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Your Issues Are In Your Tissues
Commentary By Dr. Nancy Gahles

Commentary By Dr. Nancy Gahles

DR. Nancy gahles
DR. Nancy gahles I recently conducted a workshop at a Women's Wellness Weekend sponsored by Natural Health magazine. It was held at the beautiful Sagamore Resort near Lake George.

My workshop was conducted with all the women gathered in a circle. I guided them through a meditation of all their body parts to assess where they had "issues" and in what tissues. After that we listened to Baroque music and wrote about the feelings and emotions that were elicited as we visited each tissue, organ or body part. Through moments of quietude and reflection, each of us was able to glean insight into what we feel and when we cannot process it, where we store it as energy, tension, stiffness or pain. All that overwhelms us in degree, intensity or merely the inexplicableness of it, must be dealt with or stored for later assessment and integration.

Often, we forget what it was or where we put that feeling because it was disturbing. Only when we realize that we are in pain does it occur to us that we need to process this energy and integrate it properly into our being. Our society trains us to take a medicine to "kill" the pain or to cut out the offending part. The premise of my workshop was to teach people to go within to find the source of the dysfunction and to address it from the place where it originated and thereby to integrate it so that it makes sense and becomes a part of your reality. Making it a part of your story disempowers it from causing you pain and empowers you to recognize the situations that trigger your sensitivities. Once you are able to "see" what your vulnerabilities are and the emotions generated from them, you can "see" where you store the pain that you were unable to deal with at the moment. Then you can come back to that situation in a moment of quietude and experience it and make sense of it through active release, forgiveness or recognition. "At the end of every forget, I remember." Each time you make space for the stillness, each time you empty your mind and dwell in the quiet, you will re-member. You will be able to put the pieces together. From illuminated emptiness, wisdom will arise along with the grace to use it. In ancient Aramaic this is called "malkutah," the kingdom within.

Actually, the word is feminine gendered as "queendom" but was translated in the masculine. Now you can all imagine how I feel about that! This is a fine example of how disempowerment can insidiously occur. At the recognition of something like this, I immediately check out what the sensation of this experience is. Then I check out where in my body do I feel it. Then I remember all the situations attached to this sensation of disempowerment as a woman. OOOhhh! My aching back! As a woman in a man's profession, as a short woman, as a left handed woman, as a …woman in this society…. And so it goes.

Exploration of issues brings us to realization of where we put the pain. From there it is our responsibility to do the work necessary to relieve the immediate discomfort and then to prevent the reoccurrence through conscious awareness.

Simple techniques of creating a prescribed time every day for quiet reflection will set up a rhythm in your life for a ritual that is dependable and healing. Prepare a place that is free from distraction and go to that same place every day. Sit and breathe into the stillness. Let the sacred illuminated space reveal its hidden wisdom. Be present for the malkutah to arise within you. Allow your inner queendom/kingdom to be the prevailing influence in your life. Trust that right action will follow. Whenever you feel pain or discomfort, go back within and re-member the pathway and the old habits of storing unpleasant sensations. Deal with them directly by integrating the experiences with love and compassion. Even if you do not understand the "why" of a situation (and most often those are precisely the ones we store away in our body), let it flow out of you to a greater consciousness trusting that it will come back to you in right order when you are ready to accept and integrate it. In this way, your issues need not be in your tissues.

All adventures, especially into new territories are scary. Create partnerships. Create circles, gatherings to share experiences. Circles of women are powerful and sustaining. In the 60's these were called consciousness raising groups. They can be used now as consciousness raising circles of strength, bonding and healing. Book clubs of the 90's move over! Circles have no beginning and no end. Circles simply generate and process energy, keeping it simple.

Simplicity is a principle in the healing art of homeopathy. This quote from Ian Watson's The Tao of Homeopathy illustrates how healing can work in this way.

"The wise homeopath has learned to quiet the chatter in her mind and to keep her consciousness attuned to the Tao. She sees the formless behind form, the energetic blueprint behind the outer manifestation. Resting in awareness of that which she abides, she recognizes that disease and remedy arise from the same place, like two waves in the same, vast ocean."

May The Blessings Be!

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