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It's My Turn

Wohl's Rant, Part I
By Stephen Wohl Anti-Fascist and Community Activist

Stephen Wohl Stephen Wohl Exactly what was it, within my testimony, that HPD Officer Gary Sloman attempted to purge from the public record on the afternoon/ evening of Monday the fifteenth of September 2008 to protect himself and his profoundly compromised Department?

I was a speaker at the HPD-organized meeting in Knights of Columbus Hall, 333 Beach 90 Street, Rockaway Beach, New York 11693, called to collect input on the draconian increases in required monthly payments being contemplated by HPD for shareholders (including me) of Rockaway Beach's Dayton Beach Park #1 Corp.

I was in attendance at the designated Opening Moment (4:00 p.m.), signed in, submitted my request-to-speak card, waited many minutes for the actual Open, saw large numbers of people enter the Hall and sign in after me, and watched Mr. Sloman (familiar with prior submission from Stephen Wohl) continually bump my speaking position to the rear, introducing others who had arrived and signed long after I had.

He used the old anti-fair play trick of declaring a late intermission (6:00 p.m.), emptying the Hall of threefourths of its attendees, and did not get around to inviting me to the podium until we were approaching 8:00 p.m. I was the one and only speaker (of more than two dozen) whom Mr. Sloman interrupted and attempted to censor, despite all others being allowed to act as their own judges of relevancy and despite others taking greater time for their presentation. The following may indicate why the contents and the specified connections within my testimony made Mr. Sloman nervous.

HPD itself is the driving force behind monthly-payment increases, and has a vested interest in those payments going to as high a level as possible. Reason: HPD is actively whoring for the high thieves now in process of embezzling the public's enormously valuable land on the Rockaway peninsula, the Arverne Renewal Area ("AURA"), comprising 308 acres stretching from Beach 84 Street to Beach 32 Street, including more than two miles along the magnificent whitesand oceanfront, contiguous to four existing subway stations. In the final hours of the Rudolf Giuliani administration, late December 2001, and in the early weeks of the Michael Bloomberg administration, it was HPD, among all City departments, which was tasked to do the dirty necessary paperwork and to actualize the surrender of the AURA jewel to friends of Giuliani/ Bloomberg: specifically, to "privatize" and deliver the most valuable half of this property worth thousands of millions of dollars, for $8 million with a promise to additionally kick in a minimum $200 million in NYC infrastructure expenditure, paid out of the NYC treasury, plus a committing to twenty years "tax abatement" for the private land-grab masters (the "developers") and their future clients. As New York City's 8.1 million people were losing the near-last of their Coney Island (Astroland is all of three acres), they were having ripped from themselves an irreplaceable, subwayaccessible, far superior oceanfront locus of summer and year- round pleasure for this and all future generations.

So why does HPD want the highest possible monthly payments from residents of Dayton Beach Park #1 Corp, from Hammels, from Ocean Village,

from Redfern, and from all other housing communities in the Rockaway's? Because those for whom HPD is working, the land thieves, want to foster a surrounding neighborhood whose citizens are seemingly rich, enabling the land thieves to extract, from the newly pasted-together monstrosity cheese box

houses (that are being dropped right off the flatbed trucks onto AURA) the HIGHEST possible price for each unit sold by the land thieves to incoming house purchasers. Rich neighbors, rich selling price. What the boss wants, servants, the boss wants.

HPD's top officials also have a nasty habit of retiring onto the employment rolls of the very real estate manipulating companies for which the HPD officials whored while working on Gold Street.

[I still expect to see bulldozers raze those illegal cheese box monstrosities; and although thousands of trees were chain-sawed, bulldozed, and destroyed for the thieves, at NYC expense, I expect to see new thousands of trees flourish on the reclaimed common land mid-Rockaway. Entire sections of awe-inspiring natural habitat —- that were putting oxygen into our lungs and the sounds of birds into our ears —- were obliterated by City-dispatched goons; but I expect Nature and parkland and wonderful, free ocean/ shore interplay to return.]

Mayor Sharpe James of Newark, New Jersey was recently sentenced to jail for land embezzlement that amounts to the lifting of petty cash in comparison to the massive grand theft set into motion by crooked Rudolf Giuliani and crooked Michael Bloomberg. Giuliani, Bloomberg, and their principal underlings should be arrested, tried (water boarded?), imprisoned for life, and stripped of their personal assets as punishment and exemplary retribution for superabuse of their governmental positions, for violation of the public trust, and as partial compensation for the superdamage that the Giuliani/ Bloomberg AURA embezzlement has imposed upon the present and future interests of the people of the City of New York.

In its prostitutional service to the AURA thieves, HPD is assisted by (1) rubber-stamp un-elected Community Board #14, a vast majority of whose members are real estate manipulators themselves, looking to get a piece of the action; and by (2) the current Senior Senator from New York who, as a Congressman, had part of the Rockaway's placed into his Congressional District, and who learned where the money is.

Charles Schumer has done extraordinary work for his personal former landlord (details upon request). Charles Schumer, who is supposedly a Democrat, saw his wife (who goes by the name Iris Weinshal) appointed by Republican Giuliani and by Republican Bloomberg to be Commissioner of NYC's Department of Transportation (DOT). Her assignment at DOT was to de-map some forty-six streets for the benefit of the land thieves, and specifically to seize the four poured-concrete traffic lanes of the Rockaway Freeway (running along the high-altitude spine of the peninsula, under what was the old Long Island Railroad tracks and what is now elevated A train). Those four lanes, which constitute one of only three east-west thoroughfares on the peninsula, and are arguably the most important route for egress from this territory the next time a hurricane strikes, run along the northern border of AURA, but are NOT part of AURA. Iris Weinshal began the process of throwing automobiles and other vehicular traffic off the Freeway, in preparation for gifting the area of those four lanes as parking spaces to serve the purposes of AURA land thieves —- that is, her intended creation of additional parking spaces on the periphery of AURA, the parking spaces occupying what currently are the Freeway's traffic lanes, would free up parkingdesignated acreage within AURA on which the land thieves could then emplace additional monstrosity cheese boxes. More cheese boxes, more easy profits for the thieves. And after she thrust her dagger into the Rockaway Freeway, Iris Weinshal slithered away in April of 2007.

More next week in this space.

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