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Rockaway Volleyball Celebrates Beach Party Extravaganza

By John Sica

By John Sica

Joe, Eileen and Steve (left to right) tell their stories to reporter John Sica (with laptop computer).Joe, Eileen and Steve (left to right) tell their stories to reporter John Sica (with laptop computer). Incredible! If anyone wants to know the significance of the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League, just come to beach party night which was held on July 3.

It is a night under the moon and stars with your 600 closest neighbors. There is no single organization or event that brings out the community like the RBVL does for 12 summer nights each year.

Despite gusty winds, the masses were huddled, listening to music and talking to neighbors under an almost full moon. It was people enjoying the Rockaway life to the fullest and an event that brings out the best of Gateway, using the National Park to its fullest.

Ryan D. did a great job spinning the tunes all night and Jimmy Mack brightened things up - no, not with his smile - with his lights! Thanks, Jim. Food was still being shared around midnight, just as it had been shared all night by one thoughtful team after the other.

Mary Whelan's wraps were commended by many a reveler; maybe she should cater the league dinner. You know it's a long and good night when the stories include flaming leaps off of the Marine Parkway Bridge and including quotes from our own resident Irish existential philosopher TBG. "Fail better!!," exclaimed TBG.

DJ Ryan D. plays the music for the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League party at Riis Park.DJ Ryan D. plays the music for the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League party at Riis Park. We can't go on to the stories for this week before recapping one game from June 27.

In the middle of the looming lightning storm, Mick Castellano served up a perfect game. That's right, Micj hit all 21 serves and his Team Margarita won each and every point. We've had a lot of close calls in years past but this seems to be the only perfecto that anyone can remember. Good for you, Mick!

CB heard it was a late night party, so he wore his nightgown. It didn't help as Casino Towing lost four games. Sullivan and Galleshaw played Freedhand's on the "court" and after a lengthy summation, Freedhand's won 3-2. It was a moral victory for S&G, but as we know the courts don't care about morals.

The children of the Rockaway Beach Volleyball LeagueThe children of the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League At least Freedhand's knocked the reigning champs from first as the ever-improving Fillmore slid into first place. Like the Yankees, the yearly dominance that Sullivan and Galleshaw usually displayed seems to be slipping.

In an unconfirmed report, one of Freedhand's spouses was seen wearing an F U shirt at the game. The best matches in the Wave division are always between Jameson's and the Ozone Layers. In every game, one team either wins by 21-19 or the game extends into overtime.

For years, the team that makes up the Ozone Layers would find a way to beat Jameson's. But since last year's semi-finals, Jameson's has had the Ozone Layers' number. This week it was Jameson's who were victorious by the score of 3-2..

The Volley Warriors have shown vast improvement over the summer. Their serves are getting in at a higher percentage than the gross national income. Their volleys are getting so long that they are getting bored. Paul would like to give kudos to Terrance for his team play. Heather was strong on her serves, and Alana was hitting the ball over with consistency. Patrick and Paul played strong games.

McMahon's Irish Pub players (left to right) Marie McGovern, Danielle Donlon and team captain Bobby McGinn get ready to hit the serve from the opposition.McMahon's Irish Pub players (left to right) Marie McGovern, Danielle Donlon and team captain Bobby McGinn get ready to hit the serve from the opposition. Kerry Hills unfortunately lost 4-1 to Sands Point PT, yet all the games were tight. The strong wind was a factor, but obviously Sands Point was able to cope with the sand in their face. Donna was wearing a hood and sunglasses that made her look like a certain imposter fireman in the news lately according to her brother in law, Jimmy. Peggy was recovering from Achilles surgery and watched from her rolling beach chair, which looked a wheelchair on the boardwalk.

John Brennan had killer serves, and their secret weapon, Carol Farrell was inserted at the end for insurance. Too bad the policy expired!

At least Sands Point didn't lose all together. Every week they get new customers from the league, as players are dropping like Piping Plovers. Cody must have been eating her Wheaties all week, because it paid off with her strong serves and great all around play. Mike Stone is still MIA. One theory is that he is still in Beaches Resort or at Disney with Mickey. Deirdre and Joe had to leave early, and that was when the Hills finally won. Makes you wonder, huh? Timmy made some great plays as it was surprising for some who knew that he barely made the team after tryouts were held. Kerry Hills will start their warm up games at Riis at 5:30 p.m. since they do their best in the last two games.

Eileen of the Beach House was sorry that there was no volleyball this week. The substitute was wind ball. Maybe it was fitting that it was right after the weekend of the kite festival.

Perhaps the ball should have had strings attached.

Eileen supplied the best homemade brownies but unfortunately Steve Gifford, Joe McGivney and John Sica ate them all. Beach House won all five against One Win Away but was impressed with their opponent. One Win played two full games with all women and played better than the men. Perhaps the team should be called "One Man, Go Away."

Connolly's won 4-1 over Aviator and found out what a Rich Maloney is. Their big ringer stud from Breezy finally showed up but he couldn't even lift a beer because his drinking shoulder is injured. Steve had to hold his beer and feed Rich like a baby. These are the things you do when you're the captain. Too bad next year when Rich is better, Steve will be in the first division. Steve who?

Connolly's is finally jellin. Look out Beach Division. Connolly's wants sweatshirts that fit this year. They won four games, but they also got six - a six-foot American and Italian hero- that fed the masses! Only twenty-three more weeks before the Kevin and Kathy's wedding. Seating is limited, so act now.

The entire Team Federation was present, even Danny who left work to play (Who was left running the store?). Was it Christine's song to the Dancing Queen or was it Danielle's necklace that led to Team playing of their best games? The Bay House Babes put up a great fight but Club Fed kept it together by playing as a team, calling the ball and won 3-2.

Captain Tom is finally happy and told Mary she might finally get that sweatshirt! When Tom is happy, the other Mary is happy too. Thanks goes to the cheering section of Thomas, Brian, Patrick, Nicholas and his brother.

Team Federation was the last team to leave the actual beach, staying on the sand through mighty gale winds. Bobby Mac led the way with illumination from his lanterns. In fact, he was caught sending out Morse code to Cubby and Jimmy Mack in search of reserve brews. Jimmy, those wagon wheels of yours are tiny, especially when compared to Mary's big ones!

The Irish Circle Transplants again failed to win more than two games against a determined Harbor Light team. Unfortunately, Kevin Coursey should stick to table tennis, aka ping pong, due to his failure to spike the ball over the net twice, which caused both teams to laugh at his muscular body.

The Blarney Castle continued to dominate the division beating the Pier 92 Piranha's 4-1. However the Piranha's have still maintained the title of the most fun team, taking their defeat in stride and playing with heart. The match was closer than the score, and the Piranha's left with smiles, which is what it's all about.

This article has to end now because this reporter's hand is hurt because of Paige's hard high five that caused a debilitating injury. Her handstands and flips on the beach must have bulked her up. Ouch.

Next week, the party will be hosted by a new sponsor, the Lobster House. Make sure you stop by and spend some time at the back deck on the water. See you on the beach!

Editor's Note - Some of the overall totals for the standings for the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League is inaccurate due to the postponement of games on June 27.

The correct records will be readjusted after the eleventh week of the season.

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