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Wright: Everybody Is Against Me

Dear Editor,

Wave editor Howard Schwach informed me of the fact that the detectives from the major case squad were looking to talk to me Monday the 4th of January. After a short chat with Howie that afternoon, we both agreed it was probably a good idea for me to go directly to the nearest precinct to find out what the major case squad wanted to talk about. I went directly to the 100 Precinct and to my horror I ended up being detained, arrested, booked, and now facing a charge that neither I, nor the lawyer that represented me in the arraignment process, has ever heard of. I write this letter with the hope that some of the Good folks from the peninsula will attend the next court appearance in support of the employment center, and me, which will be on the 19th of this month, at 9:30 a.m., at part AP6 located at 125-01 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY.

That charge that I was arrested for was “attempting to extort a job for someone else.” This charge was classified as a C felony, and the DA’s office calls it Grand Larceny. I call it an Attempt to Stop the Employment Center. As director of Far Rockaway Employment & Oversight Center, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, I was given authorization by the State of New York on April 8, 2004 to seek employment, as well as provide construction trades training for the people of Far Rockaway, Queens, NY. This means Our Core Mission and what we stand for has so far been left out of the Rockaway revitalization projects that have come to, and have gone from the greater community for the most part. I consider myself a specialist in the field: the State of New York agrees. I have over 29 years in the construction industry; throughout those 29 years I have helped hundreds of people seek employment in every community in New York that I’ve lived. In my role as Job Developer, I’m proud to say that we have found employment for Rockaway Workers on a lot of the projects, however it still remains a woefully inadequate number when I look at all of the men unemployed. It looks worse when we look at the ones with the jobs not being from the community, and even some that aren’t even citizens.

I call these charges phony, and believe them to be an attempt by several parties on this peninsula that have been trying to stop the employment center since the incorporation, some recent enlistees. I have been charged for trying to seek employment for some of the people of Arverne Houses, at the Arverne public library on Beach 54 Street. Oddly enough, I was one of the original members of the Friends Group that met at that library monthly, started by former Branch Manager Sharon Anderson long before there was any talk about building construction. As a matter of fact I had to withdraw membership in the friends group so that I could be able to take part in the construction.

The employment center was to be the community resource for the project. I had several conversations with John Lomeo, owner, or Rep, of JMK contracting regarding what type of workers we had, and he subsequently told me that his superintendant, Dan Hulbert, would call me prior to the start of construction. To make a long story short, Dan never called, but a construction worker who lives directly across the street from the library did. I went to the library, asked for Dan or John to no avail. I then called their office and was told by the office manager that neither one of them was available, nothing more. It was at this point that I was said to have threatened to hold a labor dispute (picket line), or bring the company doing the work up on labor board charges. Fact of the matter is, when the union has a problem with a contractor they threaten to and hold a labor dispute: We have the same right. The union, or any person that feels they have been discriminated against can bring charges in the labor board, or the Department of Labor, including us.

This leads me to ask the question: Where is the attempted extortion? Where is the felony? I’ll tell you. The felony belongs to the superintendant of WDF, the contractor that is doing the A train that gave me a death threat. It is my belief that I am being charged with a felony by the Queens DA’s office because I have the nerve (in their eyes) to charge a contractor with violating the rights of Rockaway residents (members of FREOC) to be able to work on the project, and for trying to have them (DA’s) reclassify the death threat to me to the felony status that it carries. It is also my belief that the superintendant for WDF is being protected from the charge because his son is a police officer; which he made a point of telling me after I told him I would press charges on him for the

Letters death threat, as well as, giving my phone number to his coordinator with the instructions to threaten me in the middle of the night. It is also my belief that the Officers from the organized crime, and major crime task force are acting in concert with the DA’s office. I’ve subsequently reached out to the FBI, Internal Affairs, as well as others with the hope that there is some agency that is not part of the criminal conspiracy being played out against me, and that will do its job regardless of color, class, fraternal organization, etc… All of this just to deny the people of the employment center work is shameful, criminal, and will be fought.

We the people of Rockaway Employment, and I appreciate any non monetary support from any of the Wave’s readers, as well as, any legal help. We the people without legal representation are lambs to the slaughter. We the people without a Voice are what a corrupt government thrives on. We the People that care, Thank The Wave for allowing us Voice to speak to our neighbors. As I always conclude: Those who stand by while others do evil are just as culpable. Our contact number is 646-707-8985, any questions will be answered, and all support will be appreciated.


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