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Golf Instruction - The Grip

By Joel Garyn

Overlap grip Overlap grip (A USGTF Golf Professional, you can contact him for lessons at 347-404-3751.)

Your hands are the only connectors between yourself and the club. The grip is the foundation of your ENTIRE swing. There are three basic types, the interlocking, overlap or ten-finger grip, whichever is most comfortable. The overlap is the most common which approximately 60 percent of all golfers use this type.

The function of the grip will allow both hands to work as one unit, linking the energy of the body to the club and returning the club squarely to the ball at impact.

While bending at the waist, hold the grip end of the club with your right hand, and let your left arm hang down and out in front of you. Your left hand should be about four to six inches from you body, with your fingers pointing directly to the ground. Place the club on an angle across your left hand, so the shaft is pressed against the muscular pad of your palm and lies across the first or second joint of the forefinger. Now, lightly close your fingers around the club. The last three fingers of the left hand should control the club. Put your thumb on the right side of the center of the grip. You should now see two or three knuckles in your left hand. The correct position of your thumb is very important, because your LEFT thumb supports the club at the top of your backswing.

Interlocking grip Interlocking grip RIGHT HAND - When placing the club in your right hand the shaft should be placed along the fingers, NOT in the palm of the right hand. Next, LIGHTLY close your fingers around the club. The club should be controlled primarily by the two middle fingers. Your right thumb should be placed just to the left side of the center of the shaft. As a result, the palm of your right hand will cover you left thumb. It is important that both thumbs should be on the shaft of the golf club. The right thumb should point to 11 o'clock and the left thumb should point to 1 o'clock.

Going through these few simple steps you have now developed a good fundamental grip. To make this grip a regular part of your pre-swing fundamentals, practice this routine for the grip for about 10 to 15 minutes per day, for one to two weeks. Bring a 7 iron in the house, and while watching TV practice the above and you will have achieved a pre-swing mechanic that causes many frustrating and errant ball fights. One last thought, the trademark of a good grip is that the hands should be as close as possible to each other.

Ten finger grip aka baseball grip Ten finger grip aka baseball grip There should be no air between the left thumb and the lifeline of the right hand. (Lefthanders, reverse all hand positions).

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Next lesson: Tempo & Balance.

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