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'Dune Lover' Responds

To Dune Attacks

Dear Editor,

I have ignored the Agoglia dune attacks for years, but the last attack was too vitriolic and full of half-truths, if not actual lies.

To begin with, the individuals, who originally supported the dunes, have each lived oceanfront for more than thirty years, and unlike yourself, know what a "real hurricane" or a "real Nor'Easter" is.

The last, so-called "worst storm" in twenty years was small, in terms of gusty wind and was mostly a lot of rain, and nothing comparable to the storm that hit our area in 1995.

You have claimed that everything lives in the dunes, excluding dragons.

The dunes do not drink beer, break bottles, or litter garbage everywhere.

The reason there is more sand on Beach 145 Street is due to the stone jetty, which was placed due to a powerful politician who lived in Neponsit, who one morning after a storm, found his garden and living room under six to eight feet of water along with his house being cracked. You can still see the cement line from the repairs. The jetty collects the sand, which flows to the west. If you go to the casino at the end of Breezy Point, you will see hundreds of yards of sand, which were washing from our beaches during the years secondary to the old wooden jetties that have decayed.

The dune fencing would still be intact, if people had not destroyed it, in their hopes of washing away the dunes. The dunes would be prettier if someone had not used weed killer on the Beach 141 Street dunes.

The Parks Department originally wanted to dune all of Rockaway, but for some reason did not, and for some reason reneged on the agreement to maintain the dunes, post signs and keep people off the dunes, and to publicize the need for the dunes.

Your statement of fact, as per the lawsuits, is a specious argument. In New York, the courts let anything be heard, including the mugger who attacked the old man in the subway and sued for being shot by a police officer. As well as the story of a man making Molotov cocktails, who was severely burned and tried to sue the gasoline company; or what about the story of the man who feel through the sunroof of the house he was trying to burglarize and sued the homeowners for the injuries he sustained.

Truth be told that you sued the city because of the drop in value of your house and property, due to the dunes, but you moved in after the dunes were built. Properties in Belle Harbor have not shown a crash in sales or decrease in value, even though other area real estate has.

Your energies and zealousness should be utilized in building up our community, and not dividing it. You should campaign for the replenishment of the beach and jetties, as The Army Corps of Engineers are doing in Seagate, which is a totally private beach.

Your efforts could also be directed to fight for the improvement of education, and to build up after-school programs in our area, as well as improve our transportation, shopping, and re-opening of the Rockaway Freeway, which would all be beneficial to our community; not your unfounded, unproductive spin of the "dune" situation.

I have been living here for over 40 years, and have spent at least 27 years on the beach. I like the sand and the ocean, but I prefer them on the beach, where they belong, not on the streets or in our gardens, which, prior to the dunes, were buried and covered in sand.

Also, Mr. Agoglia, let me educate you that there are definite surgical causes of "crush injuries," which you are not familiar with, as an ex-assistant principal, but jumping off a dune or getting stuck with something are not considered among them.

So please, do not tell us dune lovers to move. Again, you moved after the dunes were built, and if you do not like the dunes, then all I can say is for you to move. I am also sure that if you do leave, you will make a profit off the sale of your home.

HOWARD COOPER, M.D., F.A.C.S., Dune lover

Stop Beating Up On Israel

Dear Editor,

In the United Kingdom, the Holocaust was removed from the school curriculum because it "offended" the Islamic population, which claims it never occurred. Just about the same time, the British academicians introduced a boycott against their Israeli counterparts. I suppose it was another way to placate the Muslims living in Britain. Did the British expect immunity from terror as a payoff? How naive can they get?

Instead of cooperating with Israel in combating the common scourge of terrorism, the British anti-Semites are playing into the hands of those who are trying to kill the Israelis. Did the British forget their master appeaser Neville Chamberlain, and the fact that capitulation to the enemy will not produce peace? What the enemy will do is make more outlandish demands as a consequence.

Remember Spain turning chicken after a deadly attack by terrorists that left a score of their citizens dead and maimed? Did capitulating to the terrorists terminate any more terrorist attacks? Of course it did not!

It would be prudent to realize who is your friend and who is your enemy, and not to forget that just as Hitler wanted to enslave you, this enemy wants you dead.

So stop beating up on Israel and start facing the facts.


NYPD Should

Share The Information

Dear Editor,

The police can't arrest many people to whom they issued warrants after they spent hours (and many taxpayer dollars) investigating their crimes simply because they can't find current addresses for the criminals, so the warrants just sit on the books, and the criminals stay free.

There is a way that will not cost NYC one cent, which can help the police locate many people that have outstanding warrants: Simply give NYC businesses, and others, access to NYC's data bases of criminal background information so we can find out about prospective employees and other people we are interested in.

If this information was free and easily available New Yorkers would use it.

When the name of a person for whom information was requested matched the name of a person with an outstanding warrant(s), it would show the person was still in NYC and the police would get current information they need to close old cases, and remove criminals from our streets.

Unfortunately, only very few people (even people on Council members' staffs) know a data base of criminals with outstanding warrants exists. And many who know about it don't use it because its information is only available from the NYS Criminal History Record Search (CHRS) agency and they charge $59 for the information - information that was created at NYC taxpayers' expense by NYC employees - and given to CHRS for FREE. Something is very wrong about this!

I hope you will bring this situation to the attention of the public and urge the members of the NYC Council to remedy this situation. They can and should pass a law making information created by people on NYC payrolls about outstanding warrant and criminals available to New Yorkers for free.

NYC residents would be saved from hiring or associating with criminals. Best of all, criminals will soon realize that NYC is not a prime place in which to "work". NYC will have fewer criminals and less future crime.

You can prove my claims about outstanding warrants if you use your paper's abilities and contacts to see the list of outstanding warrants. You will be shocked to see how many are on the books and how long ago many of them were written.


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