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Storms Cancel Rockaway Beach Volleyball League Action

By Joe McGivney

By Joe McGivney

The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League had a clear night to celebrate their beach party on July 3. The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League had a clear night to celebrate their beach party on July 3. Once again, the skies opened up and rain poured out which lead to a full cancellation of week six in the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League. The timing of the storm could not have been worse, striking the peninsula just as the parking lot was filled with anxious volleyball players.

After a sweltering week of humid nights, a night on the beach was just what the doctor ordered, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Noted meteorologist, Stevie Kearns, made his rainout prediction at 6:00 p.m. and sure enough, he was right on the money. All matches were canceled when the human foghorn, Bugsy, rang the league air horn at 6:45 p.m. to suspend action. It is always a difficult decision to cancel the beloved volleyball matches but safety must be the first priority. Good job, Bugsy.

After last night's torrential downpour, and subsequent game cancellations, league officials have decided to forgo upcoming position weeks in the Beach, Sun and Moon Divisions, and make up the missed matches. This will keep the schedules balanced for every team in those divisions. The schedules on the website at www. rbvl.com have been updated.

Rocky and Bugsy are members of the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League braintrust.Rocky and Bugsy are members of the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League braintrust. Tommy Kearns showed up a bit late in the middle of the heaviest rain, thunder and lightning. Could it have been because he heard that refs get half pay if they show up during a rainout? While Tommy was showing up, a man in a pink hat, pink shirt, pink running shorts and pink sneakers was prancing out of the parking lot.

The man's build was similar to Rocky, the same height as Rocky, the same weight as Rocky and looked like Rocky. Was it Rocky?

It could have been, as he set a league record by leaving the beach a nanosecond after the air horn sounded. The parking lot was filled with players hoping the storm would pass. Mary and Bobby Mac pulled alongside Cubby and Jimmy Mack and passed the time by sipping a few Coronas. When a large lightning bolt was followed by a loud thunderclap (not Newman) Cubby turned to his good buddy and said, "Hold me, Jim, I'm scared."

The Cheese Fries won the title of "Last at the Beach" and you couldn't argue with their logic,

"We still have beer in our cooler," the Cheese Fries said in unison. The Federation and the Beach Orphans won the award for "Last in the Parking Lot" and you couldn't argue with their logic as they said "We still have beer in our cooler."

You can't keep the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League down for long. The players headed directly over to the Lobster House and were treated to a terrific night on the water. The weather cleared which made the back deck the ideal spot to enjoy a few cool beverages.

Kenny and Jill did their usual "good" job with an unending feast featuring great cheeseburgers, sausage & peppers, baked ziti, beans and two items never before seen on the RBVL tour; turkey hotdogs and watermelon. The food came out early and was refilled often so there were no lines and no hungry revelers.

The entire staff was helpful and accommodating as the DJ along with the great music was a nice added touch. For the first time this summer, a flurry of dancing flared up and it was a pleasant sight. Don't hold back folks because there are only four weeks left.

Anyone who ate dinner at home while watching "Maude" reruns made a big mistake and is missing the point of the RBVL. You missed one of the best parties of the year at the Rockaway Lobster House. It's unfortunate more people didn't make it out. People might want to come by on Sunday between 6-10 p.m. to hear Alive 'N Kickin' which is always a good time.

Check out www.rockawaylobsterhouse.com for upcoming special events, menus and photos. And of course, check the RBVL website's at www. rbvl.com for stories and pictures of the league.

Another league record was set when Simon, Michael and MAF beat the refs to the bar and the chow. They were matched by the Bay House Babes (Muscles) Keith and Terrance, who looked liked two Miami retirees waiting for an early-bird special. Early arriving old vet Tommy D. was happy to see new vet, Michael from Suns of Beaches as he wondered where the lobster was. Michael was told it is on the menu if you come back another night with cash money! Tommy went wire-to-wire and was the last man standing at the end of the night with the last woman standing, Reenie. He's still got it.

Simon and Patty thoroughly enjoyed the baked beans and commented that there's nothing they enjoy more than beans and toast for breakfast. Beans and toast - it's not just for dinner anymore!

This past Wednesday's edition of the New York Daily News featured some of the hottest lifeguards on city beaches. Although two Rockaway folks were mentioned, there was a noticeable omission. Where was Janet Fash? How can you have a discussion of hot lifeguards without including Janet? Don't they know she is the captain of a team called the Bay House Babes?

Ou)r president, Patty, received an e-mail that she wanted to share with all of you, since everyone contributes to the spirit, which is discussed:

"Hi Rockaway Volleyball League, We are an Irish family who spent a wonderful vacation in Belle Harbour in 2006 as guests of the Bradleys. While there, they invited us to Riis Park one Wednesday evening to watch and enjoy the volleyball league," according to the email.

"We now relive that wonderful evening by logging onto your excellent website. The time and effort, enthusiasm and good humour of all involved really impressed us. But what really bowled us over was the overall organisation of the league, which ran like clockwork."

After all that praise, could I make one small request? "Our" team is Coppersmiths but we can never find any reference to them in your reports or in your pictures apart from the weekly standings. Would you be very nice to us and to all your other Dublin readers and say something about Coppersmiths in your next report, please? Sincere thanks in anticipation.

With kind regards from Ireland, The Kealy Family

The RBVL are happy to oblige and thanks for your kind words. This might be a good time to remind Coppersmiths and anyone else who doesn't get enough press that the articles are written at the post-game parties each Wednesday night with your input.

If you don't come to the parties or don't visit our roving reporter, it is hard for us to write anything about your team. So stop on by.

Rocky's recent trashing of Cubby and Bobby Fash's drinking ability visibly upset them Wednesday night. Bobby advises that his attorney will take appropriate measures toward "The Slanderer" soon.

What local barber has had to suspend the addition on his home since George and Dancer have purchased buzzers to do their own hair stylings? Billy and Greg and the whole Transplant gang showed up in force as usual and were their usual generous selves in buying drinks and spreading sunshine. They set up camp on the back railing, which is prime real estate on the deck.

Is it true that the squatting pole out on the bay is used when the Ladies Room gets backed up? Is it Cozy or Coozie? That was the question that the General (aka Steve) posed to many a member. You decide. Mary W. would like to thank the person who donated two beautiful chairs to add to her beautiful red wagon with the 13 inch tires.

Has Last Call's Beer Boy been replaced? Karl showed up with a fully loaded bar, blender and personalized umbrellas for everyone. When will Greg replace Kirstie Alley as Jennie Craig's spokesperson? Frankie the Sandwich needs to lose the cell phone while on the sand; the Summer Classic will survive without you for a night.

Who puts a kitchen in their basement? Note to the Wednesday Night Tennis Player: VB absences are only excused with an original death certificate. All our best goes to John G. and his mates on the USS Eisenhower.

Many division races remain tight in the last four scheduled Wednesday night battles this season. In the Moon Division, key battles loom between A Night Out, McMahon's Irish Pub, Team Margarita and Last Call, who are the top four teams in the group.

The Sun Division sports the Blarney Castle, the Wave and Jameson's Transplants vying for the top spot while the Wharf Rats, Sand Spikers and the Beach House do the same in the Boardwalk. Speaking of rats, Healy's Ratpack cannot avoid their big Beach Division showdown with the second place Bay House Babes; it has been rescheduled for this week. Rats vs. Babes? You've got to root for Babes, no? Can you believe that John Sica is going to miss next week's family feud with the Flip-Cup All-Stars because of work? I thought he was retired. And on his 50th birthday, no less!

Next week, the party will be hosted by Pier 92, our second consecutive outdoor sponsor. Make sure you stop by and spend some time at the back deck. See you on the beach!

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