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Also Worried In The Neighborhood

Dear Editor,

Please find attached a copy of a letter that was printed in your paper from February 2008:

"Residents of the Belle Harbor Manor frequently cause nuisance through loud behavior, screams, or playing of loud music. Some Belle Harbor Manor residents with apparent mental problems just wander around; others just hang around in the front of the building. Delivery trucks, vans, buses and cars stopping for Belle Harbor Manor idle, honk and block traffic.

Numerous complaints were filed through the 311 system. Apparently that did not help.

About a year ago, we noticed that, as a result of the apparent change of the admission standards, adults in their thirties and forties became residents of the Belle Harbor Manor. It used to be a residence for senior citizens only.

The NYS Department of Health website indicates that Belle Harbor Manor has a 162-bed capacity. If this capacity is fully utilized it will have such a negative impact on our quality of life that we will have to move out.

It will be beneficial to the community if The Wave further investigates the impact of the Belle Harbor Manor on the neighborhood."



I have copied this for you in an effort to bring awareness to the fact that after 1 1/2 years, the problem has not changed or gotten any better. In fact it has become worse. The residents of this facility appear to be more psychotic than ever before. It is as though Alzheimer's and dementia are the least of their problems. The residents trespass, litter, are verbally aggressive, and have even asked for drugs in conjunction to causing "nuisance through loud behavior, screams, or playing of loud music ... residents with apparent mental problems just wander around; others just hang around in the front of the building." This is unacceptable behavior and creates an unsafe environment for those of us that have chosen to live in this family friendly neighborhood. The police and 311 have been called on occasion, management of the facility have been notified and spoken to. Through speaking with neighbors, most people are fed up with the lack of action that has been taken. Can someone please provide some insight into what else can be done? I enjoy living in this area and would hate to move due to the negative effects that this facility poses on the community. I will also be writing to City Councilman Ulrich and would like to encourage other neighbors to do the same.

I have had several experiences with residents of this facility.

-a male resident came to my front door, dripping ice cream, complaining how his bike was vandalized and that we (my husband and I) needed to do something about it.

-a female resident approached us and asked if we had any weed.

-a male resident asked me for the time and then proceeded to tell me he tells time by the number of monkeys jumping out of his watch. We then were on the same Q35 bus and I witnessed him conversing with himself and holding his hand to his head as though it was a phone.

-a woman consistently screams obscenities at all hours of the day and night. We are unable to keep our windows open as she frequently wakes us with her rantings. She also harassed us while on our deck by screaming out her window saying "I am the Queen of England ... do me ... do me!!!" There were four young children present.

-I have had to ask a male resident to get off of my front porch where he decided to sit to eat, drink, and smoke cigarettes. The man's response was to pace in front of my home on the sidewalk. I have been told by neighbors that while we are not home, this resident will sit on our front porch, in which case he leaves his garbage and cigarettes all over my property.

-a woman resident, who looked about 35, talks about "going clubbing." On one occasion I was walking past and happened to look to see who was listening to a Beyonce song. I saw her dancing and she looked at me and said, "What are you looking at ... that's right, keep on walking."

-the residents consistently feed the

Letters pigeons and have also thrown the bread crumbs onto my property. As a result our house it covered by pigeons and pigeon droppings. We also had a pigeon nest in the soffit of our house, which caused a mite infestation. The mites fed on our bodies and we had to get an exterminator.

The employees are not much better. They talk so the whole neighborhood can hear their conversations. They use foul language (e.g. - "f***" and "Look at those titties").

This is supposed to be a family neighborhood. There are young children who live here who do not need to be exposed to this. We all work hard, pay taxes, and have earned the right to live in a safe environment. It is time the residents of the neighborhood were respected and taken into consideration when considering the type of people who are allowed to live there.


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