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Thanks From St. Mary Star Of The Sea Dear Editor,

On behalf of all of the people of Saint Mary Star of the Sea Parish in Far Rockaway, I would like to thank all of the generous people of the peninsula for their generosity in assisting those most in need in our community during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Over the last few weeks our parish has received generous donations from so many. In particular, we are especially grateful to Mike Egan and the Rockaway Irish Boys for organizing, once again, a wonderful Thanksgiving food collection. Thanks to the R.I.B.’s and all of the generous people of Belle Harbor and Rockaway; our parish was able to feed over 500 families this Thanksgiving! These fine young men gave of their time and talent to assist those most in need during this holiday season. They along with the Graybeards; the residents of Belle Harbor and Neponsit; the parishioners of St. Francis de Sales and St. Thomas More/St. Edmund/St. Genevieve Parish; The Rockaway Chamber of Commerce and countless others who gave so much. We are so grateful for the kindness and generosity that was so evident over these last few weeks. Each year I am consistently amazed at the generosity of the people of our communities.

Thanks to all who gave, our parish was able to serve a full Thanksgiving meal to over 200 Far Rockaway residents on Thanksgiving Day. People who would have perhaps been alone were able to come together with friends and neighbors and see the love and goodness that make Rockaway so unique.

The people of this great community should be very proud of their care and concern for others at Thanksgiving and all throughout the year. Thanks to all who gave so much!




Another Scam

Dear Editor,

Last night, 12/4/06, around 9:40 p.m., I watched as a white car STOPPED at the red light on Beach Channel Drive and Beach 142 Street.

The camera took the picture anyway. Why? 

Because the car went into the crosswalk by about 6 inches.

Why, might I ask, is there a crosswalk there in the first place?????????

Is anyone using that path? Does anyone cross the street there? Where are they walking????...into the bay?

If that white car needs a witness to beat that ticket, I can be reached via the Rockaway Theatre Co.



Neponsit Site

The Peoples’ Property

The following letter was sent to the Board of Directors at the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

To the attention of the Board of Directors,

Abrogation of the status of the Neponsit Health Care Center would constitute a rewarding of the criminal and conspiratorial assault upon the Center, upon its residents, and upon its staff during the night of September 11, 1998 by forces dispatched by Rudolph Giuliani, the privatizer. HHC Board members would become party to a grand theft.

New York City’s children are becoming more numerous and poorer. New York City’s retirees are becoming more numerous and poorer. There is GREATER, not lesser need for public hospital care in our future. The Neponsit jewel in NYC’s hospital locations can only become more precious and more appreciated in new service to its owners, the people of the City. Dare you enrich a few Giuliani/Bloomberg developer friends at the expense of the wellbeing of the people you are sworn to serve? Dare you take from the poor to give to the rich?

An excellent well thought-out proposal was made at the public hearing in Rockaway Park on November 28, 2006: put Neponsit to near-immediate use for those New Yorkers severely injured in George Bush’s wars, and couple that use with acute-care training/teaching.

The Neponsit site is NOT just the property of Rockawayites, but no other New Yorkers were present at the November 28 meeting. You MUST hold additional public-comment meetings throughout the City to give all New Yorkers opportunity to input on decision-making regarding their Neponsit Health Care Center- or else you are indeed executing a fraudulent bums’ rush embezzlement of our land on oceanfront.


Accommodate Disabled Rockaway Commuters

Dear Editor,

I’m writing on the behalf of all the disabled wheelchair-bound people of the Rockaways, and for those who visit or work in the Rockaways and ride the A-Train to the Mott Avenue last stop station.

For far too long we have endured the painful task of climbing those long stairs to board the train.

We need better accommodations like an elevator, or an escalator, to accommodate the elderly, the handicapped or wheelchair-bound people.


The Faillace Family Extends Their Thanks

Dear Editor,

Our sister, Josephine Faillace, recently passed away after having to live away from home for over 60 years, due to complications arising from an operation for the removal of a brain tumor.

She is now at rest, but we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the wonderful care she received over the last three years from the doctors, nurses and staff of both St. Johns Episcopal Hospital and Peninsula Hospital Center.

In addition, Josephine resided for over 20 years in the Resort Nursing Home, where the doctors, nurses and aides on the second and third floors treated her with great respect, care and love, and often mentioned that she was “family” to them.

Knowing she could not have received any better care in her final years was a great comfort to her family.

May they in turn be blessed with good health and happiness for their kindness to her.


What Does $9.2 Million

Get You?

Dear Editor,

Nine point two million dollars? I have no problem with the Memorial; in fact I think it was the right thing to do. However, where is the $9.2 million? Since I don’t deal in those sums often, I’m reaching for a benchmark.The biggest I can relate to is what $500,000 can buy. Almost anywhere in America, a half million dollars will buy a new four bedroom, three bath, modern kitchen home, sans property. To get to $9 million dollars, you need 18 of such homes.

When I look at the end of Beach 116 Street, I don’t see that kind of value. Am I missing something or are we as taxpayers?


Patronizing City Agency

Dear Editor,

I must commend Maureen Henning and Sharon Gabriel on their eloquent and accurate letters concerning driving on Shore Front Parkway.

As Lew Simon suggested, I called Dan Roth at the DOT.  I left a message, and to his credit, he did call me back. 

He was, I thought, slightly patronizing in his attitude towards me. I told him of the situation on Shore Front at 7 a.m., when drivers pay no attention to the lines and whip past anyone who is trying to figure out the maze. 

At Beach 95 and Beach 94 Streets, these drivers do not turn at the arrow or drive around the “U” and then make a right turn.  I asked him if he has ever been on Shore Front at 7 a.m., and he said “yes.” (Once? as opposed to my 39 years on Shore Front.)

He told me that people who drive recklessly will always drive that way. (He knows this, isn’t he knowledgeable!) He knows of a dangerous situation, yet nothing can be done. The Federal agency has guidelines regarding installing stoplights and we do not fit those guidelines. Is that wonderful that some smart people who work for the Feds and have never set foot in Rockaway can foresee and foretell the situations in our neighborhood. This was when he told me that he ACTUALLY set foot on Shore Front Parkway.

I told him that we are a beach community. In the summer, children dart out in the road. Kids run out from the handball and basketball courts after a ball. Surfers, all year, dash for their cars.     

He then told me that this confusing situation would not be forever; there is a study to redesign and the redesign will begin in 2008. (Can you hold your breath!)

We must face the confusing lines and dangers while others are studying. I am sure all mothers are worry-free knowing of this STUDY. Meanwhile our youngsters are at risk.


Thanks To Dog Rescuer

Dear Editor,

I read the story regarding the rescue of the Labrador Retriever with a heavy heart. I won’t say I am shocked because there are people who regard animals as targets for cruel jokes and vicious behavior. A dog was thrown from a roof in one of the projects a few years back and there was a dog fighting ring that was discovered several years ago, and I often wonder if the police check to see if it still goes on.

The coldhearted sickos responsible for these cruel acts feel animals cannot feel pain and if they do, it is not important as they are only animals. I can only imagine the agony and helplessness this poor dog felt while attached to the pole, and also feel someone must have seen him and just looked the other way, before Mr. Press came by. If so, shame on you. I truly believe God puts injured animals in the way of people, as over the years I and my children found many cats abandoned that we rescued. I feel he did this for Mr. Press also because he knew he was a kind and caring person and would not abandon this poor animal.

I am truly an animal lover and want to say thank you, Robert Press, for being so kind and helping this poor dog. You gave this horror story a happy ending. I know God will bless you for this and you are truly a hero. The harsh winter is upon us and I urge all pet owners to keep your babies close and make sure they cannot wander, as this cruel individual is still out there waiting for another defenseless animal. If anyone saw who did this heinous act, in all conscience they should report it to the proper authorities.


A ‘Fool’s’ Pursuit In Iraq

Dear Editor,

Every single war death in Iraq since March 2003 is blood on George W. Bush’s hands. There were NO suicide bombings and NO death squads in Iraq before Bush’s invasion and introduction of his father’s Central American death-squad manager of Iran-Contra infamy, John Negroponte. If Iraq is now a broken country, who broke it?

We are witnessing a classical war between aggressors and their local hirelings and their divide/conquer tricks on the one hand, and the resistance of aggressors on the other. The installation and stabilization of Bush puppets is not and never will be a legitimate American objective, and will never be accepted by Bush’s victims, the population of Iraq. How many decades will it take before Iraqi families forget the barbarity and suffering imposed by bullying American upon their loved ones? How many decades will it take before the people of Iraq willingly surrender their oil assets, their public assets, to Bush privatizers?

The rot multiplying in Iraq, the substitution of high-hypocrisy for democracy, is parallel-multiplying in America. The only proper way is out- completely, and as rapidly as we arrived. The only Iraqis who will be sorry to see us leave are the tiny, corrupt, traitorous minority who collaborated with Bush; but these defiers of the will of the people, these anti-democracy servants, are no more deserving of sympathy than were the Quislings of Norway, the Ustashe of Yugoslavia, and the Vichy government of France who collaborated with the invading fascists of an earlier era. A fool would waste additional American blood and treasure on the collaborators, who are ready to exit Iraq to join their bank accounts as soon as we are gone. A fool would hold to the pipe dream of massive oil robbery unattached to massive costs and massive moral degradation.

Democracy implements the people’s will. The latest University of Maryland study finds that 71 percent of Iraqis want the United States out of Iraq within one year. The latest Newsweek study among Americans finds George W. Bush’s approval rating at 32 percent. ExxonMobil and BP may insist upon our Staying the Course, albeit with continual cosmetic modification per the requirements of selling; but for whom does America work?


Greetings From Ireland

Dear Editor,

Our family spent a very pleasant summer vacation last July in Belle Harbor as guests of the Bradley fam-ily. We would like to thank you for enabling us, via The Wave on your internet site, to keep in touch with all the local activities in this lovely cor-ner of New York City.

Among the many wistful memories which you helped prolong are the pleasant evening we spent in Riis Park enjoying the activities of the Rockaway Beach Volleyball league, and another at the Post Theatre at Fort Tilden enjoying the Rockaway Theatre Company's production of Kiss Me Kate. After hearing many personal stories of the effect of 9/11 and flight 587 on the area, we read with sadness of the 9/11 remem-brance ceremony and the of memorial service marking the fifth anniversary of the crash of the American Airlines Flight.

And after listening to the specula-tion of the future of the Sunset Diner, we smiled and remembered the friend who predicted that it would become a bank!

So, as the storms rage and the rain falls here in Ireland, we send you our appreciation for keeping us in touch with our Summer days in Rockaway. May we wish you and your readers a very happy Christmas and holiday season?


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