2010-02-26 / Letters

Tea Bagger’s Delight

Dear Editor,

I see that my old friend Joseph O’Malley is back on his angry donkey, lance in hand, tilting at windmills in an attempt to fend off the latest imagined onslaught from the presumedly evil, stupid and murderous Right wing. In this case the mortal threat is a conservative mother from Alaska named Sarah Palin. He peppers his dyspeptic democratic diatribe with suggestions of an army of loathsome “tea-baggers” only too willing to incite “revolt” and “assassination” in order to regain power in Washington.

He uses his familiar “racist” stick to poke and prod his enemies into submission, all the while missing the implications of his soft bigotry in the suggestion that minorities need his learned and erudite representation to stave off the inequities of American society. I am sure the 34 million African-Americans and 35 million Hispanic-Americans are sleeping well at night knowing that Mr. O’Malley is on the case rooting out the Republican “racists” for thought re-modification and educational re-alignment. He clearly misses the irony of the fact that millions of minorities have voted Republican and that it was a black-American Tea Party protestor who was beaten by aggressive white-American left wing activists at one rally in St. Louis, the only instance of violence which I have observed in this whole year of town hall protests (watch it on youtube.com if you don’t believe me).

Mr. O’Malley’s race baiting tactics are the very definition of the McCarthy like thought control which he so vociferously denounces! By the way, I use the hyphens, only for fear of being called a racist by Left-wing Americans, for having the audacity not to acknowledge the separate categories of Americans by placing everyone into their proper separate-but-equal cubbyhole. Lord knows, we wouldn’t want everyone around the world thinking we were all simply Americans.

Allow me to clue you in Mr. O’Malley; we have a new Democratic President, Barack Obama, he’s been in office for over a year now. He’s in charge of the entire American experiment. Thus far, he’s spent more in 2 budget years than Bush spent in 8 years (and Bush spent a whole lot). Thus far he’s failed to bring an end to the recession by pursuing a Keynesian policy of monetizing the debt, overspending and then some (regardless of the fact that this was tried and failed in Japan and

Letters the Soviet Union, not to mention by the USA under FDR, again with failure).

He’s continued to pursue the enemies of America in Iraq and Afghanistan (to his credit) but with a decidedly slow approach (6 months to decide on a troop surge in Afghanistan and no decision on where to hold the trial of Khalid Sheik Muhammed). He took credit for success in Iraq (even though Bush handed over a stable Iraq). He even took credit for “saving the economy from depression” even though Bush signed the TARP bill in Dec. 2008 (Obama was consulted and agreed, but it was Bush’s call, and again no credit for Bush).

He’s pursued a ridiculously ill-informed Healthcare reform bill for well over a year, which proposes to cost Americans a trillion dollars without addressing the real problems plaguing the medical sector. Not to mention that the large majority of Americans are happy with their current healthcare and do not agree with a complete overhaul top to bottom. Oh, and unemployment is still hovering at 10% despite all his attempts to re-define the term jobs creation.

Here’s another clue, Sarah Palin is not the President of the United States. She doesn’t even hold office. Bush is retired in Texas and Democrats hold the reins in the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The world goes on, perhaps

it’s time you caught up with it.


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