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It’s My Turn

By Levon ‘Ishmael’ Melvin Part II

This is the second part of a response by Levon “Ishmael” Melvin to a previous It’s my Turn by retired NYPD detective Ed Henson. Part one ran in last week’s edition. Melvin was originally a suspect in the 1994 murder of James Abbott in Rockaway. He has maintained his innocence ever since.

Me, I’m just trying to clear my name [from charges that he was involved in the original 1994 Arverne murder for which Kareem Bellamy was convicted.]

Now, let’s talk about Michael Green.

When Michael Green told these lies, he was a sick man. When I knew Michael Green he was addicted to heroin and crack cocaine.

Heroin is a physical addiction and crack cocaine is a mental addiction. I know about these drugs and what they can make you do.

I’m not talking off the top of my head, I know this because I used to work in a drug rehabilitation center for four years. I was not a counselor, but the clients would come and sit down and have long conversations with me. They would tell me some of the things they have done to their loved ones, and that they were so sorry and remorseful for what they have done. But then they would repeat their actions again and again. I am not saying that I am not angry at Green, but I can understand how something like this can happen from my experience in working in the rehab center.

Henson, Tom Hoffman, Sgt. Matthews; they all took advantage of Green’s sickness. Not only did he have the need for drug money looming over his head, he also was an informant for the 101 Precinct. And Sgt. Matthews was his handler.

People are only informants for two reasons. One, they have a crime they have done, and they inform to stay out of jail. And, two, they are addicted to drugs and they do things for the police for money. Anyone familiar with this case knows that Michael had both of these problems. The crime he wasn’t in jail for and the drugs he was addicted to.

The story that Michael had rode over to them on a bike in Edgemere to tell Hen-son was that I had Killed that guy, meaning James Abbott is nonsense. The distance that Henson testified to where he was standing at, from where Michael was standing is longer than a football field. Henson doesn’t even look the same since he worked in the Rockaways.

How could Green had known that, that was Henson from that distance. Furthermore how could he had known what he was there talking about.

There’s a plain explanation for those questions I just asked. A simple explanation. The answer is, he knew Henson was going to be there, and knew what he would be there talking about. How did he know he was going to be there? And what he was talking about over one hundred and fifty yards away? Simple, Henson spoke to Michael prior to that time.

How did he get in contact with Michael? Simple, through Sgt Matthews. When did Henson talk to Sgt. Matthews? Simple, Henson testified that when Hoffman sent him the paperwork on the case, he called the 101 precinct to ask questions. And Henson testified that when he first came to Rockaway he went to the 101 precinct to ask some questions about the case. Now you don’t think that if he asked about Ishmael Melvin and Sgt. Matthews has Michael as an informant and Michael Green was working for Ishmael at that time.

And Henson knows Michael Green from the past, being his informant. Don’t you think that he is going to get in touch with Michael Green to ask questions about Ishmael?

This next statement I am going to let you read is something that judge wrote in his decision that vacated a convicted killer’s conviction. “Even after the court vacated Bellamy’s conviction, Green got Shareka Sanders, his grandchild’s mother to pretend to be Anna Simmons on tape and obtained Even More Money from [Bellamy’s attorney Tom] Hoffman. Green has no compunction about lying when he get something for it. Hoffman is not a victim, he just as bad as Green, they both got something out of the deal. All that statement proves is that Hoffman lied under oath. After Green came forward and told about the scam him, Hoffman and Henson. was pulling on the court.

The judge ordered a proceeding, so that Hoffman and the rest of the Kareem lawyers involved in this crime could step down. During the proceeding Hoffman said under oath that the only money that he gave Green was the money that was disclosed during the first hearing. The judge asked Hoffman twice was he sure that’s the only money that he ever gave Green. He said yes under oath. If the judge says Green obtained even more money from Hoffman that makes Hoffman a person who perjured himself and is a liar.

The law read this: A lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law previously made to the tribunal by the lawyer. This is from the code of ethics and Hoffman violated that code.

P.S, I’d rather die at the age of 40 years old, fight an injustice, than to die at the age of 80 letting the injustice kill me inside for 40 years. I have a lot more facts about this case that they didn’t tell you.

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