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The Progressive

Commentary By John Paul Culotta

To the critics who claim progressives do not use facts when criticizing President Bush and his extreme, nationalistic, violent, and corrupt administration. Here are a few facts for conservative Kool-Aid drinkers to consider:

1.) President Bush commenced a war in Iraq that was not essential to our security or economic interests. Our blood and expenditure of billions has made terrorist groups powerful in Iraq. Many retired military leaders have expressed that the war was a mistake with enormous consequences. Ethnic and religious divisions in the entire region have worsened and become more dangerous. We are using mercenary troops and our troops were sent to Iraq without adequate support and equipment. Many corporations are enjoying exorbitant profits while young men and women die. Iraqis who we liberated from a vicious dictator now request that we leave. A civil war exists and many Iraqis lack electricity and water supplies that existed before the invasion. It is estimated that we will spend over two trillion dollars for this fiasco.

2.) The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has had no visible improvement during his administration. His unfailing support for Israel makes any diplomatic efforts futile. Our nation is not perceived as fair and balanced.

3.) A covert CIA operative was identified by prominent administration figures.

4.) Torture has become an issue and our nation uses methods that all civilized people condemn.

5.) Although the more privileged of our society have prospered and obtained gigantic tax cuts, the middle class are suffering. Family life deteriorates when two wage earners work 14-hour days and still cannot make ends meet. Income disparity is growing to levels that are similar to the turn of the last century. Our dollar is now weak. President Bush inherited a giant surplus that is now a deficit.

6.) The Gulf Region has not made any significant progress towards recovery since Hurricane Katrina.

7.) Labor unions are weaker since Mr. Bush occupied the White House. Our border is open and undocumented workers are being used as commodities. We still do not have an immigration policy that both serves our needs and is humane.

8.) More Americans do not have health insurance coverage.

9.) Our veterans do not receive the services they need. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies and suppliers to the military prosper.

10.) Our civil liberties are under attack.

I challenge Democrats and responsible Republicans in the U.S. Congress to make efforts to stop this madness. It now appears that the Democratic Party is playing it safe and not making vigorous efforts to challenge President Bush. This policy has empowered the extremely vicious attacks this administration has made against a 12-year-old cancer patient who called for health care coverage for children. Now, Bush has attacked Congress with some veracity as a "do-nothing" Congress. It is clear, this administration knows politics and is still capable of continuing the corrupt practices of the past six years.

While writing this column, I heard that Bin Laden is still sending videos across the Internet threatening our lives and our way of life. Our military activities have not made us safer and our economy does not appear to be answering the needs of the American people. Why haven't terrorist groups become less of a threat? Everyday we hear of possible threats to our country.

An economy that does not ensure health care delivery for all, adequate housing, and a decent living standard is an economy that serves the more privileged and needs reform.

In recent days, there was a ceremony inaugurating the memorial for the African slaves who suffered in colonial New York. Today, we still treat workers as commodities. We do not truly honor the enslaved Africans and others who suffered because their labor was their only resource they could give in order to survive. We must learn to use labor as a resource to be developed and protected and not used as a commodity.

To honor our veterans we must stop using military force as the first option.

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Geez John give it a break.

1. When did you write this 12 months ago? The effort our troops are making in Irag is great. You cannot tell me that Mr. Hussian did not need to be taken out of Power. Oh and we went to war with the same intelligence that the Clinton presidency had.

2.The Israeli-Palestinian issue is really never going to get any better. THe palestinian leadership does not want it to.

3. A covert CIA operative was identified by prominent administration figures

you have got to be kidding me.

4 Torture, Underwear on the head. Deprieved sleep. Extremes of heat and cold. This sounds like most of our homeless. Oh yes there is water boarding. Get the information, take out our enemies and get on with it.

5. Middle vs. Upper class, Maybe people are living beyond thier means. The last report on the poor shows that more then half of them have a car, two color tv's cable, microwaves and much more. A 25 year old saving 100.00 a month at 12% There are a lot of mutual funds over ten years at this rate) will have over a million dollars at 65. THis is the land of oppertunity get off your butt and grab some.

6. I am in Beaumont and New Orleans every week. Beaumont is doing great. Everyone that has worked hard to move on has. The New Orleans area is being built back up by the people who really want it. Fema now means Find Every Mexi___ Available. THis is the truth. I am a witness. It is a shame what happened in New Orleans and I find it deplorable that you would blame this on the current administration. This has been a democratic run state from top to bottom for the last 40 years. It is a courrupt/ illiterate (based on school ranking) ill run state that in the face of the storm the local goverment failed and blamed it on Bush. Heck you guys even claim that Chaney blew up the levy system. You do realize that in the panic all roads out of town were used with no thought of how to get rescue workers in.

7. Our immigration policy has always been humane ands served us very well. You present yourself, you sign in, you work hard and make that million dollars I mentioned earlier.

8. More Americans do not have health insurance coverage. More than when? Most of the people who the democrats are trying to give insurance to do not want it or can get it themselves. Start looking at the numbers with thought. Most 20-25 year olds do not think they need insurance. The last insurance bill wanted the goverment to insure kids up to 25 years old in families that made up to 80,000/yr even though they ALREADY had insurance.

9. Military,I agree

10. Civil Liberties, The times they are a changing. 1984 has come and gone. My mom has said George Bush should not spy on me, I said, MOM, are you that important that you think the government wants to listen to your phone calls.

Give me a break Paul

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