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Assault Arrests Lead To Police Brutality Claims

By Nicholas Briano

Agang of four teens are accused of attacking a man for his cell phone while he was waiting at a bus stop on Wednesday, police say, leaving the man dazed and in need of hospitalization. The mother of one of the defendants is screaming for justice, claiming that her son is innocent and pointing the finger at police officers for brutalizing her son.

The defendants, identified in court documents as Terrance Jenkins (18), Michael Pike (16), Marques Pike and Allen Jolly (both 15), allegedly held the victim's hands behind his back while stealing his Nextel phone from his pocket on January 30, at around 10:00 p.m.

The victim, Tyrell Rollison, was waiting for the bus in front of 56- 10 Beach Channel Drive when the attack happened, he told police. The defendants allegedly kicked him in the head, face and body, leading to his hospitalization.

The mother of Allen Jolly, Arverne resident Kevia Spivey, told The Wave that her boy is innocent, as are the three other defendants.

"They have never been arrested," Spivey said. "They have never been in trouble before."

She says that the four defendants were harassed, physically abused, called "savages," and that she witnessed a police officer toss urine and toilet water out the window towards them as they waited on the street outside the precinct house in Far Rockaway.

Spivey says that her son and his friends were coming out of the community center located on Beach 58 Street when the teens noticed a fight occurring on the street.

She said that they walked towards the fight scene and that the police came and pulled the four boys to the side, arresting them for assault and robbery.

"They arrested them and put them in the van," Spivey said. "They never found the cell phone on any of the kids and no blood on their hands."

In disbelief, Spivey and the other parents rushed down to the precinct to see what their children had done.

"I don't know why the officers arrested them," Spivey said. "There were more than 30 kids outside from the community center when this happened."

She added that when the parents arrived at the 101 Precinct, officers and detectives began a "ruthless and insulting" string of verbal and physical abuse towards her underage son as well as towards the concerned parents that had gathered to find out about their sons.

Spivey says that she first became concerned when she saw an officer roughing up her son as he was taking him to the second floor in the precinct.

"They twisted his arm and were kicking him up the stairs," Spivey said. "And as they were going upstairs the officer banged his head against the wall and kept smacking him in the back of the head."

Angered and clearly upset the parents of all the defendants, who were never permitted to talk with their children, decided to walk outside and attempt to calm down.

Spivey says the police cursed at the parents on several occasions and refused to let them back inside the precinct.

"I decided to call 311 when I was outside the precinct," Spivey said. "I felt I needed to file a complaint immediately."

While she was on the telephone with 311, Spivey and the other parents were called "savages", and some officers screamed to the parents, "No justice, no peace!"

Spivey said the officers verbally harassed the parents, who were told by an officer that they "wouldn't have to go through this if they would tame their savages right," referring to the defendants.

Shortly thereafter, Spivey states, an officer threw what they identified as urine and toilet water out of the third floor window of the precinct.

Spivey says she is meeting with Internal Affairs investigators next week to identify the police involved in the incident.

Court records provided by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown show that Rollison suffered a broken jaw and was bleeding from the mouth when police arrived.

Rollison was taken to Peninsula Hospital, where a doctor confirmed to police that he suffered a fractured jaw in two places and was missing two teeth.

According to his mother, Sabrina Rollison, he has since been transferred to another Queens hospital to undergo surgery for the fractured jaw.

The alleged attackers, including Jolly, have all been charged with first degree crimes of gang assault, robbery and assault, and were held on $5,000 bond, according to a spokesperson for Brown.

Spivey believes her son's innocence will be proven, and says investigators are looking for the victim so he can identify whether or not Jolly and his friends were the real attackers.

According to Spivey, the victim has been released from the hospital but is being sought for further questioning.

Court records confirm, however, that Rollison identified the four defendants to police as his attackers.

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To my brothers and sisters of farrockaway:
When are we going to stop destroying each other? We all are struggling for some of the same things. Why do we find it so hard to be caring and helpful to one another? Why must we act like animals at times? You are worth far more than what you portray.We must practice how to look out for one another rather than try to bring each other down. Now i have no idea if these young men committed this terrible act for something as small as a cellphone, but the fact that the victim made a positive id doesn't look to good for the defendants. Wheather or not they did the crime IT DID NOT GIVE THE POLICE THE RIGHT TO TREAT THE CONCERNED PARENTS IN THAT MANNER. If the statement is true, and they did throw urine out the window, abuse the detainees, or even use fowl language, than they need to be exploited for such poor tactics during an arrest. If the police from the nearby precincts want the publics respect, than they sure better know how to set a better example. Not only are they disrespectful to the young adults, but now they have the nerve to treat parents and grandparents in a fashion that we need not tolerate. Every last one of us has rights, I urge you all to take the time to google"farrockaway under attack" also see short video clips on youtube. Get involved. Farrockawayunderattack.com.

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