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Why The Mob Must Go Legit

Dear Editor,

As a religious person, I believe that every man, women and child is my brother and sister, no matter what. And the time has come for global mafia to just go legit and find new ways to get rich. Why? I am not being naive, or trying to be funny. The business reality is that there is simply nothing else to steal, and nobody else to rob! Economies are collapsing around the world. The mafia must stop offending GOD, and use their talents to do wonderful things for society.

This almost happened in Italy earlier this year, according to British press, where businesses were failing on a massive basis, and the Mafia came forward to give them business loans. Well that certainly opened the windows of hope for all mankind, but there are seriously even more lucrative markets for the mob, and they really must improve their quality of life and means of income to survive, not as mafia, but as human beings. There are not only no more people to rob, the situation now is so bad that the rich already robbed the super rich, so who is left?

Another reality is that nobody seems to care about the Mafia enough to guide them to a new frontier of humanity. They are still human beings, you know. We all have our faults. People join mafia gangs when they have been persecuted for so long by

Letters their own people or their own governments, without relief, that they believe in no God and believe less in mankind. They have simply lost their hope in mankind and believe they have to take what they want; otherwise, they will have nothing. Human beings have to be cruelly driven to this point. But the time for human suffering is over, and some American has to reach out to our immigrant neighbors to offer them the hope and joy of living in America.

Many sources will imply that the economic problems in America were caused by international mob gangs. Well, the damage has already been done and there is no use in looking backwards. We have to go forward now. Let's look at the facts.

Even though New York is technically the international headquarters of some mafia gangs, according to the FBI, has anyone ever cared enough about the mafia guys and gals in our nation, to help them live a better and innocent quality of life? I repeat, they are still human beings! You can be rich doing great things you know! This is America, and this is what we do. We get paid for doing good things and great things, and making the quality of life for other human beings wonderful, not miserable. Why leave the cold ways of the former Soviet Union and other places, if you are only going to turn this place into the same miserable circumstances.

Okay, let's get to work. Let's get some rich ideas on the table for how the mob gangs can go legit in America and still make a lot of money, without robbing the banks or the housing markets. Here we go. Immigrants coming into America have many talents, and a great education. They are some of the absolute best dancers in the world. So, why not start Private Schools of Ballet, Dance, and Music History. Have weekend programs and free musical instruments. You would be shocked at how enthusiastic American parents would be to have such an after school or weekend program for their children.

Immigrants are also great scientists and computer technology experts. Why not start a computer and technology school in the summertime or weekends? Have the price reasonable, so that the poor and middle class would be able to send their kids to your school in after school programs and/or weekend programs.

Russian medical doctors, the real doctors, are excellent. Start your own medical school, science schools, or space exploration schools. The American space teams could use more Russian experts and science students. And it is a fact that American schools need to give more green cards to Harvard science graduates and other brilliant foreigners.

If there were more love in our hearts, we could not only save America, we could save America, Africa, and the world. It is a strong Catholic belief that we should try to save Russia and the world by praying for the "Consecration of Russia to the Sacred Heart," a specific prayer which is believed to have been given to three peasant children after the appearance of the Virgin Mary, in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917.

October 13 is a special day for me, even though I am a Buddhist. It is my birthday, and my spiritual experiences have been far and wide. But this letter is not about me. It is about saving all countries, all humanity, and it can happen. Why must there be mafias? Why must there be street gangs of lost and unloved children? We can save America, save Russia, and save the world, improving the quality of life for everyone. It is not impossible. We only have one world, one planet, and we are about to lose that due to our lazy, heartless and cruel actions.

There is no more time for more stealing and killing. There must be peace, love, and money to be made. I am talking business survival here. Having a moral ethical code is a part of business success, just as dressing well was a part of the late John Gotti's success.

The fact remains that only the mafia can now afford to build huge luxurious malls or schools which are grand and exotic looking rich, and still offer so many great and multiple services and training, under the same roof. Can you imagine walking into a mall that has a metal grate floor entrance with some thick partially glass floor covering water and fish, going to an exercise class, a fast food chain, a health food store, your shoe store, your doctor's offices, your therapists, your Ballet and Gymnastics classes, your technology classes, meditation prayer centers for several religions.

In the same mall, you could have instrumental music classes, drumming classes, an ice skating rink, and so much more. It could be an all-inone mall. When you pray, there are so many possibilities to making money.

Remember the market is wide open to training businesses and for health and exercise spas, nutrition centers, entertainment centers for the elderly and the young. Imagine that instead of whorehouses existing near Wall Street, there could be rest, therapy, and lunch centers, with a 45-minute lunch program, where executives can get a true massage (seven minutes), sit in a hot tub (10 minutes), see a therapist (complain for 10 minutes), and 18 minutes for lunch. This would be a distressing lunch package. There is a market and the idea would sell, I believe. (No prostitution please.)

Remember, the most important and lucrative markets would be in the area of saving the children with arts, gymnastics, skating, music programs, science and technology. Remember, the parents would be willing to pay a modest price for children to learn professional quality art. Children have very few professional art classes in their schools. " Most students cannot even recognize Renaissance, Gothic, or Baroque paintings. Few children learn how to paint professionally. They don't have money to buy musical instruments or learn to play them. Hey, start your own art and technology and science schools, high quality schools, where any child with the money to pay can go, without so much testing. Have rates and days for poor children and middle class children. Really good schools only allow select students to go there, but your schools can teach children in third grade and higher, about art. You can have science schools with great movies and safe hands-on projects. You can have a consultant teachers' bureau, where your great talented teachers can lend out to public or private schools and children's gymnastics on certain days per week or weekends. You can have Olympic skating schools and children's gymnastic schools. Americans now want a high level of culture and classical skills and education, and there is a giant market for quality.

If you can produce the product, then you will be rich. You just as well go legit. It is a wonderful feeling to be loved by your fellow countrymen. America is your home now.


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