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Claxton Should Replace Sanders

Dear Editor,

We at ENACT, Edgemere Neighborhood Action Team, interviewed all of the candidates for the seat that is now held by James Sanders on May 26. The candidates were invited to give them, as well as us (the people from the 31st district), a chance to meet each other. I was impressed with one of the gentlemen running for the seat. The four other candidates, although I believe they're good guys, have been too close to the 'sorry servants' that we the community have already been victimized by; Meeks, Smith, and Sanders.

One of the candidates struck me as having great potential regarding unseating Sanders, as well as, representing the people of this district in the manner that we need. The one candidate is Marcus Claxton. He is a very dynamic speaker and I was impressed by his knowledge of the politics of today. He seems to understand the need for the politics of the community to be driven by the people in the community, and not the interest of corporations that want to conduct business here. He is clear in regards to the inept and immature manner that Sanders has represented the people of this district, not to mention his behavior during the meeting. Claxton believes that he doesn't have to kiss the ring of the county and Democratic party bosses, which was one of the questions asked to all of the candidates by one of the community members that was present.

I asked all the candidates what they felt their responsibility to the black men in the district was. I was most impressed by the consciousness of Claxton where black men are concerned. He expressed serious concern with the way that black men are portrayed, left out of the loop economically, treated by law enforcement, etc. I am especially impressed by Claxton's ongoing activism with the 100 Black Men in Law Enforcement Who Care.

I am also equally sure that Jacques Leandre's law firm has a problem with representing black men with labor issues. The reason why this is so important is because the agencies that used to uphold labor laws, EEOC, NLRB, HPD, etc. have completely abdicated their responsibility. These agencies rule in favor of construction companies, unions, and developers over 99 percent of the time. This creates the need for lawyers that will take cases pro-bono where the disadvantaged black men of Rockaway are concerned. Leandre and his law partner Allen Messina swore that they would represent you. They lied! Messina went out the back door on Kyle Correll, a 'brother' from this community that was set up by Congressman Meeks' partner in crime, Ed Williams. Cowardice is no Letters

longer acceptable if you want to represent the people on the east end of the peninsula.

The three others that are running for the seat are all part of the past and present cabal that have sold the people of this district out completely and consciously. One of them worked for Sanders recently and seems to be incensed with the councilman. I believe that this individual had a responsibility to the community that he should have exercised while in the employment of Sanders.

As far as I'm concerned, criminal behavior should be reported no matter who is committing these activities, with no regard to color of skin, political affiliation, employment status, etc. I'll bet my last teeth that this individual was privy to information that could have unseated the councilman long before now, thereby saving the people of the district a lot of pain.

Another candidate is one of Gregory Meeks friends, Fred Lewis. Fred is another that knows where the bodies are buried, figuratively speaking, that could have also saved the community a lot of pain. The question is, why did they not speak out when the elected officials that they worked for, or acted in concert with, were diverting funds, making illegal contact with developers, making shady deals with said developers, etc.?

The third, David Hooks, has been privy to a lot of the agreements that happen to be secret. I believe that Hooks is a good guy, nevertheless, " a good guy that took some of the money that Sanders got from his 'master', Bloomberg. I was told by Hooks that Sanders called him to his office and asked him what he wanted to get out of the race. I guess we all found out what it takes, a little dough.

Bloomberg seems to be buying up all of these good 'House negroes'. James Sanders is not the only one, he just happens to be the one that we elected, and now we need to replace him before he can harm us anymore.

In closing, I believe that whoever we decide to choose for councilman, we should be considering someone that is not currently a politician, lawyer, freemason, etc. for the next seat that opens up. Those of us who just stand by have no right to complain. Stand up and let your voice be heard people of Rockaway.


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