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Commentary by Leanne Edwards

Leanne Edwards has been following music and musicians since her early teens. The Nassau Community College student will fill you in on upcoming concerts, new groups, albums and local groups each month in this space.

Melodic sounds and thrashing guitars. Drums beating to the sound of your heart, with a bass so loud it moves the ground. With a vocal style that can't be mistaken. If any of this appeals to you, then the new CD by My Chemical Romance titled "The Black Parade" is right up your alley.

Being a longtime fan of My Chemical Romance, I knew that this CD would grab you by the throat from the first song and not let you go. And that's exactly what it did.

Opening with a cry of "Come one, Come all," lead singer Gerard Way spills his heart out with catchy lyrics and riveting emotion. He wants us to join the "parade" and be a part of what he is feeling and going through. The CD flows nicely; the next song, "Dead," is peppier and appealing, with revenge and hatred the main focus of the song.

The next song is titled "This Is How I Disappear." It's a good, sad song, with well-written lyrics and vibrant music. The number four track, "The Sharpest Lives To Lead," is one of my favorites on the album. You can really see the talent the band possesses. They take it back to their old sound from their first and second CDs. It reminds me of the song "Prison," off their second CD.

Leanne Edwards (right) with Gerard Way, lead singer from "My Chemical RomanceLeanne Edwards (right) with Gerard Way, lead singer from "My Chemical Romance "The Black Parade" is the fifth song and title for the album. Upon hearing the album name I was curious as to where they were going with it. The song is poppy and epic, with deep meaning. It describes how death will come for the band in the form of a parade, a black parade, with everyone parading down a street towards their death beds. It's halfway through the album that I realize this is one of the only bands I've heard in a while where I enjoy every song they produce.

Midway through, the album starts to slow down. "I Don't Love You" is morose and emotional, with lyrics such as, "When after all this time that you still owe/

You're still the good-for-nothing I don't know/ So take your gloves and get out/ Better get out/ While you can/ When you go/ Would you even turn to say, 'I don't love you like I did yesterday.'" The sadness resonates in you after listening to this song.

But the band eventually picks up the pace again. Their seventh track, "House of Wolves" is edgy and fun. Opening with drums and guitar, it sounds like you're right there with the band, fighting the fight and taking names.

Their eighth song, "Cancer," is slow, with piano playing and Way singing; but the guitar kicks in with help from the drums. The title of the song is self-explanatory. "Mama" is their number nine track and my favorite song on this album. It has a unique sound to it, with the intro starting with what sounds like bombs in the background, followed by the opening lyrics. This song has a classic country rock sound to it, mixing old with the new, and concepts of Heaven and Hell. It's a song that grabs you from the first words: "Mama we all go to hell..."

"Sleep" is the number ten track on this thirteen song album. The CD begins to wind down again. "Sleep" starts off with piano and conversation going on. The drums, guitar and bass pick up for an uplifting intro, with the vocals eventually trailing in. The lyrics in this song are some of the best on the album. "Teenagers" is the next song and honestly, in my opinion, is the new anthem of American teens. Living in a world of Myspace and Hot Topics, Teenie Boppers, and emo kids it's hard to find your true identity and become an adult, and this song makes everything a little bit better.

The album closes with the two tracks, "Disenchanted" and "Famous Last Words." "Disenchanted" is my least favorite on the album, but I am sure with time I will love it. "Famous Last Words" is a great song to end the album. The Black Parade is over.

I was hesitant to give my opinion, and I thought I needed another listen. There's a hidden track entitled "Blood," with Way singing in what sounds like an accent. It made me laugh and I think it would make anyone laugh. The lyrics are simple. They are in a hospital, maybe the mental ward? It's a great hidden track, and it signs off with the lyrics "I'm the kind of human wreckage that you love." And I couldn't agree more.

Death, booze, blood, and Rock 'n Roll are the main themes throughout this album. "The Black Parade" blows the band's last CD out of the water by taking it back to their original sound while adding a few new kicks. I give it an A.

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