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On Purpose
By Dr. Nancy Gahles

DR. NANCY GAHLES DR. NANCY GAHLES Intentional designs of a goal for your life would be living on purpose. To have a purpose in your life would mean that you have a reason for your existence. The determination, the resoluteness to purse a desired result in one's life gives purpose to day to day living.

Children, who are enrolled as students in a given scholastic program, have their set out for them. The curriculum is clear and the goal is to perform on the semester's end by examination to determine if they have understood the material.

Adults, who are enrolled in the school of life, have to determine their own curriculum and their own method of assessing how well they have mastered the lessons.

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose, there are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given us to learn from. - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a Swiss born psychiatrist. Her father did not want her to become a medical doctor but she persisted in pursuing her passion and dedicated her life to the purpose of illuminating the feelings and needs of the terminally ill. She was instrumental in forcing medical students to confront dying patients. Her work led to the seminal book On Death and Dying in which the now famous Five Stages of Grief are outlined. Dr. Kubler-Ross's purposeful existence led to the hospice movement in America and the co-founding of America Holistic Medical Association.

Each of us has a divine purpose in this life. Each of us has a note to strike in the universal song. You and only you have that unique sound. Like Dr. Kubler-Ross, one must listen to in silence within for the purpose to reveal itself.

This semester, take a look at the lessons you are taking. Look at your life and determine what that curriculum is composed of. Are you working with accordance in your strengths as a person? Are you involved in daily activities that will nurture you and lead you to attaining the goals you have determined for your life? Have you identified the purpose of your life? Do you have relationships that sustain your growth?

As adults, it is relationships that provide the most fertile ground for growth. It is through the relationship that we come to know ourselves. When we commit to a relationship, we do so on purpose. With conscious aforethought, we determine that a connection with this person will provide us the opportunity to relate in an intimate way, a way which asks us to be truly who we are, and use the joys and gifts of the challenges to unfold our purpose more fully.

The building of a loving relationship, the crafting of intimate connections, are the most purposeful acts that a person can avail themselves of. The understanding and compassion inherit in the healing of bruised relationships is one of the most powerful purpose in spiritual development.

On purpose, we choose our life's conditions. On purpose, we design the plan. On purpose, we contemplate the challenges. On purpose, we celebrate the unfolding joys.

One thing to keep in mind is that the task of living a purposeful existence may seem overwhelming. Take it lightly. Go slowly.. Have fun. Heed the words again of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross:

In an interview she stated once: In Switzerland I was educated in the line with the basic premise: work work work. You are only a valuable human being if you work.

Half working, half dancing- that is the right mixture. I myself have danced and played too little."

May the Blessing Be!

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