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Everything Is Perfectly Blurry

Dear Editor,

Having gone to an ophthalmologist recently, I was told I have the beginning of a cataract in my left eye. I thought about it and took it philosophically. After all, I'm not getting any younger. I accepted the eye has this microscopic blur in the lens. How - ever, one thing took me by surprise. Is it possible I am able to see much more clearly now than I did preblur? Preposterous as this may sound, I rationalized that so many aspects of life are blurry; could it be that age and intelligence can overcompensate for a cataract making me process information more clearly? I began consoling myself as everything became perfectly blurry.

The blur between news and entertainment is intense as the three network morning news shows, so proud of their news-filled past, have integrated vocal artists with the news adding celebrity interviews for balance. Is it possible there is so little news left to voice or has the new news motto become "two spoonfuls of sugar helps the medicine go down"? The New York Post's front pages retain the sugar while eliminating the medicine probably because hard news, to the Post, isn't fit to print.

The blur between politicians and entertainers is alarming in that the new political breed requires chiseled good looks and full heads of hair re - gardless of acumen. Gee, President Lin coln was unattractive. Do you think with TV and Facebook and YouTube Abe would have won the presidency in this day and age? "Mr. Lincoln," the Republican Party dermatologist might have exclaimed, "at least let us remove the mole."

The blur between sports and entertainment is so blurry it is crystal clear. Hundred million dollar athletes not only appear in the Sports Section of newspapers; but, on Page Six and in entertainment magazines as well. Some have crossed over to modeling. Luckily, however, none has crossed over to brain surgery.

The blur between politics and religion is so intense Merriam Webster's Dictionary hasn't yet decided whether to coin the newest vocabulary word,

poligion' or 'relitics.' Which do you pre fer? "Webster's" must finish coining the words, 'republicrats' and 'de - mocans' before considering the new - est contenders. With so many of the

Letters electorate voting for candidates on the basis of religion rather than competence, little wonder that this country is fighting internal wars as well as the current unconventional external ones.

Banks have been allowed by our politicians to blur banking in the traditional sense into financial centers by creating banking monsters. Banks are in the business of credit cards, the stock market, alternative investments, mutual funds, real estate, mortgage sales and more. Instead of promoting saving they discourage it by financially penalizing customers with small balances who can least afford financial penalties in favor of 'Wealth Management.' The art of saving has given way to the art of overspending translating to the art of credit card financing at usury rates translating to bankruptcies, foreclosures and misery, not for the banks but for the customers they used to pride themselves in helping.

Blur could be redefined as the wealthy and the greedy (not always mutually exclusive) conspiring with the intent to capitalize maximally within the limits of the law letting the chips (poor working people) fall where they may while still promoting our country as a democracy. Now that is one heck of a blur! The reality here is, if the law is not sympathetic to the wealthy they merely pay to have it changed. If you are searching for the shills of the wealthy just follow the trail of American Flag Lapel Pins. After the rich have wiped out the poor and middle class, they might have to go after each other because that's what blood suckers do. This could morph into a blood letting reality show viewed on TV by the former middle and lower classes as the only form of entertainment they can af - ford.

My ophthalmologist can guarantee that the blur resulting from the growth of my cataract will increase with the passage of time. There is this one consolation, however. As a self proclaimed visionary, I can see blurry things more clearly at this stage of my life than ever before.


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Sounds like you have 20/20 vision.

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