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Obama Must Make Peace With Russia

Dear Editor,

If ever there is a World War III, would it be based on the insecurities and fears of either the U.S. or Russia fighting over land use and oil in the Middle East, Central Asia, or South America? Is there any chance that even with the history of hostilities between these two most powerful nations, that they may one day put their axes down and become friends? That may sounds a bit naive, according to most journalists, and other veterans, but, as a person who prays, and who comes from a family of high ranking retired military officers, and other veterans, going all the way back to World War II, I think it is possible for a more peaceful relationship between Russia, the U.S., Europe, the Ukraine, and the Republic of Georgia.

Why would I have such hope? Many scientists agree that the top priority for mankind right now should be potential food shortages due to global warming, and man's quest for survival. Scientists have also stated that countries, such as Russia and Canada, in the northern hemisphere, will be in the future targets of mass migration by global populations as the earth's temperature continues to rise higher than it has in centuries.

Even though I believe scientists may be trying to make it rain as often as possible these days, will it be enough to sustain a global food supply in just a few years? Many people can remember the recent past, where the elderly were dying of heat in Europe, and temperatures were rising over 100 degrees during the summer. There were blackouts all over the place. Global warming is not a joke, and the United States and Russia could play a key role in saving the planet if they stopped dealing with deadly weapons distributions, and started thinking and talking about staying alive. Oil and natural gas cartels will be useless when the global marketplace no longer needs heating fuels at the high rates they did in the past.

Russia's landscape in some areas is a wide plain, excellent for planting. I do believe that some British farming agencies already may have farming equipment and service contracts with Russia, according to the British media. But an expansion of these foreign farming exchange agreements for the use of the most sophisticated farming equipment could help both Russian populations and the world right now! My guess is that, in a decade or so, farming could bring Russia

Letters far more money than oil or gas ever could! Premier Putin is considered a tough and strong leader, but he has shown a great passion and love for the children of Russia, their health, and has expressed great concern for the population reductions being suffered by the Russian people. Russian leaders are even closely concerned and now monitoring the moral reputation and health of Russian ethics, as they are closing the chronic gambling casinos.

What do Premier Vladimir Putin, President Obama, and President Medevdev have in common? I believe they all have a great love for their country and a profound love and desire for prosperity for their great nations. This alone is a great motive and engine for peace.

And what about all that bottled up tension about the Republic of Georgia, the Ukraine, and the incidents of this past summer? Listen, gentlemen, it seems to have slipped everyone's mind that there must be a long term cooperative port sharing agreement between Russia, Georgia, and the Ukraine, on the Black Sea. Otherwise, this will be an eternal dispute, since the Black Sea may be geographically the best way for Russian goods to travel to Europe. NATO and President Obama should negotiate and sustain a port sharing agreement, which is supervised by international forces. How can we ever expect Russia to allow its ships to be pushed against the mountains and have no access to Europe except through Iran, or through the North Pole? Pull out a map and you can see easily one reason that the Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia may often have disputes. Before the breakup of the former Soviet Union there was no challenge to Russian passage through the Black Sea as a primary route to transport goods to Europe. But now there is friction. This situation should be negotiated and resolved in a way that the sovereignty of each nation is respected and cooperation is not feathered with fear, possible domination, or infringement of any kind. I believe that Russia really feels pushed against the mountains, and alienated in its own region. I believe they have felt threatened for some time, since they were not allowed to share in the clean up of Iraq. It was around this time that is seemed to me that Russia became closer to Iran, as another possible route to attain influence in Iraq, next door.

I believe Russia feels the same way we Americans would feel if Russia came over to the western hemisphere and took over the Panama Canal.

All this fighting over oil domination may eventually become useless. Russia and Canada have greater worries. If the temperature of the earth continues to rise, and the glaciers continue to melt, will the water drown both Canada and Russia before they can become the world's final magic garden? These scenarios may sound far off or even foolish. But look out your window. It is hotter than you think. And whether of not you believe in global warming, perhaps it is just too hot for any more "cold wars".


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