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Setting The Record Straight

Dear Editor,

This is the second time we are trying to set the record straight. During the regime of Barbara Pleener as Principal of Beach Channel High School in 2003, I received calls from parents of a large number of students from Dayton, Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park and Belle Harbor. They said their children were being beaten and abused by other students in the school.

Many parents voiced their anger and demanded that additional security personnel be put in the school. My purpose in marching was to add additional security personnel at Beach Channel. We agreed that the principal had to be removed, but we don't make decisions as who would be put in as principal.

The night before many parents voiced their outrage at the removal of Claude Monereau as Assistant Principal. It seems Principal Pleener had it in for a few chosen people. We felt the need to remove her hoping that Dr. Cashin would replace her with the right person and provide additional school security personnel. As things went on there were a number of other rallies demanding other things that I did not attend or support.

The children of Beach Channel High School deserve a quality education. Parents need to know that their children are safe in school. The sign I carried said "Will fight to the end. Support our students."

As a graduate of Beach Channel H.S., I have been a long time supporter of many fundraising functions at the school. I participated in the international dinners of the foreign language department, the crew team, and obtained ads to support the Soundings literary magazine and Seascope newspaper.

We helped raise money for the BCHS band and to obtain a carpet for the auditorium, just to name a few. We will always be out to support all of our community schools.



Legion Can Help

Dear Editor,

The Queens Democratic Congressional delegation, the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives (and 17 Republican members) and Rockaway's own representatives Gregory Meeks and Anthony Weiner, should be congratulated for continuing their efforts to end the tragic U.S. involvement in the civil war in Iraq.

Every week that this war goes on we lose more young Americans, billions of dollars of our shrinking national wealth and contribute to the recruitment of more young Sunnis and Shias into insurgent or terrorist groups.

In recent weeks Senators Obama and McCain used the term wasted to describe the death of young Americans in Iraq. Although they later revised their remarks, we note that a majority of Americans want the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq and the term of President Bush to end.

The Bush administration is ignoring the House resolution and the votes and opinions by a majority of the U.S. Senate opposing the "surge". All of us have a responsibility to speak up. We can write letters and e-mails to our representatives, senators and letters to the editors of our favorite newspapers.

The House and Senate are struggling to find an honorable way to reduce the American involvement in Iraq without the loss of thousands of more Americans and tens of thousands of more Iraqi men, women and children. The American Legion has done admirable work in encouraging the study of our American constitutional system. Would they encourage our leaders to find a constitutional method to end the war with dignity?


Requiem For A Friendship

Dear Editor,

The effects lies have on people. They cause friendships to be broken, they cause people to flip. It really hurts. Why does it hurt? Because it's a life, it causes false judgment. Lies cause changes or effects. Or is it a lacking in their lives, so they must take the focus off of themselves and lie about others for no apparent reason.


Happy With KAPPA VI

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the articles recently posted in THE WAVE about KAPPA VI, a middle school program in its first year at Far Rockaway High School.

As a parent who is very satisfied with the program at KAPPA VI, I feel that the comments that you have been making about the principal and his administration deserve a response. I have nothing but praise and support for the hard working and dedicated staff and administration at KAPPA VI. I feel it is very unfair for you to portray to the Far Rockaway community that KAPPA VI is a program that is, "doomed for failure". KAPPA VI has an extended day program, Saturday School, Summer Orientation Week all led by an extremely dedicated principal and staff with high expectations of the students and commitment from the parents. You obviously must be unfamiliar with the KAPPA (Knowledge And Power Preparatory Program) replicated from the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program), which has been nothing but highly successful in the communities that it has served around the country. I am glad that the program is being replicated in Far Rockaway and am in full support of its mission.

As a parent, I am so much in support of KAPPA that I have another middle school child in it's sister school, KAPPA V, in Brooklyn. The KAPPA V program, in it's third year of operation, has been very successful. They have taken in students that were at levels 1 and 2, but together with the support of the parents, the dedication of the staff and the motivation of the student, have turned mostly all to levels 3 and 4. KAPPA V is a successful school, so much to the point that three of their students in the first graduating class this year have been accepted into Specialized High Schools.

The KAPPA VI program is on the road to success. I see a dedicated staff led by a dedicated principal, Mr. Peter Dalton. The child that I have there is doing very well and is challenged. I sincerely hope that any parent in the Far Rockaway Community would do their due diligence and research KAPPA instead of getting their reviews from The Wave.


Not Really A Winner

Dear Editor:

Who in America did not expect Former Vice President Al Gore to win the Oscar for his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth ." Not since "Titanic" has there been such unanimity of expectations. 

We all knew the Best Documentary outcome because we all knew the Motion Picture Guild needed to teach us a lesson on man-made CO2 emissions destroying the earth. The Oscar award was a noble and symbolic gesture by some of the world's richest men and women to warn and admonish their fellow Americans.

The Kyoto Protocol - wisely ignored by Al Gore's boss and wisely rejected by Dick Cheney's boss - called for America to cap her 'carbon footprint' at 1990 levels. 

Why not the Hollywood Industry illuminate our path, stand up for what they oh-so-heartfully believe and be the first among us to cap their own industry's productions and pay-scales at 1990 levels?  Certainly, if no one else, these moguls & stars can afford to sustain a slight pay cut for a self-sustainable earth, no?  This bold & brave move will surely demonstrate to all of us the right path. 
Self-sustainment, indeed!.


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