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Gun Violence Is A National Epidemic

Dear Editor,

Gun violence is a national, and public health epidemic! I continue to be outraged at the continuous flow of illegal guns in our communities, illegal drugs in our communities, and the continuous growth of gangs throughout this great country. How many wake-up calls do we need to know that "common sense" must prevail? How many more body bags do we need to see before we know that gun violence is an epidemic in this country, and that our "elected officials" are sitting back doing nothing about it at our expense?

Several weeks ago, an alert went out advising drivers to be very cautious if "bumped" by another vehicle, because gang members would be conducting an initiation of new members. If however, a gang member "bumped" your vehicle and you stopped, they would shoot you - for stopping! Imagine someone's son or daughter committing such a horrific act. How did they get to this point in their life when taking a life means nothing to them? I am outraged that parents, friends and others know who these individuals are, and simply turn a blind eye. Remaining silent enables these individuals to continue their violent rampages. You must take a stand, or risk being a victim!

My friends, violence, illegal drugs, and gang violence have no place in a civilized society and I appeal to all reading this to stand up and use common sense and say, "enough is enough." Something is terribly wrong when residents in a community fear taking a stand against these horrible elements. Something is terribly wrong with our "elected officials" who travel from country to country telling other people what to do, but they can't stop this madness at home? Something is terribly wrong when a sermon is dissected, and some have the gall to ask the congregants to denounce the pastor, or leave the church. You don't denounce the pastor, he or she is entitled to his or her opinion, just as you are. Either you accept what the pastor said, or you use your common sense and reject it, or move on if that's your decision. Our candidates for president must focus on, and address the "real" problems (drugs, gangs and gun violence) and tell the citizens of this country what steps they will take to resolve this mess. We don't need them wasting time dissecting a sermon. Amen!

This election year, we have those on the federal and state level seeking our vote "to represent us." We're in the mess that we are in now because we keep re-electing those same individuals who made promises to "speak up, speak out, and deliver." If those promises weren't kept and the only thing delivered in your community was pain and more pain, don't vote for them. We must send a clear message that we've had "enough" of the pain! Sometimes we must clean house! Surely, we didn't put those spineless puppets in office who are only concerned about their paycheck, and not the safety of the constituents they represent.

Phantom organizations, what a disgrace! Throughout this country, there are thousands of legitimate organizations pleading with their elected officials for assistance. Legitimate programs do make a difference in a community. Afterschool programs, boys and girls clubs, senior programs, etc., provide educational, social and recreational activities that help "prevent" the nonsense this "civilized" society is subjected to. Taxpayers' money must support the communities of the tax-payer, and tax payers' money must be used to rid our streets of illegal guYes, I am outraged at this nonsense!


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Ms. Bishop

You may be amazed to know that of all of the states that have passed a concealed weapons law there are none where crime has risen. Maybe it is time to put guns in the hands of responsble citizens so that when the illigal guns come out more legal guns can prevail

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