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It's My Turn

Senator Clinton, Please Come Home!
By Elizabeth Jean Jenkins

Senator Clinton, please come home and help the Middle Class and the working poor. Please don't abandon us in New York.

There are a few good reasons we are suggesting that you don't walk away from the most powerful city in the nation:

(1) the best pant suits in the world are sold right here, in New York City.

(2) Just because a lot of us voted for Obama, it does not mean that we do not care about you.

You are still the only First Lady in United States history to have held a Senate seat or any elected position, and you will still be the only woman in American history to have come this close to the position of the United States president. But, you know something, Senator, I learned a special lesson long ago, that no matter what one's talents may be, if God has already given you a special job to do, you cannot tell Him "No." You cannot tell Him, you "have something better to do with my time." I believe that being the Senator of New York is your destiny.

I believe you will do great things for our nation, but they must begin in New York, which was the capital of America, long before Washington D.C. was the capital.

There is nothing left for you in Washington D.C. except old ghosts and hardships, which are waiting for you if you go back. Besides, you have already been to the White House; been there, done that. Give Obama a chance. As a spiritual person, I can tell you that if you hurry, you will still make an appointment with your destiny to remain the great Junior Senior for New York, before the vultures start circling your great position.

From the beginning of your Senate race it was the "little people" who put you in office, and now we all desperately need for you to come back to New York and sound the alarm on the distress of the middle class, elderly and the poor working class in the miserable New York housing market, especially the "little people" in federal and state co-ops, and the working poor in public housing.

Will you chose to abandon us now? Will you choose to cast us off to the wind, or are you truly committed to fair housing practices for every American and decent immigrant?

If you come back quickly, you can still hold on to your initial fight for real affordable housing, and stop the UNGODLY trends of running Americans out of their own states.

There is something wrong when rents are so high, that the elderly can only afford to eat noodles and french fries.

There is something wrong when New York has a smaller percentage of homeowners than any other city in the nation.

There is something terrible about the fact that so many middle class residents have already been run out of New York due to extreme property taxes, while elected officials want to build more luxury apartments, on the backs of the taxes of the working poor.

As long as New York crushes the elderly, the poor and the Middle Class, God will not be with our cowardly elected officials who refuse to help the common man.

If God is not with Mr. Bloomberg and his abuse of taxpayers' money, then he and his horrid budgetary problems will not stand.

If our state senators and frightened City Council members will look away while special interest groups, foreign investors and greedy developers wipe out entire American communities and take away homes from the elderly that were paid for decades ago, then New York will fall and there will be tears on the face of George Washington's statue that sits across from Wall Street.

Things are so terrible in New York for the poor and middle class, that it seems to me, that New York elected officials, with the exception of a few, have lost their souls.

You were one of the only candidates that dared even to talk about "affordable housing" in the face of vulturedriven developers. But you have not been able to keep your promises.

Are you the strong warrior princess we met in the New York Senate Race in the year 2000, or do you have the courage not to be a paid off coward, like most of New York's elected officials who look away from the evils of developers and abandon the weak disabled veterans of the poor?

Most politicians in New York don't have a prayer in hell for doing the right thing.

Term limits should be eliminated so that politicians can pay attention to the issues, and not to how much campaign money they can get for each election.

There needs to be a pre-election that will authorize the end of term limits, so that minority elected officials and all others will not have to lick up to special interests instead of the interest of their own people, or constituents. Valuable experience of service is lost, due to those sickening term limits.

Senator, I am still waiting for your answer. I beg you, make it quick. I don't think God has much patience with a coward. And right now you are one of the bravest New Yorkers, I know, if you would only have the courage to come home. George Washington's statue is waiting for you to stand there on Wall Street, and tell our founding fathers that you will put some tape on Bill Clinton's lips, take up your armor of freedom and individual liberty and fight for all of New York all over again. Hillary, please come home. Hispanics, minorities and all working-class New Yorkers are waiting. And yes, the poor, elderly and the disabled New Yorkers are waiting, too, for you to come back home, to New York.


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