2009-10-09 / Letters

City Council Democrats

Dear Editor,

I have to say I am disappointed that the good democrats of the east end of Rockaway voted back into city council the same clown that basically sold them out, James Sanders. I hope that you are happy in your misery, because he is going to give it to you real good. Watch what Sanders, Letters Bloomberg, and Christine Quinn are going to do; they're going to give you more illegal aliens to take your job. They are going to allow the police to continue to harass your children as if they are killing old people; as if they don't want to work. They are going to continue to act as if this "sanctuary city" policy is legal. They will continue to act as if you need charter schools to educate your children; they only take money from the pot that should be there for all children in the public school system.

They will continue to bring you Plantation Programs that allow your children to play, but not employ the fathers at a wage whereby they can buy the gloves, bats, etc… Matter of fact they say your father isn't prepared for the green jobs, but the illegal aliens are. They are going to continue that gun buy back programs are good for you, but they better not try that nonsense in Staten Island, Howard Beach, etc. It's your second amendment right to bear arms in case of alien invasion, or we have a "rogue" government. I believe that we have a "rogue" government right now. That's not all, just keep sitting on your brain and you'll get to cry about it later.

He has done what all other good politicians do; Lie in regards to what is happening in your " He, Meeks, Smith and Titus are helping Bloomberg who happens to control the matrix that you are in to continue to shape your future. The future that is being shaped for you will make sure you never can get off the treadmill that you are on. The future that they are shaping for you now is allowing illegal aliens to take jobs that you citizens of Rockaway, as we all citizens of the U.S have been duped to believe were yours. By the way if you want to know one of the architects behind all of this, Google the name Albert Pike, or ask a freemason i.e. a minister or a politician.

The peninsula was slated to receive about 8 million dollars beginning about four years ago. Plenty of that money has come to the community; it's just been used against you by those same crooks, and cowards that you have elected. You should be incensed! Actually you should be motivated enough to participate in your own life instead of the sticking your head in the sand and acting like you are alright. The majority of the money which should have gone to you people of the community, has basically been siphoned off to the various churches that were the sponsors of illegal aliens to help them transition into your place. There seems to be something illegal about that. Elected officials giving money to the churches; are we in Rome in the time of Caesar? Does the government, city, state, fed need the churches to take money from them for some reason? Of course it's the way they get away with subverting the law. I can't think of a church in this community that isn't participating in this illegal alien outreach, in the name of the god on the dollar bill.

In closing, thanks again good democrats for continuing to play the patsy for those fraternities that rely on you to continue to let them think for you i.e.… allow them to sell you out re: homes, jobs, healthcare, and homosexuality. If you don't "wake up now" soon you will not have any choice at all, nor any constitutional rights. You can change your community, call you're own town hall meetings. You don't need officials to hold meetings; we can solve the problems of the community if we stand together. My voice will not change anything without yours; let's talk Rockaway.


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