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Public School 114 Students Pen Poems

A Note From The Teacher I teach creative writing to the most talented kids in the world, the students of P.S. / M.S. 114, Queens. My teaching approach is language, based on abstract thinking. It is this language which gives voice to each child's imagination. Regardless of their profession, great people have one thing in common; they think differently and inspire others with their imagination. The process involved in teaching poetry then, not only cultivates the unique vision of each child, it also instills in the child the confidence to express this vision… If knowledge is the engine, we must consider imagination the fuel which will empower a child to do anything successfully, even reach for the stars.

Proudly, I present the poets of P.S. / M.S. 114.

-Joan Diehl
By Matthew Buckley, Grade 6
In one hand there's my board,
and in the other
My courage, as I head down to the beach
The water looks like a shallow grave to me
I pull up my wet suit and tie the strap around
my lower leg
It feels like a cobra constricting its prey
I take the plunge
I shiver like the skin on a snare drum
I lie on my board and my hand cuts
the water like a fin
The farther out I go,
the bigger the waves get
I play chicken with a five-foot wave
I duck dive into that sea of ice-cubes
I look up at the horizon and I see
a skyscraper form
I double take at this beast of a wave
My options shorten as I turn
the board and paddle
My arms are on fire in ice water
I'm numb at the sight of this wave
curling under me and over me
I lean forward and speed down
its five-foot face
I turn to see the three white lines where my fin
cut that wave like a knife in soft butter
Then another wave bends over itself and I see a
tube form, like a mouth sucking me in
I pump my board to gain speed
I feel an urge to touch the angered beast
I'm like a jockey on a horse
as my leash whips around and slaps the wave
I learn to become the wave
and move with the wave
I hear a voice in my head—"Trust the wave. Let
it take you in," it tells me.
As I slow my board,
the tube ripples over my head
I peer through the wave
I break the wave
I am free
I fly off the top of the wave
and make my way to shore
As I stare back at the vast sea of broken
dreams and taker of boards, I finally rest
because my dream has been accomplished.

Sounds Of Spring By Noelle Newman, Grade 7
Tweet, the birds sing symphonies of joy
And spider harps of webstring silently sway
Crack! A chipmunk opens a shell
Like the beating heart of a drum
Scrcch, Scrcch, Raccoons clean their burrows of
dead leaves
Brown as bark on a willow tree
Splash! Fish jump so high they slap the
winter clouds
With their shimmering tails as flat
as paddles
Bzzzzz…the bees hum their morning tune to
wake the flowers from their forever sleep
Whoosh! The wind blows
And as it goes it whispers
"Spring has come again!"

The Seasonal Clock
By Richard Share, Grade 6
The seasonal clock ticks again
And winter flies on by
The feathered orchestra sings a melody
As the pendulum swings way up high
The pendulum warms the fresh green grass
As the breeze whispers along
The swaying pendulum swings again
And the orchestra sings its song

By Casey Colleran, Grade 4
My kingdom
Made from ink coming out of my pen
I don't make it out of gold or silver
I don't carve it in new stone
But my pen and paper are my material
And my mind is the treasure
Which makes it all happen
It's something you feel
Something you sense
The magic of a new world
Going into your hands
The paper is the treasure
But you hold the key
My words hold the song
And the meaning
An artist has paints
A sculptor has clay
I have words
My words you will see going through
your mind
You will feel them reaching out to you
You will be able to picture them
Singing in your mind
And you will hear a life long journey
Beginning and ending right before you

By Emma Edri, Grade 4
Squishy, squashy
Gooey, green
Slimy, gushy
I think I'll scream
Days go by
One, two, three
Something pretty flutters by…
Are those the little creatures?
That were crawling by me

By Maylina Gillespie, Grade 7
I am an insecure stick
A thorn, to be more precise
Have I been wasting days away?
Sitting on a rose all my life
Or do I create a stunning pose
For this soul mate, I call my rose
Do I have more potential?
Am I as boring as I seem?
I am thin and black and well kept
As for beauty, my heart can only dream

By Isabella Grillo, Grade 4
A dragon breathing a flameless fire
Winding around like a wire
A chorus of whoos and whees
Singing high Cs in the trees
A monster, growing and blowing
The wind is coming and going
Wild wind wondrously winding like a wire

Spider Web
By Kelly Tesoriero, Grade 5
Along a sensational silver strand,
Drops of dew perform their trapeze dance.
A silky string, shining with a million crystals.
Mother Nature's floss

Spring's Party
By Ryan Schwach, Grade 4
Spring is a surprise party I don't want
to be late
There will be presents like green leaves
Beautiful flowers and playing for hours
beautiful songs of the birds and bees
There will be a magician overnight
with his golden keys
to change winter into spring
Then comes an artist painting
Daffodils, daisies, and tulips
Yellow and red
And great green grass as straight as soldiers
Then clouds like great balloons
Puffy in the sky
And a game of baseball
My favorite sport
And even a tennis court
Spring showers won't bring thrills
It might give me the chills
But after that a light show
In the sky
just then I thought
it was just a rainbow
And the great blue sky
looks as tasty as a blueberry pie!

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