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The Elephant Strikes Back

Dear Editor,

As someone once said, a lie left unchallenged, soon becomes truth. So please allow me some time to correct the record from the egregious factual errors and outright lies expressed by Mr. O'Malley in his offensive analysis of today's Republican party (The Wave 5/15/09 edition).

First off, Mr. O'Malley makes the proclamation that the President Obama stimulus plan "...has already begun to resuscitate the economy...." Really? I think that this might be a somewhat premature assessment given the fact that the GDP just hit - (negative) 6% last quarter, GM is on the edge of bankruptcy and the unemployment rate continues to rise. Furthermore, the roots of this economic crisis are well understood to be a bipartisan failure to reign in out of control mortgage spending. President Obama has gone on a 4 trillion dollar spending spree to breathe some life into the stagnant economy, but this prescription while sure to provide an up-tick in short term economic numbers, is estimated to cost us heavily in the long term. This is according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which estimates unsustainable Debt/ GDP ratios in the next decade. Sort of like coming home to the family and telling them you just lost your job but everything is alright since you just got a hundred thousand dollar loan from a loan shark on the corner. Furthermore, there are two huge elephants in the room which continue to go unheeded as we pile up the trillions. In the next ten to twenty years the Social Security fund and Medicare program are scheduled to go bankrupt under the weight of 70 million baby boomers retiring. Still, President Obama has just spent more than WWII, the Marshall Plan, Korea, Vietnam, the Moon Shot, the Gulf War and Iraq combined. But I'm sure Mr. O'Malley sees this as an exclusively Republican problem.

Mr. O'Malley then goes on to insult half the nation (58 million of whom just voted for the opposing candidate in the last election) by stating that the modern GOP's political philosophy is based on some kind of racist strategy. Attempting to smear Republicans as "...a political institution representing a constituency comprised mostly of racist, old, Southern white males."

Once again allow me to point out the historical record and illustrate the proud Republican tradition of inclusion starting with the election of President Abraham Lincoln which was supported by Frederick Douglas and Soujourner Truth. Early Republicans also included George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington. The first black US Senators Hiram Rhodes Revels and Blanche Bruce were Republicans. Note the civil rights legislation introduced by Republicans in the 1860s including the civil rights act of 1866 and Reconstruction act of 1867. Note that the desegregation of schools was enacted by President Eisenhower (R) who also led the fight to desegregate the military as a general. Remember that the civil rights legislation of the early 60s was fought for by Republicans. Note President Nixon (R) signing affirmative action legislation as a redress to President Wilson's (D) expulsion of black Americans from government jobs in 1912. Note President Reagan (R) who designated Martin Luther King Day a national holiday. MLK was once a Republican as well, according to his niece Dr. Alveda King (R). Remember President Bush appointing Colin Powell (R) as the first black Secretary of State and Dr. Condoleeza Rice (R) as the first black NSA director. This tradition continues today with Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas (R), who to this day is smeared by leftists because he is a black Republican, and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele who was pelted with oreo cookies by opposing "activists" for having the audacity to be a Republican running for office.

And yet, the lies continue in a blatant attempt by leftists to turn a two party system of governance, with its inherent checks and balances, into a one party system of rubber stamping bureaucrats with little tolerance to legitimate opposition. No doubt, the Republicans have much to think about as they are effectively excluded from the executive and legislative branches until the next round of elections in 2010. One thing is certain, however, it is not an abandonment of our principles that will help us, but a re-affirmation of our core beliefs in strong self-reliance, less big government, less taxation, fiscal responsibility, personal accountability, strong national defense, the rights of the individual above all and dare I say it, faith in our American traditions, that will continue to strengthen our resolve and unite like-minded individuals in the months and years to come as they have been doing, under the GOP banner, for over 150 years.


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