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Nothing To Fear But Palin Herself

Dear Editor,

Last week at the First National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee Palin tossed red meat to a red crowd. She took the stage at an illustrious gathering that had the night before applauded one speaker’s suggestion that literacy tests at the polls—which had been used for a century to disenfranchise blacks—be reinstated. She said we needed a president who would prosecute the war on terror like “a commander-in-chief and not a professor of law,” and declared that “the Tea Party movement is the future of politics.” Never mind the rule of law or the Tea Party’s racist, hypocritical supporters. Of course, Palin needed some help to make such meaningful commentary. Obama likes the teleprompter but Palin likes to do things the old school way: writing sound bites down on her palm. If it worked on the fifth-grade spelling test why wouldn’t it work with the Tea Party?

After her elementary school recitation of GOP talking points to the tea baggers, Palin traipsed her way onto Fox News Sunday. In her ever-folksy and forever graceful mutilation of the English language, the ex-Governor told host Chris Wallace that “it would be absurd to not consider what it is that [she] can potentially do to help our country,” in reference to a possible presidential bid.

It seems Palin has so much to offer, much more than that elitist Barack Obama. We don’t need a University of Chicago law professor to decide what treatment of detainees hews to the tenets of American jurisprudence. No, we need a hockey mom who thinks Africa is a country and who hates that darned Department of Law. Who else will keep those scary fake death panels away?

Obama’s no fun. We want a president who doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is, an average idiot from the street. Not a man who likes to transcend race. But a woman who stokes racial tensions and riles up crowds in the Florida panhandle to clamor for the assassination of the President. We want a commander-in-chief who doesn’t know where Iraq is on the map, who will smile, wink, and nod at you while sending soldiers to die in an unjust war there; a folksier, female version of Bush, because that turned out marvelously.

See the tea baggers are the future of the Republican Party; people who want tax cuts or death, a revolt with representation. And Palin is leading the way for a proud movement in American politics, the philosophical heir of the late, great Joseph McCarthy. Who knew that the embodiment of the unintelligent and untrue blather that poisons the American political scene and paralyzes this country could be so sexy? Can anyone say “Palin 2012, Guns, God, and Grace.”


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How are the tea partiers not

How are the tea partiers not represented, they can cast their votes at the ballot box? The colonists has no member in the English Parliament, the tea baggers have the whole Republican Party. And the tea-party is not non-partisan, it has a strong conservative line. Lastly, the Declaration and the Constitution were written by secularists who were less religious than that wacko Palin, and they didn't envision people carrying around weapons that could fire 200 rounds per minute, like the AK-47

As far as literacy tests at

As far as literacy tests at the polls I agree with you as to what they did to some of our people years ago. On the other hand in 2000 when people who were not registered voters were picked up by a certain political party and told to vote for the second one down on the ballot, it led to all kind of mayhem and talk about how confusing the ballot was. I believe in ONE person ONE vote if the rules are followed. You MUST be a registered voter in the district you vote in. You SHOULD have to show a picture ID of some kind. Why is this a problem. I cannot believe that all of the poor, elderly, and others do not have some kind of ID. ID is not that had to get and if we were honest with each other then we would not use this as an excuse. As far as the war on terror goes, Ask the young fireman John (R.I.P.) who grew up across the street from me and ran into one of the towers. Terrorist are despicable, and, not totally honest people. They need to be hunted like dogs and put down. Iraq used poison gas on 40,000 of its own people. That is a weapon of mass destruction. If you looked at the tea-party movement a little closer you would see that this started as a few people who did not want taxation without representation. (You can thank Mr. Deedee for teaching us that.) This did not start with ACORN, MOVEON.ORG or any major organization trying to promote a political party. It was started by a few people who are sick and tired of our country promoting five generations of welfare, years of unemployment payments and a general entitlement class. The Republican Party and Sarah Palin are trying to take advantage of this wave of patriotism and use it for their own. We are not Republican, Democrat, or any other political party. We are Americans who believe in the constitution of the United States. By the way, Guns and God are in the constitution, without which, our country would just be another France, or other socialist country.

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