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Clueless Author

Dear Editor,

The author of black racism was clueless that all he had to do was bring his hate message to The Wave and it would have been distributed throughout the Rockaways. I could not help but wonder "what was your motive for printing that article on the front page?" You think it had something to do with the vast media coverage of the "nooses" and the "N" word that has so many white folks angry? They are livid that the blacks are finally exposing these hate crimes. In a time and a new generation where adults are losing their grip on teaching racism; the children are playing in harmony without regards to color; The Wave saw the need to print that as front page news? I agree with the author that, "parents are the first teachers." Who teaches white innocent children to hate blacks, Hispanic and other races? It's the parents! I totally agree with the writer that there are clear double standards when it comes to race. The disproportional number of blacks in prison, and being killed every day is clear evidence of that. The writer does not have to tell the whites to unite, they are united, how many whites can have 52 bullets pumped in them for holding up a wallet?

I live in Dayton Beach Park #1 Corp. where racism is no stranger.

As for this 34-year-old white male, why did he wait until now to verbalize the alleged abuse? Why did he not seek professional help sooner, rather than trying to start up a race war in the Rockaways based on his piled-up anger and hate! I am a black woman with three children, who attended the public schools in the Rockaways. They will tell you that, "those were the worst days of their lives." My daughter was threatened by black children, that if she was on the honor roll for a third month in a row, she would be beaten up. I dismissed it as foolishness. Shockingly she came home with a bloody nose and her hair pulled out, clutching the crumpled-up certificate of the honor roll. The girls would take scissors to school to cut off my other daughter's hair. She was pushed down the staircases and broke her ankle trying to get away from them (they did not understand how a dark-skinned child had long hair). The school did nothing to reprimand the kids involved. She would be terrified to go to school. Was it racism? My children's religious father taught them not to fight or they will be in trouble with him, and their peers took advantage of that. Their lives were a miserable hell dealing with these "dysfunctional kids." I had to quit my teaching job so I could go into the school yard on their lunch to keep an eye on them. I agree that "you cannot reason with the parents." I have witnessed black teenagers brutally beating and pummeling each other while they are surrounded by groups of blacks cheering them on. Adults, who you would expect to stop the fights, get right in with their children to pummel the other kid. At CTown, a teen was at the register telling her mom, "Ma, I want to fight her, I don't like her;" I expected to hear the mother tell her daughter, "not liking the girl is not a reason to want to harm her." The mother instead responded, "What time she gets home?" It has nothing to do with race; it's jealousy, ignorance, arrogance, lack of decent upbringing on behalf of the parents. These children have no culture or self-respect. If someone looks better than them, or dares to be different, then their instinct is to destroy them, do harm to them. The frightening part is, these teens are raising children of their own. For the author's information, blacks don't need enemies; they are their own worst enemies!


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