2009-02-06 / Letters

Re-distribution Of Wealth?

Dear Editor,

While the backbone of this great country of ours, the working stiffs, suffer higher taxes, shortened workweeks and layoffs, our new President's stimulus package offers the 40 percent of Americans that pay no taxes at all, a raise. An astounding 80 billion dollars is being earmarked as a tax credit to those that don't pay income tax. An additional $80 per month for food stamp recipients and billions of dollars for additional welfare aid doesn't seem fair to those of us that work for a living. As we struggle everyday to pay out taxes, keep up with our mortgages and make insurance payments it becomes increasingly more difficult to feel sorry for those less fortunate. They insist on having big government control their lives from the cradle to the grave. It certainly is easier than taking personal responsibility and control of their own destinies but it is a slap in the face of every hardworking American that plays by the rules. They say a fish stinks from the head down, do you think the average guy could get away with cheating on their taxes the way new cabinet appointees Geithner and Daschle have? How about the antics of our own Senator Charles Rangel? No way! The IRS would be down on us in a New York minute.

There are some that actually think President Obama is going to pay their mortgages for them. Why not? After all in the "new middle class" everyone should own a home, even those that can't afford it. But not to worry for all of you who are actually employed, individuals will get a $500 tax rebate and couples $1,000. If you are like me this money will more than likely go to pay down debt rather than to stimulate the economy? Those that live off the backs of others will take from government everything the secular progressives are willing to dish out. Have you no pride? Socialism does not work. Ask the millions of eastern Europeans that have flocked to our shores in recent years, as legal emigrants, why they have come to the greatest country in the free world? The answer will be that they have come to make a living in a free society unencumbered by big government and the bureaucracy that goes along with it.

Capitalism and profit are the cornerstones of what the framers had in mind when this country was created. The free enterprise system allows individuals to make it as far up the ladder as they choose. Let's stop rewarding failure and complacency and get back to the ideals that have made this country great. Hard work, love of God and country are what is needed in these hard times not the socialist programs and handouts our new President and the Democrats are trying pushing through. All they are doing is buying votes for 2012.


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