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It’s My Turn

The real facts and lies that were told during the Bellamy hearing. (Part I)
By Ishmael Melvin

Levon “Ishmael” Melvin was a central player in the recent court hearing that freed convicted killer Kareem Bellamy and bought him a new trial. Melvin was originally named as a suspect in the murder of James Abbott in 1994, but has maintained his innocence ever since.

I’m writing this Its My Turn letter in reference to the letter Ed Henson wrote.

I want the readers to be told the true facts about this case, and not a whole bunch of lies. An old person told me along time ago “that lies change and the truth stays the same.”

If you go a few paragraphs down in Henson’s letter, which was published in your paper a few weeks ago, you will find his first lie.

Henson said “that he didn’t write sooner because he “didn’t want to JEOPARDIZE the judge’s decision.”

That’s a LIE.

Henson stopped making comments right after Michael Green went to the DA’s office and told that the tape was fake, and that the whole story was a lie and that Henson and the defense team told him what to say.

How else would Michael Green know how many times the guy was stabbed if they didn’t tell him?

But let me get back to some facts. In the 12/26/08 hearing, Henson was being asked some questions about the case “mind you this was right after Michael came clean” and this is what Henson said “I DON’T CARE ABOUT NO OLD MURDER I AM NOT A COP ANYMORE.”

Now you tell me, does that sound like a guy trying to watch what he says because he doesn’t want to jeopardize the judge’s decisions, or does that statement sound like a guy who’s trying to distance himself from the case?

When Henson said that he didn’t want to make any comments to JEOPARDIZE the case. That statement is very very important. The reason why it’s very important is, that he knows that what he says makes a difference in this case. That’s why, when he testifies, he always starts off by stating his credentials.

Now, I am going to let you read the contrasting statements that Henson made under oath, in which he doubletalks.

Abbott was killed in the 40’s. That means between 40th street and 49th street. That’s what I mean when I say the 40’s. The last time in one of the previous articles I made mention of a murder that Henson tried to put on me, that happened somewhere in the 70’s. Henson acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about. He mentioned something about the year 1970, He knows that I wasn’t talking about the year 1970, because I was born in 1969.

I just had to tell you that because it so many things I want to say. But let’s get back to the facts. This is from the first hearing

Henson-Defense-Cross Page 118 line 2-4.

Answer} Right. When I explained before about the 40”s right in the middle I call it Regulator territory. Now I am going let you read what Henson said under oath at the second hearing.

Henson-Defendant-Direct Page 732 line 1-4 ( Question} Were they regulators centered around the 40 projects

Answer} No, Edgemere. It was clique-ish, from like 54 street and Beach Channel Drive to like 58 street and Beach Channel Drive that was their territory.

Now you say to yourself why would he double talk and make this two different statements when he was under oath. The explanation is not hard to figure out. We already know that Henson knows what he says make a different in the judge’s decision. Remember the word JEOPARDIZE. If Henson is aware of what kind of statement to make in a newspaper then you know that he’s well aware of what kind of impact a statement has when it’s made in court under oath. That’s why he made mention about the regulators and the 40’s being the territory, so that the judge can put two and two together and come to the conclusion that I might have killed James because I am in the gang and the 40’s is the gangs territory that’s why he made the first statement.

In his second statement, Henson said that the regulators territory was “54 Street and Beach Channel Drive to like 58 street and Beach Channel Drive.” The reason for the second statement was because I used to live in 54 30 Beach Channel Drive. And to Henson if you live were I lived you had to be in a gang.

Henson can argue all day on why I said he made them statements. But the facts remain the same that he gave two different answers to the same questions under oath.

I’m not a lawyer I’m just a father of two sons trying to get to the bottom of the atrocious lies that are being told on me. These lies were told by a crooked cop and a few money hungry lawyers. I didn’t mention Michael Green because he came to court and stated that he was lying about everything. I’m going to discuss Michael Green in a few minutes.

I just want to give you something to think about. I want you to stop and think about what kind of percentage Henson and these lawyers will receive if Kareem Bellamy receives a large cash settlement for being incarcerated for fourteen years. Henson’s motive is hatred of me. The lawyers motive is money.

More next week.

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