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Boston Tea Party, Anyone?

Dear Editor,

“Give me liberty or give me death,” “No taxation without representation", some great quotes from a speech given by Patrick Henry in front of the House of Burgesses in 1775. Where is Patrick when we need him. With the political nonsense constantly being carried out in all levels of government it is time to say enough is enough. Where do we start? How about the New York state Senate. This body of government is the biggest disgrace in politics. Watching the likes of Pedro Espada, Hiram Monserrate, and Malcolm Smith, one has to wonder about the integrity of the other members of this shaky band of incompetent legislators. How do they all live with themselves. With the senate talking of banishing Monserrate, word now comes out that Sen. Sampson wants to censure him instead. What kind of message is that sending to all battered woman. Throw the bum out, it will be no big loss. Time to clean that State Senate house. The Attorney General should appoint an impartial special investigator to go through this bunch with a fine tooth comb.

Let’s step into the federal forum. It doesn’t get any better. Although I am not a big fan of President Obama he has only been in office for one year. He is, though, surely dropping the ball on terrorism. The time for the 9/11 trial is now, and should be held at Guantanamo Bay, period. Be a man, take a stand and get this done. Give all the families of the victims something to feel positive about. But I cannot excuse the likes of Senators Chuck Schumer, and Kristen Gillibrand. It is time for these two senators to realize they represent us and not the other flunkies in D. C. Where is their passion and outrage at the abandonment of all the rescue workers suffering numerous illnesses after working endlessly at the World Trade center site? How many more firefighters, police officers, construction workers and everybody else who gave their time and effort in the rescue and search effort have to suffer and pass away before they speak up?

Having had dealings with Sen. Schumer for years dating back to our pool committee (promised but never received) he has always been an egotistical blowhard. As for Gillibrand, she is totally out of her league. Looking at some of our other superstar politicians, we cannot forget Nancy Pelosi, the self appointed queen of the USA, Harry Reid, the self appointed court jester, and the infamous Sen. Max Baucus of Montana. Where do they find these people? Sen. Baucus addressed the senate on the health care bill while smashed out of his mind. I could go on and on about other shining stars but it would fill three books.

On our local level, bring back term limits. If we have a city council then we should have no need for borough presidents and community boards. Have we had enough of party Marty Markowitz yet. I personally prefer the community boards because they seem to be more in tune with their neighborhoods then the council. The council members are there to represent our best interests but always seem to take care of themselves. Our city and state is in dire straits and the number one issue is same sex marriages. I have no feelings one way or the other on this issue but you can see my point. For years and years the city has been spending millions on increasing the minority make up of the fire department. Now a federal judge rules against the city and threatens changing the whole process of becoming a firefighter.

The judge ruled that the test was geared toward white candidates. Did this judge take the test? The members of the vulcans did and they passed it. I took the test and found it to be all about being a firefighter. I had the pleasure and honor to work with numerous black firefighters, including the great Leon Smith and Vernon Cherry who both perished on 9/11. If you want the job pass the test!

The mayor and his minions cannot constantly increase our water bills, ticket us to death, raise every fee under the sun. Did we not all receive hundreds of phone calls from

Letters Bloomberg when he was campaigning telling us his plans for New York Nirvana? Well Mike, you did not accomplish it in your first eight years and looks like we are up the creek for the next four.

At least Mike can turn off his hearing aid now.

Before I finish I cannot leave out Gov. Paterson. Who is kidding whom here? Although I could talk about numerous problems with Patterson I will pick just one. The deal that he is approving for Aqueduct stinks to high heaven. We could go on about Cong. Meeks, Sen. Smith and the infamous Reverend Floyd Flake but why bother. Flake has built his own kingdom in Queens, with housing, buses, and now he wants gambling. It’s good to be the king. As for Meeks and Smith, where is the Katrina money? Not everyone can be Floyd Flake who thanks to a great attorney, was acquitted of charges years ago. Whatever happened to his old secretary?

It’s time for some bright new faces to hit the political scene. Bring back term limits. Make every politician retire when they hit the age of seventy. But the most important two points I would like to make about elections are: If you hold a political office and aspire to run for another office you must vacate your position before you run for your next office; and my second is that with our current economy there should be no matching funds for any politician. If you want to run for office hold some fund raisers. It’s time to send all of our reps a message, we run the show not you. Everybody get out and vote.


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