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The Truth About The BCHS Yearbook

The Wave has agreed to withhold the names of the students because they fear retribution from teachers should their names be known. Dear Editor,

After reading the article in last week's paper about the whole BCHS yearbook situation, students became angered towards the false statements made about their Principal Dr. Morris. They find that the situation was brought out of proportion by writing about it in the newspaper and becoming so frustrated about what was done with Greg Mizzi's drawings in the yearbook.

Numerous students claim that Dr. Morris was just doing his job and he didn't know about Mizzi's drawings until it was brought to his attention by students who were bothered by them. They claim that many complained to Mr. Mizzi, who was in charge of the yearbook 2008, about their thoughts of these drawings and how it didn't really go with the yearbooks theme, but he would just answer "It's too late to change anything in the yearbook, they were already submitted." Students didn't understand why Mr. Mizzi didn't ask for any approvals of the drawings and submitted them in as definitely going into the yearbook before the students even knew they were there.

Students found it disgusting, how the article in last week's paper stated so many lies and made it seem as if Dr. Morris was the bad one in this situation. Going back to the article where Mizzi stated that Morris "decided to throw all of the artwork out of the book" that was drawn by Greg Mizzi, is one of the statements that students believe was a lie, because not all of the pictures he drew were removed, just the ones which were agreed to be "inappropriate". Also, when stated that "Nobody but Morris thinks the pictures are objectionable", students also believe this was a strong lie.

Mr. Mizzi has heard complaints from students left and right, but he didn't take them into consideration.

There is one statement that students believe was turned strongly to the opposite direction of truth. The statement in which Mizzi's wife states "I think he is abusing his power and overstepping boundaries by removing Gregory's work and taking the yearbook away from my husband after he worked on it for months." Students opinionate that Mr. Mizzi should be the one who falls under that statement because not only did he have a number of students complain about the inappropriate artwork that his son drew and he submitted them in anyway without any approvals, but also he put up photos of students who were bothered by them and didn't want certain pictures of them in the yearbook because of personal reasons. They asked him to remove them but he just threw a fit about it and said the pictures were staying. He also told students in the Yearbook Committee that embarrassing pictures in the yearbook of other students were not to be seen by them other than the class until the yearbook was published. Students found that this was wrong and inappropriate because if you're going to put pictures like that in the yearbook without warning the person that the pictures will/may go into it, then it is wrong. When it was brought to Mizzi's attention, he would make up excuses and say that "everything is staying no matter what/whether they like it or not."

Last but not least, Dr. Morris handled the situation well because it was done one day before the yearbook's deadline. Therefore, there was no way that he could have handled it any differently since there would have been no time to do so. They also state that Greg Mizzi's drawings were very nice but some were just inappropriate for the yearbook. Other than that, the students in BCHS strongly believe that the situation was brought out of proportion by writing about it in the newspaper and becoming so frustrated about what was done with Greg Mizzi's drawings in the yearbook. Dr. Morris is just doing his job and if Mr. Mizzi would have asked for opinions and approvals, this whole situation would not have happened.


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