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If Only America Treated Terrorists More Like Israel
Commentary By Howard Schwach

There has been much debate in America on how best to try the four admitted terrorists who threatened our very existence.

There is much debate in Europe and the Middle East about a recent murder in Dubai, in which a Hamas terrorist mastermind was killed by a team of assassins using British and Irish passports, but widely believed to be from Israel’s Mossad.

There is much debate all over the world about the capability of Iran to build nuclear weapons, which would immediately threaten the peace of the world, not to mention the existence of Israel.

Debate, debate, debate! That’s what western civilization does best.

There is a chance that the west, including America, will debate itself out of existence.

America should be more like Israel in treating its terrorist problem.

In fact, Golda Meir, the grandmother who ran Israel as its prime minister for many years, had the right idea.

Early in the morning of September 5, 1972, eight Muslim terrorists called “Black September” climbed a high chain link fence at the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany and took a group of Israeli athletes hostage.

They killed a few of the Jewish athletes, those who tried to defend themselves, and took nine others hostage.

Eventually, the Muslims tried to escape with the hostages. The German army disdained the help of the Israelis, who were probably the best-trained antiterrorist force in the world, simply out of necessity. The Germans tried to rescue the Israelis and they were all killed by their kidnappers, some of whom lived to tell the tale and were eventually freed by the German government.

The Olympic committee called for a short memorial service and then the rest of the world went back to winning gold, silver and bronze medals, with hardly another thought of those who had died.

Israel, however, did not forget.

The quintessential Jewish grandmother, Golda, ordered an operation that was called “The Wrath of God.”

Several hit teams were dispatched all over the world. Their mission was to kill every one of those who planned and took part in the Olympic massacre as well as those who might plan something akin to that in the future.

Civil rights? Human rights? They had massacred Israelis.

One Israeli official involved in planning the hits later said, “We had no choice. We had to make them stop, and there was no other way. We are not very proud about it, but it was a question of sheer necessity. We went back to the old Biblical rule of an eye for an eye.”

Some mistakes were made and at least one innocent man was killed, but ultimately, the Wrath of God stopped many terrorist attacks in their tracks.

Then came Osirak and “Operation Opera.”

It was clear to Israel and the rest of the world that Iraq had developed a nuclear reactor that was capable of making weapons grade uranium.

The world debated about what should be done. The solutions ranged from doing nothing and hoping the problem would go away to the “military option.”

Nothing, however, was done by the United Nations or the other free nations of the world.

On June 7, 1981, a flight of Israeli Air Force F-16 and F-15 jet aircraft attacked and heavily damaged the Osirak reactor. The rest of the world publically condemned Israel while privately thanking the nation for taking care of very necessary business.

The United Nations, always anti-Israel, characterized the attack as an “unprecedented act of aggression.” What was not well known at the time was that several of the French and Arab scientists working on the Osirak reactor were killed or simply disappeared in the two months leading up to the attack.

Israel was indeed taking care of business – the business of remaining the only viable democratic nation in the Middle East.

It did what it needed to do to survive in the face of an intractable enemy dedicated to its annihilation.

Which leads us to today and to the Emirates.

There is no doubt that Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was a terrorist. He made no bones about it. As the head of the military wing of Hamas, a group dedicated to the extinction of Israel, Al-Mabhouh had planned many terrorist bombings in Israel and had prompted many to become suicide bombers. He was actively participating in an ongoing war by Hamas against Israeli citizens, just as surely as the operatives of Black September had been participating in a war against Israel when they attacked the Olympics compound decades before. He was the man responsible for the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli soldiers.

Reports said that he was in Dubai securing missiles and other weapons of destruction from Iranian operatives in that nation.

There is no question in my mind that the men and women of the hit team that killed the Hamas terrorist were from Israel, and many other nations of the world are condemning the Israeli government for ordering the hit.A spokesman for that government told reporters that he could not either confirm or deny the rumor that Israel was involved. He surely did so with a smile on his face, knowing full well that everybody knew of Israel’s involvement. The Emirates want to extradite the head of Mossad to Dubai for trial.

What a joke. Not only was Mossad right, but the United States should start thinking about the same kinds of actions against Muslim terrorists that threaten this nation.They should not be treated as common criminals and put on trial. They should never reach trial.

The Israelis have the right idea.

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