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Trust Yourself

I become emboldened to action whenever meet a challenge. I never met a challenge I didn't like. At the outset, I may shake in my boots as the prospect might appear overwhelming but … then I trust myself. I know that each challenge I am confronted with holds the kernel of truth within. It is always an opportunity for growth and I welcome that. The more daunting the challenge, the more I can be certain that it will be an enormous addition to my own little library of experiences.

I may need to build another room onto my house to store it all, but my library expands each time I step up to the plate and allow life to show me the way.

I trust myself that I will be open to life's experiences, the good ones and the ones we perceive as bad. It is human nature to want only good experiences. But life is intrinsically about polarity.

The dance of opposites that holds, within the two poles, the mystery of all possibilities.

In the gap, the one that makes most people uncomfortable, lies the freedom of choice. You can choose to consciously create any scenario you want. The menu is endless. Often time is wasted worrying about which decision to make.

Opportunity knocks but once and then you create the angst of reproach if you do not act in the moment. Trust yourself. Trust that you will choose rightly for yourself in each and every instance.

You make right choices when you use your intuition. When you can breathe gently and evenly, clear your mind and listen to your essence, you will KNOW what to do. Trust in that is born of experiencing it over and over again. Remain connected to your whole self, understand your purpose in life and the direction you take will always be informed by that.

While we all get the opportunity to face our unique individual challenges during the course of our lifetime, there is one global challenge that I see occurring for my patients, family and friends.

The upheaval in the economy has wreaked havoc on people through economic loss of savings, 401Ks, jobs, homes, dreams, retirement plans and on and on.

One report from the Boeing Corp. highlighted the experience of their managers when they have to lay people off.

"Compared to their peers, managers who've laid someone off reported higher rates of indigestion, dizziness, emotional exhaustion and other symptoms even more than three years after the act." Challenges that are not taken rightly cause dis-stress.

Loss and fear of the unknown breed a certain insecurity that dwarfs one's perception of safety that translates into sickness and disease. Trust yourself. External securities were never what they appeared to be.

Our inflated home prices were only an illusion. So were your stocks. The only thing that is real is the investment you have made in yourself. The challenges that you have met and conquered were deposits in your bank account.

They have accrued interest in your ability to draw strength from within in times like these. You can always rebuild from a solid foundation. Recently, Warren Buffet, the icon of investment strategy, was asked what to invest in. He replied, "Invest in yourself!" I loved that answer.

It illustrates my own philosophy that we are indeed capable of managing our own destiny. That being said, there is no reason ever to fear.

One door closes and another one opens. Keep your eyes open for the opportunities that are apparent through the cracks of the door.

Make an investment in each one according to your own purpose. In this way, you can never fail, you can never be bankrupt, you can never lose. Or, in the immortal words of Mr. Rogers, "You can never go down the drain." Trust yourself!

May The Blessings Be!

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