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Rockaway Beach Volleyball Holds Largest Opening Night

By John Sica

By John Sica

This is the typical gathering of Rockaway Beach Volleyball League men, women and children who gather every Wednesday night at Riis Park.This is the typical gathering of Rockaway Beach Volleyball League men, women and children who gather every Wednesday night at Riis Park. The 2007 Rockaway Beach Volleyball League season got underway on Wednesday night under near perfect conditions. The sun was shining, the full moon was on the horizon but alas, the ocean winds were a-blowing.

It was the biggest start ever in the history of the league as 50 teams set up 25 nets in defiance, in respect of the ever-increasing piping plover habitat. There were teams moving up a division, teams moving down, and new teams joining the greatest social event of the Rockaway summer.

The Wave Division saw the perennial champs Killer Hills/Flip Cup All Stars lose the first two games to a much improving Mighty Boosh. Sure the All Stars missed the suddenly responsible Trish Sica, but when all-around player Brian left after going down 0-2, things looked bleak.

The All-Stars battled back with only one of the three Sica's to take the match 3-2. Kenny, the two Mike's and Katy played great in the comeback.

Two teams face each other in the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League championship last August.Two teams face each other in the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League championship last August. Meanwhile Jameson's started where they left off last year, beating the Bay House Bashers/ Ozone Layers 4-1. TC was happy to point out that the only game they lost was the first game last year, when he showed up late. The Ozone Layers had won game one and achieved game point in games 2 and 3 but couldn't put it out. The "Piping Plover Serve" of Jay Butler was too much for the Layers to handle.

Steve (Mr. Happy) was able to match his hat to his new pastel colored shirt but he could not give the equivalent of a win to Connolly's. New Irish Circle beat them 3-2.

Not only could he not win a match, but Steve couldn't get a burger to match the stain on his shirt. His teammates had the right idea, since none of them showed up and went home to cook their own burgers, except for Steve, Tommy and early to bed Sean.

The team is thinking of paying TJ to take Jack back and practice is mandatory on Sunday at Beach 127 Street on the beach and not in the house. Make a note, there will be a Beach Party on July 14.

The early feedback about the new referees was positive and the same could be said about this year's three important rules:

1. ALL net violations must be called.

No exceptions.

2. NO underhand lift or reverse underhand throws are allowed. The only exception is on a hard-driven ball.

3. NO reaching over the net to interfere with a ball unless your opponent is directing the ball to your side of the court.

Suns of Beaches were facing rules violations, as it was disclosed that Kevin was tampering with the A Night Out team by trying to recruit Cathy. That was until the league officials determined it was for matrimony, not volleyball. Who needs e-harmony.com when you have a full moon on the beach and the RBVL? The Bay House Babes had a fun and successful debut against It's All Good Tees. They earned their name by playing four women, two men and winning three games. Jason, who was not happy in wearing the Babes jersey before the match, was more than happy when they won. Janet Fash and Bugsy were wearing competing "Fashion" statements with their matching green attire. Patty loved her green beans and salad at Jamesons. Too bad she's not a vegetarian!

Pier 92 took three games from Sands Point. The games were close and the match was decided in overtime in the fifth game when Pier 92 prevailed, 23-21. Sands Point is happy that their sponsor is taking care of their financial needs, but now they have medical needs after Peggy pulled a hammy.

Peggy should be playing for the Yankees because she pulled a hamstring just before the first game opening a Bud Light for her husband Jimmy. Peggy, just like the Yankees' Carl Pavano, is out for the season. Kaitlyn Touhey's youth served the team well on both offense and defense.

Note to future sponsors: It is nice to get back over 100 people spending money, but they are expecting the sponsor to provide food for the league.

Aviator, a new team but not strangers to the league, got off to a slow start but saw positive signs as their serves and spikes were an indication of good things to come.

Greg Janvier is going to be one of the division's best servers. The girls on the team notice his serving muscles. The San Diego Spiker was also noticed as he slammed and spanked the ball down. Harvey was everywhere he needed to be, except for at home, since they lost all five. But he did play great. The girls are hot, despite the ocean breeze. They expect to be on fire in weeks to come. Aviator's coach, Maura, should be recognized for bringing together such a collection of talent, despite…..

Jameson's Transplants have been Rockaway residents so long that Brooklyn was ejected from their name. However, Brooklyn can never be ejected from their blood.

The borough of Kings has a team of Crown Heights lawyers fighting to reinsert the Brooklyn name (See the Brooklyn Dodgers restaurant case). The Irish Circle Transplants are following suit. Say it ain't so! Strong play by Greg and Dee Dee lifted Jameson's Transplant over Kerry Hills 4-1.

The addition of Sue was a breath of fresh air with her strong serves and solid returns. Mikey is still out with reconstructive surgery due to last season's heroics and will hopefully be back at the end of the year. For now, he is relegated to beer duty and the care of baby Ava, another Brooklyn Transplant.

The Irish Circle Transplants stacked their team with the addition of Jerome and his lovely bride. They took three wins from the Blarney Castle. However they violated the Brooklyn-Three- Reska rule, in which three Reska's cannot be on the same athletic field at the same time. That is not due to athletic ability, but due to family squabbling. Happy Birthday to Elaine on the big four- oh!

Being a writer for the league has just gotten a new "perk" as the girls have gone wild and are showing off their boobs over being in the Wave. There was a line of teams waiting to tell their story so the girls from Robin Shapiro Island and Boarders did their best to get the writers attention. It was the age-old question, does size or direction matter? Just kidding. (About direction, everything was looking up to this reporter.)

Boarders Surf Shop showed great improvement over last year, winning two games. They were down 15-9 in one game and came back to win. The Odd Couples won three despite their lack of perkiness. Joan Lindemann and Robyn Stathis survived the match when they were crushed repeatedly by fellow teammate James Murray. Robyn's ankle will be looked at in the morning after being examined by this reporter at the bar. Couldn't James have landed a little higher?

Meanwhile, Robin Shapiro Island, with their big jugs of beer, won four out of five over EZ Knights.

It wasn't until Heidi's "double" upper header, that the team took control. Good thing her husband was working the night shift. The ever-shrinking Matty helped the Island with his dives in the sand. He doesn't need sun block for his lips. Matty needs sand block.

Redheaded John Ron Rue was serving in mid season form despite the wind, racking up points with his illegal volleyball. Donna has sealed her fate; she will never get engaged due to the breaking and swelling of her ring finger….

Last Call is asking if their captain decamped to Lake Pennekaka so early in the season. Frankie D has now officially been named Scarlet Pimpernel. He's here. He's there. He's everywhere. All they ask is please stay off Surfer Girls part of the court. Big Brown and Big Dan are back in a Big Way.

Last Call is happy that on the court Gabrielle Reese is hot, but off the court she's their Pep Squad.

Their beer supplier is thinking of sponsoring the team next year. "Greg's Gang" will have to be the new name.

MacGyver supervised taking the net up and down. The team couldn't have done it without him. His blond bombshell watched from the sidelines saying, "Oh, he's so cute!"

Digger and Spike showed off their new form - they've been toning up all winter.

Last Call does have a lot of fun.

The turnout at Jameson's was incredible but unfortunately many left hungry. However, they were not thirsty and still very happy.

As always, if you have any questions during the week please call Patty Moule at 917-566-2809 (Be sure to call between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m.). Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com. You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.

See you on the beach!

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