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Fillmore Spanks Defending RBVL Champs Freedhand's

By Rocky

By Rocky

The Pier 92 Piranha's pose in their blue uniforms. 
The Pier 92 Piranha's pose in their blue uniforms. Something very unusual happened in week two, which was perfect weather. I thought I fell asleep and woke up in Southern California. This week, the league would like to welcome some special athletes from St. Camillus Special Olympics. They will be setting up a net and playing alongside us. They want to be known as the Volley Warriors. Feel free to stop by and cheer them on.

The Ocean Division saw three tense and close matches (which all resulted in 3-2 scores) with Fillmore, Mark's Maintenance and Casino Towing coming out on top. The biggest upset saw Fillmore defeat the defending champs, Freedhand's, by winning the deciding game in overtime.

The team formally known as Abbracciamento's took the young Turks from the Sugar Bowl, by using every trick in the book of age and experience, to overcome speed and youth. In the end though - size matters.

Sullivan and Galleshaw just fell short in their match, maybe because Tommy D. turned 40 on Wednesday. He kept this passing a secret but it is not a secret that he has been signed to star in the sequel to the "40 Year Old Virgin." Note to Bobby: You ain't be jellin' if you be yellin'.

In 2006, the Rat Pack had 10 wins in the first two weeks and in 2007 they have 10 wins again. The difference is that they actually played the games (instead of forfeits) to get the wins! Kudos to Vicky's setting and tip-overs, as her two years playing high school volleyball have paid off! Although the foam green does not accent Dennis's red hair as much as the yellow did, it does not take away from his diving, flying, fist saves.

Another new addition, our mascot Patryk, has earned his spot on the team. Watch out for a Rat Pack Rally, on their way to what is starting out as a good season. The Rats would like to thank those responsible for the prime "net" real estate last night. It was a pleasure not having to hike down to play in Breezy!

Simon Says Sea Bar took five straight - losses. Oh well, you can't win them all. The Flip Cup All Stars beat the Mighty Boosh 4-1. Who needs Tricia? They have Tyrone and they have their sights on the Ozone Layers. Pier 92 Piranhas just broke their own record from last year. They won three games, which is one more than they won all of last year. The Harbor Light is not happy. It's kind of like giving up Roger Maris's 61 ST home run. Yet again, the Piranhas have creatively personalized their jerseys. They are the Andy Warhol's of the league.

The Beach House took four wins from whomever they played (Eileen couldn't remember). Bob Fash was not there, due to real estate courses he has been taking. Without Janet and Bob, the Beach House has lost only one game all year. Any comparison to Ethel and Julius Rosenberg is merely speculative. The New Irish Circle would like to welcome Debbie back after her maternity leave. She is better than ever. They won either two or three (see standings).

Apparently the Bay House Babes left booby traps on their side of the court. Jason welcomes the new "Muscles" of Larry and Phil. Now it's Babes and Muscles! Steve G. as always is a large pain. If the rest of the team showed up at the parties, it would certainly add to team morale.

Sands Point Physical Therapy lost to Blarney Castle, four games to one, another case of youth over experience. Sands Point is waiting for your pulled muscles. Jimmy and Peggy are off to Hawaii. What does Hawaii have that Riis Park doesn't? Welcome back, Jake. He is now 18. EZ Knights had a great turnout on the beach but most went to an AARP meeting instead of going to the Kerry Hills for some great food and cocktails. Jack Weber is not only getting old, but now he is acting old.

The Senior Living Sharks put the bite on last year's division champs, Connolly's, due to the fact that Jack (the sissy Mead) quit the team. Steve showed up late due to T-Ball finals… priorities. Dennis Clark, be on notice-you live on Beach 127, you play for Connolly's. Be advised the Cookie Runs are Thursday at Beach 94 at 7 PM. There are 26 weeks to go. Did you get your invitation to the limited wedding?

Jimmy, the youngest Shark, reminded the team of how they used to play with some good overall play. The team came back for some soft food and hard liquor. Thanks to Carmel for the great and ample food at the Kerry Hills. It is always abundant, home cooked and terrific. It's like going to grandmas for dinner. When Cubby and Jimmy Mack walked in at midnight they were astounded that there was still food. The Kerry Hills not only put out a terrific spread but also had food all night long. Carmel has raised the bar very high for the other sponsors. The Kerry Hills won two out of five games against the over-confident Wave/Kings Pharmacy. Katherine met a new man tonight but unfortunately he is not of age for the bar. Rob you are warned - no gym before the game. Mike Stone was not there due to an important date. How old is she? Is it true she TiVo's the cartoon network? To the rest of the Kerry Hills team - learn to keep the ball in bounds. See ya- - F.

It's All Good when you're on center stage! After being in the boon docks and feeding the plovers- -we are back. Was it Baby Love that inspired Cement Shoes and TBG to pick up their game? Paris had a furlough -15 points for her. Will she be back next week? And, as far as Baby Love goes, where does that put Kim, Mary and Marybeth? Seal, how was medal day? The Postmaster General is on the lookout for TBG, no deliveries due to four games of awesome MVP play. Was that Mr. Happy checking out your game?

Oh where oh where were the co-captain and Blondie? Luckily Last Call's captain came out to help the team win four games. Greg Costanza needs to keep his flapping towel in the right spot. Just ask your girlfriends and we will help you out. If J and J don't show up next week, the backhoe and team will show up at your house for a luxurious swim - beware! Gabriella, where are you? Rumor has it she was out scouting for Sunday's trash to treasure. Costanza thinks O'Byrne should enroll in coordination classes at the gym.

Spotlight: Every once in awhile we like to focus on people involved with the league who bring something different or interesting to the table. This week we interviewed Tony Redunzo, sponsor, owner and chef de cuisine of Redunzo's round pizza. Hey Tony, how come you only have round pizza and no squares? That's the way I bought the place.

It only came with round and rectangular pans so we couldn't make square. Plus, it was too confusing. Tony is originally from Red Hook, Brooklyn and had some reputation with the ladies.

"That's right, I was known as the Make Out Man of Red Hook. In fact I wa never on a date I didn't make out on." Wow! That's hard to believe. "One girl didn't want to make out but I loosened her up with a couple of fancy cocktails. Yeah, they were one-ounce bottles of Southern Comfort."

How did you come to live in Rockaway? "I was on the lamb from Ten Ton Tony Jaboni's daughter who wanted me to marry to her.

"So I had to hide from her and change my name from Anthony Redunzo to Tony Redunzo. I disappeared to Rockaway."

Aren't you worried he will read this in the Wave? "No, the Wave is a Queens paper and he lives in Brooklyn."

I don't know Tony Redunzo well, but I would guess he is not a threat to win final jeopardy.

Please bring the nets up after the games, as soon as possible. We can't leave until the last net and shovel are put away (And we like to go to the parties, too).

See you on the beach!

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