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Freemasonry Is Destroying The Community

Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding “Perfectly Blurry,” an article that was printed in The Wave dated December 11. We are all suffering from the same malady. The malady is as widespread as Joan Mettler alluded to. She referred to the blur between news and entertainment, politicians and entertainers, politics and religion, etc. Mettler said the blur could be defined as the wealthy and the greedy conspiring with the intent to capitalize maximally within the limits of the law, letting the chips (poor working people) fall where they may while still promoting our country as a democracy. The name for it is Freemasonry. This en - compasses all of those good entities that call themselves fraternities. In Rockaway, this includes those folks that call themselves ministers, politicians, planning boards, chamber of commerce, etc. Theses are the folks that are conspiring against you as Mettler alluded. She was spot on regarding who is doing what to other Americans (lapel pin wearers). As director of the Far Rockaway Employ - ment and Oversight Center, I have experienced all that Mettler wrote and then some. I intend until my last breath to hold those that are responsible, accountable for what they are doing to the good people from the peninsula of Rockaway, despite death threats and attempted ostricization.

The Bloomberg administration is the problem here in this city as well as the politicians and ministers that have supported his disregard of the laws of the land on this peninsula. It

Letters is the policy of this administration (sanctuary city policy) that has kept civil servants from helping other city residents to combat the heinous consequences of this blind eye policy. This policy is criminal; there is no law to support it. The rule of law has morphed into a tool for those who obviously have sworn allegiance to something other than the same flag that we as Americans are supposed to. Mettler was clear; those that wear those flag lapel pins are the ones that are selling you out. Their true politic is the politic of division, which is not based in law. Their politics lead to man vs. woman, black vs. white, illegal vs. legal, etc. We see this clearly in legislation of hate crimes for illegals, gay folks, harboring illegals in church, allowing illegals work permits, to buy cars, houses, etc. Everyone has a responsibility and a right to hold to account any person or agency that attempts to des - troy our community, neighborhood, and country.

I’ve received death threats from local contractors and their henchmen. One contractor in particular is WDF, they are doing the work on the A train line. The superintendent of the job brought in his henchmen when he came. Before he started, I had shaped the job and got a commitment for the workers in the community from the labor foreman for WDF. When the superintendent came he brought in the protection racket with him. He told me that he had his men and didn’t intend to hire anybody. I tried to appeal to him citing the laws concerning local hiring, coalitions, etc. but he didn’t care about the law. On the way off the site, I let the shop steward know that I was upset. The superintendent overheard our conversation and came running and cursing and told me I was dead. Later that same evening, his henchman from some coalition called me to threaten me about coming back to the site. I immediately put in a charge to hold them accountable. The local precinct labels this death threat as a misdemeanor. After contacting Assistant District Attorney Joshua Mandel regarding the classification of the charge, he stated that it is a felony but the only way I can have the charge changed from a misdemeanor to a felony is to contact Commissioner Raymond Chief Corpusero. He told me that he would investigate and get back to me. When the inspector got back in touch with me, his decision was to keep the death threat classified as a misdemeanor and to completely disregard the follow-up call from the henchman, which by the way keeps the law from holding the superintendent accountable for giving my number to anyone but the law if I was in the wrong.

Myself and the employment entity that I direct have since been ostracized in an even greater manner. While trying to seek employment for someone that lives in public housing recently, I had the organized crime task force or two people in police uniforms, jump out of a closet in a construction trailer in the 40’s housing development as if I was representing a community coalition. They told me that they knew who I was, so I asked them if they knew who I was and what I represent, then why were they wasting my time and tax-payer dollars? I also told them that I know that they know who the coalitions are and they should go after them. The funny thing is that they have allowed this coalition behavior for a long time now. Why is Far Rockaway Employment Center the target when they know that it is a 501.c.3, and not a coalition? I won’t take money from workers, won’t take money from contractors to exclude Rockaway workers, have sworn to hold those that I’ve voted for accountable, etc. It’s my belief that civil service employees are instructed by their supervisors to deter any person or thing that interferes with this sanctuary policy that is destroying the local economy. In short, I used these examples to show how these companies on this peninsula are allowed to disregard the law by those that Mettler spoke of, the wealthy and the greedy.

Those who stand by and allow bad actors to get away with what they’re doing to this community and country are just as responsible. If Mettler, bless her heart, can see blurry things clearer, those of you without cataracts have no excuse.


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