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Reject McCain-Palin

Dear Editor,

I'm writing in response to Jane Deacy's Republican propaganda piece which appeared in last week's "Making Waves' column. Her effusiveness regarding the Republican Party's presidential ticket show she is either delusional or just an idiot. Shall I remind Ms. Deacy that her party, her candidates, and her president were instrumental in getting us bogged down in a quagmire in Iraq and tanking the economy?

As to the Republican disinformation and lies and lies being spread about Palin's record, let me clarify. She is not a reformer. She initially supported the Bridge to Nowhere before it became a symbol of corruption. She didn't letters save the country any money by canceling the project because she just diverted the money elsewhere. Sure, she sold the state airplane, and instead she charged Alaska hundreds of thousands of dollars in per diem and transportation costs.

If she believes that her being mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, population 7,000 qualifies her to be vice president, then I think Lew Simon, our Democratic District Leader, should be president.

Yes, and Palin does have a special needs child, and she uses that child to promote her own political ambition and agenda, and because she refused an abortion Palin is making an innocent child suffer through the awful existence that is Down's Syndrome.

She is no reformer, and certainly not and advocate for women. She is in fact a rabidly anti-choice, Annie-goget your-gun; teach creationism in class, fundamentalist Christian, and as Obama put it so eloquently a pig with lipstick.

What McCain and Palin offer is more of the same, repackaged in a more friendly and benign way. Another four years, for middle class Americans to grapple with a soaring cost of living, unaffordable and low quality healthcare, a war in Iraq that doesn't seem to end, an economy that only works for the wealthy and well connected and a government in Washington that puts corporate profits over American workers. Women should beware of the Republicans this year especially for if they are elected, they will appoint a good number of conservatives to the Supreme Court, and if that occurs the crowning achievement of Second Wave feminism; Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

Oh and by the way, Ms. Deacy it seems you don't recall that Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton both have better attendance records in the Senate than John McCain.

If judged on the merits and the outcome determined on the issues, Obama-Biden will surely prevail. However, that's not how McCain can win the election. His road to victory, a low one indeed, involves the use of racial stereotypes and the politics of fear and smear, rather than issues that impact ordinary Americans. That is because it is him with all the other Washington Republican insiders who have taken this country on the wrong track in the past 8 years.

McCain's argument in this election is ridiculous. Palin and he are basically saying "we screwed up the country in the past 8 years, but if you give us four more years we'll fix it". On Election Day it is up to you to reject this.


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Yeah, and McCain lose, hahaha!

Daniel Solomon is educated and his eyes are open. I think Strassburg should get educated ans top listening to Fox News.

Obama's experience:he votes present and for higher taxes. Biden can't remember and your comments concerning Sarah Palin show that have Mother issues. McCain Rules!


It is refreshing to see someone like yourself with such an open mind. How you can keep all those thoughts in just one head is beyond me. Maybe you should get your own news network like say, CNN, NBC, MSNBC etc. THese people say almost exactly the same things you do. Maybe you are all reading off of the same same teleprompter as Barack Hussain Obama. How about educating yourself a little bit.

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