the problem? If it is not, Congress should legislate a better one. Congress has dug a deep hole. And, by not wanting to appear racist; and, by not wanting to lose the vote of legal minority voters, Congress has left it to the states to pass what is being termed racist laws. Yes. It is much better for a state to be labeled racist than the entire Congress of the United States, so it seems.

How precious has it been to be a legal immigrant to the U.S.A.? During the FDR administration a boatload of Jewish refugees escaping the holocaust was turned away from our shores to die because our quota for Jews had been met. Today, a young Russian woman working at an athletic facility in Brooklyn cannot go home to visit her family because her work permit does not allow her to return once she has left. How can Congress justify a ‘quota system’ for some and a one way system for others while allowing millions of illegals here through our porous southern borders?

In these dire economic times, jobs are so scarce that those citizens determined to work must not be denied a job currently taken by an illegal.

Ad-mit it, many illegals, good workers, are hired off the books (no health care costs, no taxes, no SS payments) which makes them an employer’s dream and a taxpayer’s nightmare. If Congress was less generous with unemployment benefits, the unemployed would be forced to take jobs currently taken by illegals merely to put food on the table. What is the next step, then, giving unemployment benefits to illegals? It would be a great deal more cost efficient to send them home and let them apply for legal entry the same as all other future citizens at which time they would be welcome.

To expedite their legal return, the Feds could give illegals priority in accordance with the number of years they have spent here, a valuable perk. How else can our government get a count on numbers of people requiring goods and services? How else can cities, states and feds budget for schools and health care?

The big question with respect to illegals is not why, but “Why now?” In this highly charged political environment, nothing just happens politically without deep thought and planning. This problem has been roiling around for decades without a solution which brings interesting questions to the fore: Who stands to profit from this issue now? Is the timing of this issue meant to so overshadow the banking bill that Americans forget we need expeditious reform? Will press coverage of illegals with remotes from L.A., Miami, Phoenix and other illegal home cities so dominate the news and Washington as to kick all of Congress’s other business to the wood shed? Isn’t this a repeat performance of another hot button issue, Roe v. Wade, which would be dragged into the media periodically to instantly refocus the fervor of our citizens?

By ignoring the problem for decades and by failing to name English as our official language (if not English, then what?), Congress has demonstrated to the American people how insulated they are in Washington vis a vis the rest of the country. Washington DC, the Vatican of America, is feeling the heat from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and their paid protesters to Kumbayah the illegal mess and make all, I’m guessing twenty-five million illegals, legal. Can they successfully pass the buck?

Taking the census in this ‘country of laws’ with millions of illegals going uncounted must be the current backroom joke in D.C. Closing the borders would go a long way to muffle any laughter from that joke. By having one set of laws for European immigrants, another for Asians and a different one for those south of our borders, we are making a mockery of our immigration system.

If the Feds are dissatisfied with Arizona’s solution to the problem and they don’t want to be the ‘bad guys’, how about holding a series of town hall meetings, on-line chats and television discussions, putting multiple solutions on the ballot for a vote on Election Day.

Allowing the informed American voters to decide gets Congress off the hook and allows voters to vote their belief. A decision needs to be forthcoming quickly; and, Congress is too cowardly to make it.


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