2008-10-03 / Letters

To Those Still Awake

Dear Editor,

For months I have regularly been faxing the Chicago campaign offices and the D.C. Senatorial offices of Barack Obama, asking why the junior Illinois Senator is still not referring to our economic condition as "The Great Bush World Depression." I now know why.

On Saturday 20 September 2008 Senator Charles Schumer told CBS: "Right now we have a Depression Era system of regulation." Apart from parroting propagandist Karl Rove's "Depression Era" replacement term for "New Deal," the New York senior Senator straight lied. In 1999 he, Schumer, joined the Senator from the banking haven of Delaware, Joe Biden, and the Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate to pass President Bill Clinton's repeal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Glass- Steagall-Act.

The Glass Steagall-Act, crafted in 1933 while FDR kept all the banks closed until the New Deal's FDIC could insure the personal companies out of Wall Street, so that the next time a rightwing Republican domination of America, 1921-1933, gave us a 1929-type crash and a 1930's-type Depression we would not have the savings and insurance policies of widows and orphans go down together with the capitalist equity markets.

JP Morgan Chase could not have seized the assets of Bear Stearns with the $29 billion in Bush charity from our pockets, and AIG could not have been playing games with sub-prime instruments, had Charles Schumer, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton not killed Glass-Steagall. The New Deal system of regulation protected the American people successfully for 66 years, until the fraudulent, hypocritical, camouflaged right-wingers seized, sabotaged, and perverted the party of Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Paul Wellstone. Barack Obama cannot refer to this as The Great Bush World Depression because he consciously chose to get into bed with those sabotage forces, witness his selection of Chief Foreign Policy Advisor (Kissinger deputy Zbigniew Brzezinski), his selection of Vice Presidential running mate, and his condoning of warrantless Bush wiretapping.

We have devolved to monolithic government "By the private Super Corporations," "For the private Super Corporations."

Before we are fleeced for another minimum $700 billion, minimum $2300 per man, woman, and child, it is time for thinkers and advocates of fair play to abandon the previously magnificent, now thoroughly corrupted Democratic Party; it is time to seek out and urgently weigh the programs of Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, and other anti-fascists.


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