2009-06-26 / Letters

Illegal Alien Propaganda

Dear Editor,

In the June 5 Wave, you published a shameless bit of illegal alien propaganda by a Florida professor named Erik Camayd-Freixas on the 2008 ICE raid at the Postville, Iowa, meat packer, Agriprocessors.

The raid was to capture 300 criminals, but you'd never know that from Camayd-Freixas' spin-doctoring. He deceptively referred to the criminals as "immigrants," which they were not, while using the word "criminals" to refer, apparently to federal immigration agents! The people Camayd- Freixas champions are illegal aliens. "Immigrants" are people who legally enter the country at an authorized port of entry or border checkpoint, with legal documentation from their nation of origin, and who do not pretend to be something else, e.g., tourists.

The illegal aliens were guilty of crimes every day they resided in America, went to work at Agriprocessors (or anywhere else), or drove a car without a driver's license issued under their real name. In addition, three-quarters of them were suspected of the crime of identity theft, using stolen social security numbers, and thereby ruining the lives of American citizens and legal aliens. In addition, each illegal stole a job that rightfully belonged to an American citizen or legal alien, and picked the pockets of the very Americans and legal aliens whom they illegally supplanted, in getting "free" schooling, health care, and food stamps for their Americanborn "anchor children."

Once upon a time, Americans were able to support their families on the money they earned at Agriprocessors, and other packers across the country. But then the packers conspired to employ illegals, and drive down wages to a fraction of what they had been.

Even before the recession hit, millions of Americans and legal immigrants were unemployed, and millions more were either underemployed or working for starvation wages, much of it because criminal employers used criminal foreign invaders. The money made went into the pockets of the criminal employers and invaders, but Camayd-Freixas lied, in claiming that it created "higher level jobs for Americans."

And the recession was in part triggered by thousands of no-moneydown, "liar loan" mortgages that had been given to illegal aliens, who had no intention of ever paying them off.

California currently has a $24.3 billion budget deficit, $8 billion of which was caused by illegal aliens.

Over 4,000 people per year are killed by illegal alien invaders, the majority of the latter insanely drunk drivers, whose blood alcohol level is typically 2-3 times the legal limit, and who have typically been previously arrested for drunk driving, but never deported, due to sanctuary policies that violate federal laws. Five-monthold Sage Marti, five-year-old Ana Cerna, seven-year-old Marcus Lassiter, eight-year-old Kayla Donohue, and thousands of other children can't write letters to President Obama and the First Lady, because they're dead, killed by illegal aliens. http://www. immigrationshumancost.org/text/cri mevictims.html. Erik Camayd-Freixas lied about both the criminal invaders, and the forces of law and order, who finally did their job. His loyalty is clearly not to America.


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