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Why Animal Cruelty?

Dear Editor,

My son found a 7 or 8-year-old Black Lab with his front and back paws tied together and tied to a telephone pole late Friday night, 1/17 on Shorefront Parkway and Beach 108 Street.

He is a healthy, well-behaved, beautifully trained sweetheart of a dog!

WHY on earth would anyone be so cruel to a helpless animal? The person who did this should be tied up!

Thank you to the Howard Beach Animal Hospital for their care. The dog is now awaiting adoption.

His new owner will be back from Florida in a week to take him home.


Don't Deserve A Raise

The following letter was sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Dear Mr. Mayor,

Your fiscal management of America's greatest city has been extraordinary. I fear, though, your prudence now ends at City Hall's steps.

Please, Your Honor, veto the 25 percent pay boosts for our 51 City Council Members.

I'm writing to offer you (1) my reasons why, and (2) a reasonable and alternative metric or salary guide for our 51 Council Members.

The Number #1 reason this 25 percent pay boost is unreasonable is that our Council-Members do not deserve it, they do not earn it. Certainly they pass your budget annually. However, the onus of the burden is upon your Office - not The City Council - to produce a balanced budget.

The Number #2 reason this 25 percent pay boost is unreasonable is that our Council-Members neither stimulate nor sustain our City's growth and prosperity. Business here in the Big Apple is booming: our unemployment is low and our tax revenues beyond sufficient - for the moment. However, if you were to name one Fortune 500 firm that relocated here due to the singular efforts of a Council Member (past or present), I'd be shocked. If you were to name one Councilmember who energized a planeload of tourists to visit our fair city, I'd be stunned. Business prospers here despite - not because of - our City Council. And, Your Honor, recent history records infamous instances of bribe taking, as well.

I don't mean to belittle their duties, just the very weak execution of their responsibilities.

Therefore, Your Honor, I respectfully submit to you a new metric...pay these men and women no more than you pay our Police Lieutenants and Fire Battalion Chiefs. These men & women also carry great loads and awful responsibilities. They too manage under great stress & time constraints. And, under their command structure, our uniformed services are sometimes asked to perform way beyond the expectations of any member of our City Council. PD Lieutenants and FD Chiefs earn between $72,000 and $82,500 per. So, Your Honor, pay our City Council Members likewise. If, by chance, a member or two point out the impossibility of living here on such a salary, I hope the 40,000 men and women of the world's most sparkling departments are out of earshot.

Tie our City Council-Members' salary scales to the management scales of our uniformed heroes, Your Honor.


An Insult To

The People Of NY

Dear Editor,

Your articles published in the Wave on 11/17/06 about the Flight 587 Memorial site at the southern end of Beach 116 Street state this project cost the City $9.2 million.

I for one, find this amount an insult and think the people of NYC and further more, the community of Rockaway, and politicians should have rethought this amount spent !!!!!!

After the city has spent this astonishing dollar amount, it was clear that the Dominican families and their spokespersons were clearly NOT happy with the location of THEIR memorial PAID FOR IN FULL by the City of NY!!!!!

And, even though this memorial was paid by NYC, they still felt compelled to build yet another memorial site in the Bronx and felt compelled to visit the plaque left at Beach 131 Street and Newport Avenue and strewn their flowers and such on the private lawns of the home owners at that site.

I find it funny and appalling that the needs of one sector of a NY community have the power to get $9.2 million out of the City of NY, when there obviously are much more uses for such a large amount of money. Our children, our homeless, our needy and our elderly most certainly could have used these resources to their benefits. Our tax dollars are at work, but for whom ???

I'll be curious to see what happens to this $9.2 million dollar memorial after the summer of 2007 ? Oh, that's right, the NYC Parks Dept. has been allocated to keep this memorial up, which means more money out of our city's budget and tax dollars.

And, I'm curious to see what the business owners and residents of Beach 116 Street do to thrive every year on November 12, since this memorial impedes their businesses and daily means of living with Beach 116 Street being closed to others and vehicles being towed away.

I really think all those concerned and especially the City of NY should have thought out this process before paying $9.2 million dollars out for something that obviously doesn't satisfy anyone !!!!

And by the way, I would like to thank the City of NY for not even allocating a small amount of the amount spent on the Memorial for Flight 587 to our local Tribute Park for 911 victims and their family and friends !!!!!

That's politics.


Thanks To Steve Yaeger's Keen Eye

Dear Editor,

This is a thank you letter to the editor for one of my most ardent fans, Steve Yaeger.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the most interesting reply to my question about the swastika on the Bath Beach, Brooklyn Bath House. Only an accomplished artist like yourself, and a learned photographer (with an old Exacta VX-1000 still in use) would notice such things. Your comments brought to mind the 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald photo, which suffered of an ailment which I have dubbed as "The Shadow Knows." The Congress of these not so United States even held a hearing after the encyclopedic Warren Report came out...and this new investigation by the Congress decided that there was a second "shooter" on the grassy knoll...and then dropped the entire matter like a hot potato and ran for cover in the "chicken coop."

The sum of the postcard in question is that it was reworked by a touch-up artist and an engraver, to make up for a badly taken photograph to save money, by not sending the cameraman back out to do it right.

As a result this card was half-tone printed in blue with the washes and corrections green, red and black can be found on like-manufactured postcards from olden times. Steve, you would make an excellent collector of antique postals, as you also have a trained eye. In that I mean that we can notice differences that a novice would not even consider. Our eyes send a message to the brain, which beeps an internal alarm, to tell us that something is wrong...like a card of the Titanic sailing up the Narrows to a berth on the Hudson River would be!

At times postcard publishers would capitalize on another's photo and print it out like this in one color to avoid copyright infringement. Some were printed backward, cropped down or made one out of two or three! And as for the specimen you critiqued...it was half photo and half drawing.

I also thank you for your factual scientific facts about the global warming issue. Facts are wonderful to have. But in life's experience of decisions after the facts come in....gut feeling plays a major part...and my gut feeling is that we are into the fourth interglacial period. Some of the "hype" put up by officials, and good old Al Gore, remind me of the "hype" that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin.


Create A Deadly Environment

Dear Editor,

The State has spoken about our health care needs on the Rockaway peninsula to the extent that they can create a deadly environment for our residents.

State recommendations unveiled this week to merge or close two of our peninsula hospitals are totally short-sighted. Either merging two hospitals or closing one will not serve the Rockaway community and the surrounding areas well. Many services either hospital provides are not duplicated. When one Emergency Room is packed, diversion to another one is necessary for life saving treatment.

The recommendations do not take into account that the Rockaway community will swell by 25,000 to 30,000 new residents in the next five years due to the massive construction boom. All of the above factors are a recipe for disaster. This is a prescription for absolute health care disaster.

As a nurse, parent, spouse, former Emergency Technician and health care consultant in the industry, I can totally understand the need to use health care funds efficiently and wisely. I have seen some services in both hospitals underutilized. There is no question that both hospitals need to communicate with each other and operate more efficiently rather than to look at each other as competitors. Many hospitals upstate in rural areas have cooperative agreements so that groups of facilities exist without duplication of underutilized services and provide overall high quality of standards for the community. I do believe that both the leadership and the boards at Peninsula Hospital and St. John's Episcopal both lack that type of vision for this community.

However, nobody is taking into account in the recommendations to the Governor that the construction boom in Rockaway will tip the scales and create a dramatic increase in the need for acute health care access.

All community groups and services should mobilize and protest these recommendations loudly and clearly. A letter writing campaign, development and circulation of petitions and a vocal spearhead should be initiated by both Mr. Levine and Mr. Hernandez for mobilization of all of our communities. Since the Five Towns are affected as well, this should be a focused catchment initiative. The community must respond both individually and in groups. Our state legislators must hear us loud and clear. They must look beyond what is currently in place and look at the statistics and the building permits that have been issued. They must look at the zoning plans that have been approved. This is far beyond what the recommendations in the state report has looked at.

We cannot look back anymore. We cannot rely on recommendations based on statistics that are two, three, or five years old. The projected statistics for population increase that the Rockaway peninsula presents over the next five years has to be considered and formally acknowledged by our state legislators before any action based on the recommendations presented to the Governor is taken.

This is a real S.O.S: Save Our Services.


Response To

Gilmartin Letter

Dear Editor,

I'd like to comment on James Gilmartin's lengthy sob story letter, re: Dayton privatization, in the November 24 Wave issue. My circle of acquaintances at Dayton considers the recent Board of Directors election a repudiation of the whole privatization idea. The two lowest vote-getters, Catanese and Van Zanten, were two of the champions of privatization. I would advise James Gilmartin; his mother/roommate Joann Catanese; Ella Van Zanten; and stealth privateer Johnny Soto to do their investing/gambling with real estate agents, securities firms, casinos, OTB offices and the New York Lottery.


The Sins Of The Brother

Dear Editor,

My son is a student at P.S. 114, and is a member of the chorus. After rehearsal on Monday, November 27, 2006, the Chorus Teacher asked the parents to stay for an announcement. It seems that this particular teacher has two sons, one of whom made some not-so-good choices in life and one of whom has done NOTHING wrong. He is not perfect, but he is a good kid.

As a student at Xaverian High School, apparently he is required to take part in some community service. He initially received the 'OK' to do so at P.S. 114. However, according to the Chorus Teacher's announcement, several parents laid the sins of the brother at this child's feet. They went to Mr. Grill, the flashy new principal of the Belle Harbor School, with their complaints, and informed him that unless the son was removed from the school, they would remove their children from the Chorus. They even implied they would go to The Wave if he didn't comply.

Rather than back his teacher, Grill, ever the politician, caved into these petty, small-minded individuals and told this teacher to remove her son from the building. As a result, the teacher has quit teaching the Chorus until these parents have the guts to talk to her face-to-face.

All I can say to these parents is, How dare you? What business is it of yours what the teacher's older son has done? Who died and made you Judge, Jury and Executioner? If the crimes of the brother bothered you that much, why did you draw the line at getting the CHILD removed? Why didn't you go for blood and get the teacher removed as well? I hope all of you, whoever you are, are satisfied. I hope you could look on your child's face when they came home after practice and be proud of what you had done. I know MY child is devastated, all thanks to you.


Be Responsible Drivers

Dear Editor,

I am amazed at the speed drivers drive their cars along Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Newport Avenue and Cronston Avenue. Many cars, SUVs, minivans, yellow school buses (yes, yellow school buses) and trucks do not obey 30 mph speed limit on these roads. Please take a moment to slow down before a tragic accident happens!

Another safety concern is the intersection of 129 Street and Cronston Avenue. For some reason quite a few drivers do not come to a full stop rather just roll through the intersection. Also, drivers turning from Beach Channel Drive onto 129 Street drive extremely fast down this residential block filled with children - SLOW DOWN!

Drivers should also be aware that it is a STATE law to stop on BOTH sides of the road if a school bus red lights are flashing. Many drivers do not stop if the bus is on the opposite side of the road.


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