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A Sad Day For America

Dear Editor,

I'm writing to you to express my melancholy over Hillary Clinton's withdrawal from the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Today is truly a sad day for America and the Democratic Party. This is because today it is almost inevitable that this country will suffer through an insufferable thirdterm of George W. Bush in the name of John McCain.

Hillary was the best and strongest candidate the Democrats could have fielded this fall. Her position on most issues ranging from health care to foreign policy was far superior to her neophyte, peddler of false hopes, rival Barack Obama. Always the workhorse, Hillary spared us the rhetorical flourishes and verbosity of most campaigns and doled out hard truths about America that needed to be said. Aconsistent fighter for the Everyman she proposed real solutions for real problems faced by average Americans while her elitist opponent tried to dismiss the pain of these people. She offered a new approach for America, an idealism tempered by age and experience. However, her candidacy was lampooned by the pundits of the media which have deceived the Democratic voters of this country into voting for an unelectable and disingenuous man named Barack Hussein Obama. The media's raw misogyny and bias is what defeated Hillary in the end and not some ingenious strategy by the Obama campaign. Ironically though the only people to see through the ploys of the pro-Obama media were the very people who didn't get the fancy ivy-league educations, they were the white working class. They didn't vote based on race as many liberal media outlets allege, but instead on the increasing strain of an economy which only works for the wealthy and well connected. To the contrary, it appears that blacks have voted based on ethnicity, because they have crested for the biracial Obama over Hillary, a Caucasian by a 92-8 margin. That reeks of racism.

Hillary's ability to soldier on as the horizon darkened; against insurmountable odds is a testament to her tenacity and the strength of the human spirit. Gracious in defeat, Hillary delivered an eloquent and rousing speech conceding the nomination to Obama and giving him a full throated endorsement. Ungrateful in victory, Obama had the gall to not be present at Hillary's endorsement speech, which was a gratuitous slap in the face.

As a result of Obama's all but sealed nomination the party faces the prospect of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in a year that was supposed to mark a grand Democratic ascendancy. What was the sense in nominating a person who appealed to the party's constituencies which normally would always vote the party line as Obama's support did? Hillary, who would definitely carry the black vote and liberal vote, also, had enormous appeal to the white working class. This demographic group, who will not vote for an aloof, elitist Obama has been notorious for defecting the party in large numbers when they like a Republican candidate. Does the name Ronald Regan ring any bells to you Obama voters?

People may have liked to decry Hillary for staying in the race "too long," and endangering "party unity," but she had a duty to party and country to do so. And now, because she has finally been forced out of the race, the people of America will have a long four years ahead of them no matter who they elect. Gas prices will continue to rise, America will continue to decline, the Iraq War will continue and a broken health care system that only Hillary wanted to fix will be left intact. I can guarantee that under an Obama presidency the ranks of the unemployed, those living under the poverty line, and without healthcare will soar.

The only bright side is New York will retain its excellent representative in the Senate. I hope Hillary runs again in 2012, or 2016. Hopefully by that time it is not too late to save this country.


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