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Don't Air Dirty Laundry

Dear Editor,

As a Postal employee for over 35 years, I find it very unprofessional that the postal workers of the Rockaways would be airing their dirty laundry through this newspaper or any other tabloid.


Sand Dunes

Protected Streets

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, April 14, I watched with amusement while Parks Department trucks scurried to drop "dirty" sand on the beach. The local Parks manager told me DEP wouldn't allow sand that's gone onto the street to be put back on the beach- but who was going to know?

This was after I watched bulldozers flatten the beach all winter. On Monday morning the ocean not only reached the boardwalk along Shore Front Parkway, but also towards Beach 116 Street.

But it just wouldn't wash over the few sand dunes we have. I hope Parks can resume their "grooming" of the beach before the next serious storm, and finish the job by getting rid of those annoying sand dunes too.


From Our Online Blog

The following comment was placed on The Wave's online blog this week.

The post office at Beach Channel Drive near Waldbaum's is a disgrace and has been for years and years. I have traveled all over the country and have never seen such a dirty, slow, inefficient operation in my life.

There is no excuse, considering all of the postage increases over the past decade.

Business people don't have time to stand on line for a minimum of 30 minutes just to get something done. With all the growing in Rockaway, this is a nightmare. Not to mention getting other people's mail in my mailbox more than a few times when our regular carrier, Mickey, who was wonderful, was out sick or on vacation.

It is not the regular carriers who are the problem, it is the management and lack of trained staff and substitute carriers and clerks.



Remembers Traffic Circle

Dear Editor,

In the March 30 issue, you mentioned one traffic circle in Rockaway Park, and the other one, which you said was eliminated when they built 878, was located where Empire Avenue met Doughty Boulevard, at the border of Far Rockaway and Lawrence.

However, I remember another traffic circle in the Rockaways. When I used to take the Green Bus to Brooklyn College, I could change at Riis Park, and there was a large traffic circle there, with a bus stop on one side. I believe this one was eliminated when they built the new approach to the Marine Park Bridge.


Kudos To Peninsula Hospital

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Bob O'Levine, Mrs. McMiele and Ms. Princivil- and all the aides and staff at Peninsula Hospital Center and Peninsula Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation- for all the wonderful work they do for their patients and residents.


New Funeral Home Is

An 'Asset' To Arverne

Dear Editor,

I want to inform you of the great services that I've received from the funeral home "Family Funeral Service" that recently opened on Gouveneur Avenue in Arverne. The Funeral Director and Owner, Ronald Prioleau, provided service that was extremely professional, caring and sensitive to the needs of my family. This funeral home is a great asset to our community. I thank Family Funeral Service for a job well done.


Work Something Out

In Broad Channel

Dear Editor,

This letter is written in response to "Rise up Broad Channel." I, too, want my community to rise up. I want the members of this community to rise above the petty allegations that are being so blatantly thrown about in reference to the American Legion Post and its members. Both the Athletic Club and the Legion are integral to Broad Channel.

The "facts" cited by Billy Gill in his tirade are not remembered in the same way by everyone, yet he would have you believe that they are gospel truth. I was involved with the board representing the leaseholders of this community at the time the land sales were being negotiated with the City of New York and have a different recollection of events.

Broad Channel has changed dramatically in the past thirty years. We have gone from a united community fighting the city for the right to buy the land under our homes, businesses and organizations, to a community that consistently tries to better conditions for its residents.

We have overcome many obstacles that are common when dealing with the bureaucracy that is government. In such a massive undertaking of property division, deciding ownership, sorting applications and issuing leases, there is always the chance of something being overlooked, lost or mishandled. It's my belief that the veterans who make up the American Legion feel that the department handling the land sales made an error in not allowing them the option of purchasing properties that were adjacent to their building when they became available. (These lots were originally leased by St. Virgilius Church and have historically been used for parking purposes) In order to address this situation, the American Legion brought suit against the City of New York, and because of the way our laws are written, that necessitated the inclusion of those persons who were given the option to purchase property that was legally applied for by the Legion (the BCAC). There is no basis to the accusations spewed out in Billy Gill's letter.

It is a shame that things cannot be worked out amicably for whatever reasons. I feel that civil intervention is the only viable option and I am sure that the residents of our community realize that there is more to this issue than the very vocal Legion- bashers are making known. It is my hope that a united Broad Channel will continue to support both of these organizations in all of their worthy endeavors, and leave the legal issues in the hands of the judge.


Watch What Comes

Out Of Your Mouth

Dear Editor,

I read last weeks issue and was stuck on the Editor's Desk page. It is a shame that we in the media are unable to be more forthright and open minded when we address the issue of hurtful words. Words can indeed hurt. Two Black men were discussing Imus' comments on MSNBC, one was totally unable to see the damage. The other eventually called him a handkerchief head, shuffling, Negro. He of course became quite irate and hurt. Many words, spoken innocently, as those spoken eighteen years ago, by Rev. Jesse Jackson, about Jews in New York, turned out to be not only un-funny, but highly anti-Semitic. In your article 'IF IMUS HAD TO GO, SO SHOULD RUSSELL SIMMONS", misses the mark by a mile. If Imus is wrong then action should be taken independently of any other personality. Russell Simmons, is not advocating harsh negative words in Hip Hop Music, he is in the forefront of changing the industry. And it indeed needs changing! Every word that comes out of the mouth of our neighbors, and public personalities reflects a lesson to be learned. There is no greater endeavor than school. As a former student in the schools of Rockaway Beach, I can tell you that success depends largely on absorbing what you are taught, but even more your personal success comes from believing in yourself.

Don't let life, people, or hardships keep you down. KEEP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

We had Rockaways Playland, and each day on the weekend, my friends and I, would go to Playland. Many rode on the roller coaster, some on the Ferris Wheel, but I enjoyed the Carousel. I looked forward to trying to catch that BRASS RING. I always believed I could. The Brass Ring meant so much to me. Around and around we would go, and others were likewise trying for the Brass Ring. Many were able to pull a silver ring, but the Brass Ring would earn you a FREE RIDE! There were many silver rings, but only one Brass ring per ride. NOW THAT PRIZE MAY NOT SEEM LIKE A LOT TO YOU, BUT TO ME AND MY FRIENDS, IT WAS EVERYTHING. We could compete, we could challenge, we had a sense of accomplishment. SOMEHOW I BELIEVED THAT I WAS GOING TO WIN!

My worldly possessions are less important than the quality and respect of my name.

Your Name, Your Family name, is a treasure, that should be respected, and honored. When your name is mentioned, it should be with the utmost respect, not because you demand it, but because of your carriage, you earn it. A name is the expression of the essential character of its bearer. In the Hispanic family, the names are held onto from the extended family through generations, so that the important connection to family can be maintained. In the Jewish faith, names such as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, were changed from Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, in order that it would effect a change in their moral fiber. To effect a change in their very nature. The African tribal custom of naming, adds to the historical importance, value and culture of its people. We even have to be careful of what we call our children. Even nicknames should have a relevance to a positive image. It expresses the essential nature of its bearer, it reveals his character. No one would name their child Hitler, Snake, or Satan.

Our boys and young women stand around in the hood addressing each other as Ni…Ni… I can't even bring myself to write the word, but we call it the "N" Word. This name or word is so derogatory, that it should be struck from the English language. A name should represent character, strength, and esteem. This word, that our young people use has absolutely no redeeming values. It is an insignificant word.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Everything to be addressed with respect, and held in esteem, is worth more than silver and gold. To carry on the good name you received from your parents is more significant than family jewels. Don't allow anyone to demean or undermine who you are and who you represent by calling you by the "N" Word. And respect others by not calling them names other than those names they wish to be called. GIVE RESPECT AND YOU'LL RECEIVE RESPECT, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Let your name speak for you. Let the words from your mouth, be respected.

The tongue can be your worse enemy!

Watch your thoughts, they become words,

Watch your words they become actions,

Watch your actions, they become habits,

Watch your Habits, they become character,

Watch your Character, for it becomes your destiny.


Belle Harbor Dunes

Mislead Again

Dear Editor,

Fact: The entire New York Eastern seaboard suffered one of the worst storms in decades two weeks ago.

Fact: The results of the storm did not effect the entire seven miles of Rockaway Beach; the streets, the homes and the boardwalks all remained in perfect condition. In addition the Parks Department of NYC confirmed the entire seven miles of our beaches are all in great condition for the upcoming summer.

Fact: The only area to suffer damage was that of Beach 138 Street thru Beach 142 Street, where all the dunes exist. The severe wind has turned the dunes into an unprotected nightmare. We now have on record from last year a reported accident in which a young boy nearly lost his foot and suffered approximately 75 stitches due to overgrown sandpiles known as dunes.

Fact: NYC Parks and Recreation was warned of this problem and now must contend with a lawsuit. In addition, Parks and Recreation should get ready for more lawsuits to follow, never mind the more important issue of beachgoers suffering severe injury.

Fact: A lawsuit is pending against NYC Parks and Recreation and DEP to have these sand piles and the last seven layers of rusted fencing removed from our beautiful beaches. A decision is soon forthcoming.

Lastly, Rockaway is not the tip of Cape Cod, nor is Rockaway Beach the Outerbanks of North Carolina. It is time for all the dune lovers to wake up and go check out the beach for yourself. Make sure to compare the beauty of Beach 129 Street and Beach 145 Street to Beach 140 Street. Also walk the back of the overgrown sandpiles and see with your own eyes the danger that exists to the youth of Rockaway. Be sure to wear shoes.

If you love the beach like most Rockaway residents do, I urge you to help clean up this issue by showing your support and write in to The Wave publication.

For those of you who love dunes, go move to Montauk Point where dunes belong.

For those of you who can't sleep at night worrying about a storm, you should move to Arizona.

Real Rockawayites simply want to have fun on the beach!


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