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Fight A Waste Of Time

Dear Editor,

I was watching the movie "Finding Nemo," on ABC and my bigger brother wanted to watch the Knicks game on that same time.

So, we flipped channels. As soon as the movie finished, we turned and guess what we saw...A BIG BRAWL BREAKING OUT!!!!! It was the result of two players having a dispute over a foul. The Knicks were losing anyways. Why did they have to pick a fight? I don't know and I don't care. In my personal opinion, this was a stupid waste of time, and since I saw the melee on TV, to quote Kim Possible, "A perfectly good waste of satellite frequencies."

This was totally uncalled for. The Knicks already lost and the Nuggets already led by 20. This was a huge embarrassment for all the Knicks team members, coaches, staff, fans, and eventually all those work at Madison Square Garden and all of New York City.

Then, the next day, the appropriate action was taken. Both teams got fined $500,000 each and the players that were involved, on both teams, got suspended for a certain amount of games depending on how much they were involved. As for the city's image, we were viewed as the city whose people can only fight in situations without using logical reasoning, like animals. I guess they forgot they play for New York City. We have seen better from people. If anyone here saw this game or a replay of the fight on sites like YouTube, they are jerks, just remember what I said. The people involved said themselves that they were sorry for the melee and one who gave back to his community actually gave a speech saying that he was acting stupid that night and told the children that they shouldn't play out a repeat of what he did or else face punishment and embarrassment. All this comes from a relative of a Knicks fan who saw one of his favorite teams make fools out of themselves to add to their losing streak. It would take them a long time to regain their dignity. That is how I feel about this incident.


Preach Love, Not Hate

Dear Editor,

In response to Joseph Costa- it is people like you that cause hatred in the country.

There is enough violence without your inciting more. Why not spend your time preaching brotherly love and you might live longer instead of having hatred in your heart.

I am of the Jewish faith and proud of it, and I also belong to the seniors of St. Camillus Church and proud of it. Also my 86 years has taught me to love my brothers no matter who and what they are.


Empty Promises

From Sanders

Dear Editor,

It has been three months since Mario Young was shot to death on September 25, 2006 in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken on Mott Avenue and Beach Channel Drive.

Sayahword Ministries with Families United Against Violence have been holding meetings every month for the past three months to find solutions to these problems that have involved our young people.

On September 29, 2006, Councilman James Sanders held an emergency meeting at Town Hall to discuss the shootings in Far Rockaway. He issued challenges such as:

-Why are there no vocational schools in the area

-Arranging a community agreement to create jobs for the Arverne East


-Funding a mentoring program

-More job training

-Possibility of hiring a private security firm

He also stated, "I challenge you- what are you as a people doing?" Well, we are doing something, but he wouldn't know because he has yet to come to any of our meetings.

He is our Councilman and wants everyone to support him. How can we support him if we do not get anything in return from him? He has not been in touch with the Young family or with the families of Christopher Glenn and Cedric Smalls. He did not show up for the candlelight vigil held for Mario Young. We didn't have a march like they did for Sean Bell, but we do have community meetings.

Just because Mario, Christopher and Cedric were not shot by the police like Sean Bell, we should be hearing from Councilman Sanders. When it is time for reelection, then he will come to us with smiles on his face, shaking hands and telling us if we ever need anything, call him. We do call and nothing gets done.

Councilman Sanders is always making promises but he is just opening his mouth and saying nothing. He tricks people like us with his promises. They are just lies. What is Sanders really doing for our community? You need to find out what Councilman Sanders is really all about before election time again.


Sharpton Causes

Civil Unrest

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this time to ask a question of the city of New York and find out a few things that are going on in our city. I am asking the question of how the leader of the Black community gets away with the nonsense he gets away with.

How does Rev. Al Sharpton have the nerve to cause havoc with his marches against the NYPD, knowing full well that if the conditions were the other way, where a black police officer was to shoot a white teen, he would not saying anything at all. So where does he get the nerve to pull this stupid thing he is doing.

Please understand that I have nothing at all against the marches for Mr. Bell; I do not find fault with what happened. It was a very tragic mistake, and sometimes the NYPD does make mistakes, but to say that they are against blacks is a false statement and must be addressed.

I have lived for many, many years with our police force and I have found that most police officers are nice, kind and care about the community, regardless of who it is. They have wives and children, just like most people have, and they have the same feelings that we all have.

So, show me, how does Sharpton have the nerve to insult the citizens of our community by having a march near the graves of the finest and bravest at 9/11. This was an action that Sharpton understood was going to hurt the loved ones of 9/11, but he showed all of us that he did not care.

Again I will say that if a black police officer would shoot a white, Sharpton would not do anything about it. All we hear from him is: the blacks this and that, but for him to step out for the whole community, regardless of ethnicity, he will not do this.

Please understand that I do not find fault with the black community at large. In fact I have many black friends I have known for over 20 years. But when someone comes along to stir the community into civil unrest, even my black friends hate this.

I am trying to say that it is Sharpton (not the black community) that is causing all the trouble all around New York, and if there are any intelligent people, regardless of what color you are, you will not listen to anything he has to say. All of the citizens of New York must try to understand that the NYPD is trying to do the best they can to help protect the citizens of our community 24-7, sometimes giving up their lives in doing so. It seems that people like Sharpton have shown that he could care less that a police officer is shot down in an incident, or a firefighter gets killed in the line of duty, but see how quickly Sharpton would say something if the officer or fireman was black.

But the facts are at hand, that Sharpton and his hangers-on do nothing but cause trouble, not only for the black community but for all of us. Before Sharpton shoots his big mouth to the press, he should know all the facts at hand. Not run off his big mouth to the media and press and make a big show of it.

Sharpton would like to run for public office, but do you know what this country, state and city would be like with him in office? New York City would be the crime capitol of the world, and most of the whites would flee the city. Is that what the city administration would like to happen?

I am at a point were I can not afford civil unrest, where all and any citizens, regardless of ethnic background, do as they please regardless of our laws and regulations in our city. We must give 100 percent backing to the NYPD and FDNY, regardless if they are right or wrong.

If the NYPD or FDNY does something wrong, there are laws in place to correct any actions they take, but the citizens of this city must back them and help them to protect our city from the bad guys. Allowing Sharpton to do what he is doing is going to cause all of us much unrest.

I hope that in 2008, when we get a new Mayor and police and fire bosses, I will see a change for the better; at this time it seems to me that the present administration has shown that it could care less about the citizens of New York. Let's hope that the changes will come soon.

If Sharpton is smart and not as stupid as he makes out to be, he would call for a non-racial (for all people) town hall meeting in every borough of the city, and have the Mayor and the police and fire bosses speak directly to the public and not the press and media only.


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