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No More Credibility Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the letter written by Mike Greenstein, printed in the January 5, 2007 issue of The Wave.

My original letter expressed my desire to have a Christmas Tree referred to as a Christmas Tree and not as a Holiday Tree. Furthermore, I went on to acknowledge that many retail stores and publications have purposely omitted the word "Christmas" from their advertising.

My letter was basically to promote the social acceptance of Christmas, and you interpreted it as spewing hatred and inciting violence! I expressed support for both Jewish and Christian religions, and that they should both feel free to celebrate their holidays. Christ's message to us was one of love, compassion and acceptance of all people.

I am surprised that you, as a religious man, would not sympathize with my cause, and would be so offended by it.

However, I am not surprised that The Wave chose to print your letter, which must have been the most slanderous and directly insulting letter they received.

They have made their opinion perfectly clear. On a side note, as I continued to read this issue of The Wave, on page 9 I read the "F" word totally uncensored. How did that happen? Isn't this a public newspaper? I wonder how many people of all ages read that. This publication is losing credibility by the page.


Track Work

An Inconvenience

Dear Editor,

The NYCTA is urging folks to take public transportation during holiday celebrations. What? The A train? Why is it just about every holiday plus weekends, the track of the A train are being worked on and we are inconvenienced. At Mott Avenue, every weekend you see hordes of people waiting for shuttle buses to take them across the bridge to take another train out.

These are people trying to do Christmas shopping with packages, children, strollers, etc. I realize that this work has to be done but they have been doing this for years. To constantly inconvenience us on a regular basis like this is criminal, something is not right.

During the weekday those of us trying to get to work are inconvenienced by the bridge being open. The transit authority should come up with another plan. What a mess. In addition to that, during the week, rush hour, the lights on the side of the subway station are out. I counted ten street lights that were out leaving those of us waiting for the N33 and Q22 to wait in an extremely dark area where cars are parked and vans block access.

When someone gets hurt, then I guess one of our "elected officials" will finally do something. Rockaway is experiencing an explosion in housing, it's overcrowded. If it's this bad now, what's going to happen in the near future? And what about ramps for elderly and disabled people at Mott Avenue train station. People must carry strollers, carts, children, etc. up all those steps. What a mess. Somebody needs to do something about the total disregard for those of us living on this peninsula.


Time For Arrest Updates

Dear Editor,

Last summer, with much fanfare, there were large-scale drug arrests in Rockaway ["Major Drug Sweeps Bring 96 Arrests" September 15, 2006 edition]. As a public service, could you publish a status update on these arrests from the Queens Dis-trict Attorney? Were the arrest charges upheld resulting in convic-tions and jail sentences? Were there case dismissals or plea bargaining to lesser-included charges?

I think that this information is es-pecially pertinent in light of the re-cent, apparently drug-related or gang-related, violence and shootings on the peninsula.


Squarely On The Head

Dear Editor,

You hit the nail squarely on the head when you noticed the complete indifference to black on black killings in the Rockaways by The Rev. Al Sharpton, Floyd Flake and others.

Besides this, there seems to be a double standard as to what is classified as a hate crime.

When a black perp pistol-whips a white storekeeper in the commission of a crime, it's only a robbery. There's never the slightest hint of a hate crime when white victims of muggings are beat up and robbed, their coats stolen, etc:

I grew up in Rockaway, long before the projects were built. The blacks stayed in their enclave in Hammels and no one locked their doors, nor were afraid to stop at traffic lights in that area.

The real crime is Sharpton and Flake in their white-hating demonstrations.

Stay with it. Don't bend to the politicians.


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