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Customer Not

'Taken To The Cleaners'

Dear Editor,

My mother-in-law inadvertently forgot to take out a good amount of cash from her pocket, and dropped off her pants at London Cleaners, located in the C-Town Mall in Rockaway directly across from The Wave building.

I know the cleaners' personnel, as I deal with them myself. I called them and explained how my mother-in-law is under the weather and that she inadvertently left her money in her pants pocket.

After checking the pocket, the cleaner called my mother-in-law and explained that they did in fact find the missing money in her pants pocket. We went later on to pick up the money.

I wonder if you can somehow publicly thank the cleaners, to show how grateful my mother-in-law is. She asked me to write this letter to you. The personnel in the cleaners have always been friendly and responsive to both of us as patrons. It is a bit of fresh air in a grumpy world. The cleaners did not literally take my mother-in-law to the cleaners!

Thank you for anything you do with regard to this letter.


Fishermen: Clean Up!

Dear Editor,

The Rockaway beaches have been a big attraction to local fishermen in recent months. There has been plenty to catch. I am all in favor of a relaxing day of fishing, but I just have one thing to ask. Please don't leave your fish scales, bait remnants and fishhooks behind as if the sand was your own personal trash can.

Why aren't the fishermen asked to clean up after their fish and supplies the way that dog owners are asked to clean up after their animals? It's just having consideration and respect for our beautiful beaches.

Let's all do our part to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of our beaches. Perhaps the Parks Department can leave garbage cans on the beach year round. The beaches should not be neglected just because the summer has passed.


Vote Not A Referendum

On Privatization

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the "Beachcomber" section, in the November 10 edition of the Wave, entitled, "It seems as if the shareholders of Dayton Beach Park Number 1 Corporation spoke loud and clear..." Dayton Beach Park shareholders have not spoken loud and clear on the issue of conducting a professional feasibility study to investigate the viability of leaving the Mitchell-Lama program, because the Board of Directors suspiciously refused to put the issue to a shareholder vote on the October ballot.

The author has confused the October 19 Board of Directors election results as a "referendum on the issue," stating that the loss of two pro-privatization candidates equals the end of the privatization movement. The Board of Directors election and a shareholder vote for a professional feasibility study are two separate and distinct processes. One does by no means equal the other. A referendum is defined as "The submission of a law, proposed by the Legislature or already in effect, to a direct vote of the people."

The people, or shareholders in this case, have not yet voted on the issue of a feasibility study, because as previously stated, the Board of Directors refuses to give them a choice in the matter. It's laughable and insulting to shareholders to assert that the Board of Directors election constitutes their official collective vote on the issue of having a professional feasibility study conducted. Sadly, the Board of Directors leaves shareholders no choice but to force them to have a shareholder vote for a professional feasibility study. The Dayton Beach Park Privatization Committee is making progress in this regard and the Board of Directors election results have not discouraged the D.B.P.P.C. from continuing its mission to help give shareholders an educated choice in this matter, instead of allowing the current power structure to keep shareholders silent and in the dark. If shareholders are interested in joining the fight to put this issue to a shareholder vote, please contact the D.B.P.P.C. at committee@privatedaytonbeachpark.com. The current state of affairs begs the question - why is the Board of Directors so afraid to put this issue to a shareholder vote? Let the people decide what is best for them. If that is to remain in Mitchell-Lama, then so be it. However, if they discover, after careful review of the professional feasibility study results and their own personal circumstances, that it is best to continue exploring the option to leave Mitchell-Lama, then who is the Board of Directors to say they cannot?

Regarding the other issues covered in this "Beachcomber" piece, JoAnn Catanese and Ella Van Zanten did not go door-to-door to collect election ballots to improve their chances of being elected; in fact, Catanese made it explicitly known that she would prefer to run on her resume and reputation alone. Also, Catanese and Van Zanten did contest the election results for one simple, yet compelling reason: the use of correspondence boxes to collect ballots. Catanese and Van Zanten sent a letter to HPD and other appropriate agencies stating that correspondence boxes should never be used to collect shareholder proxies/ballots regarding any Dayton Beach Park election, issue, or course of action, because the contents of the correspondence boxes are handled by numerous employees of Dayton Beach Park #1 Corporation, and perhaps Board of Directors members as well, before the proxies/ballots are supposedly mailed to the election company through the U.S. postal service, and therefore, cannot be trusted as completely accurate and representative of shareholder opinion and/or preference. So far, only Mr. Sloman of HPD has responded stating, "We have investigated this matter and find that the procedures in place prior to and at the election proper assured that the election was conducted in a fair and impartial manner...If you wish to pursue [this matter] further it will have to be in a court of law." Assured that the election was conducted in a fair and impartial manner? Yeah, the use of correspondence boxes fills one with tremendous confidence.

So much for New York City's fairness, cooperation and common sense.


Shorefront 'Art Project'

A Disaster

Dear Editor,

It seems as though the Rockaway "Art Project" has not been receiving any press lately and I wouldn't want the Department of Transportation to think we have forgotten about changing Shorefront Parkway and some of our other east/west roads back to two lanes.

Since July when the project on Shorefront began, problems have only increased day by day and I think it is only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

As I drive on Shorefront every day, I realize that the turnarounds at Beach 106 Street and other streets are a disaster. Many people just don't pay attention to them at all. Why should anyone have to drive out of their way just because the DOT decided to make everything "safer" for us?

I have seen bike riders riding side by side when the bike lane is for only one bike at a time; a large semi-truck with the Verizon name on the side can be found several days a week parked on the striped lines, under a "No Standing Anytime" sign at Beach 105 Street; people walking between cars and leaving their driver side doors open into traffic, and other cars parked alongside the south side of Shorefront.

Why does everyone seem to have more rights to the roads than drivers? It's true that everyone needs their "space" but not to the detriment of the drivers for whom the road was made in the first place.

I had occasion to be on Beach Channel Drive around Beach 35 Street and that is such a disaster that I almost had an accident. The road and "art work" had been changed and it was nighttime and I could not see the new road divider that has been put in place. If there has been another car present I would certainly have hit it trying to avoid a new roadway curve.

Someone please help with the disaster that has become Rockaway's roads.


Join PHC Ladies Auxiliary

Dear Editor,

We invite residents to become part of the best kept secret in the Rockaways, the Peninsula Hospital Center Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary consists of a group of friendly, community-minded women who work to raise funds for our hospital while we socialize and form great friendships. Our organization provides a wonderful way for you to be of service and to broaden your horizons as we help to raise funds for all of the new health care services that are now and will be open in the near future at PHC.

Please come and join us on the first Tuesday of every month to enjoy a lovely lunch and to hear an informative talk about your health, safety and the latest innovations at PHC. We have excellent and informative speakers at every meeting. Our hospital physicians, members of the PHC ancillary staff as well as other community speakers will keep you well informed and entertained.

When you come to see us at our next meeting we will tell you all about a very special service that we provide to our members. For a very nominal fee our Social Secretary will acknowledge births, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and memorials with a special card sent in your name to whomever you choose. This is a great way to help your hospital thrive and let your loved ones know that you care.

We welcome all of you to join us on December 5 at 12 noon in the Meditation Room of the Pavilion for Extended Care and Rehabilitation located adjacent to the main hospital.


Thanks To Local Businesses

Dear Editor,

On October 28, 2006 the First Congregational Church held its annual Children's Halloween Party.

We would like to thank the following: The Wave, the Rockaway Rotary Club, The Graybeards, Elegante Pizza, Councilmember Joseph Addabbo, Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer, John and John's Pizza, Boardwalk Bagels, Ciro's Pastry Shop, Wendy's, Lady Jane Craft Store, Pier 92, Plum Tomatoes, SMK Pharmacy, Madelaine Chocolates, Bay Gull Store, Ciro's Pizza, Rockaway Bagels, Red Castle Bakeries and Busy Bee Teacher's Store.

Please shop locally and support these fine businesses. We also thank our entire congregation for making our party a success. Hoping to see you next year.


Where Is The Fairness?

Dear Editor,

I am writing you in outrage of the parking situation at St. Francis de Sales school. At the beginning of this week there were several police cars and vans from the precinct telling people that they could not park or they would be ticketed. I fully understand the "no parking on hydrants" and "across bus stops" BUT, people were also told to move cars off the beach blocks and the avenue.

Some people travel eight or more blocks to pick up children and some are elderly picking up grandchildren; some are parents with other small children picking up the rest of their family. The average time people are parked on the street in picking up children from St. Francis de Sales is 20 minutes at most. For those of us that do not have the luxury of having our children on school buses and live within a two-block radius -- what are we to do???

The funny thing is, Beach 134 Street. gets inundated with PS 114 traffic, and traffic from the Synagogue on the avenue; cars park in crosswalks, across driveways, hydrants and bus stops, but no one is up there threatening tickets. Is this "reverse" discrimination? Try getting up Beach 134 from beach to bay on a given school day, and see if you don't see the same situation or worse. At least at St. Francis there is a place for the school buses to park!

YES - there are quotas for these officers. YES - there are repercussions on them if they don't meet OR exceed these quotas. Their activity is monitored every week and month, but how does this attitude help? Are we looking for favoritism or better treatment, NO LENIENCY!!! It causes animosity in the community between these officers and the people they serve -- is it necessary? Aren't relations supposed to be improved? How is this CPR (Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect)?

For anyone who is a police officer, situations like this shame them and force all of them to deal with a stigma. Does this happen in the other end of the precinct?

I hope this bullying ends. I would like to see them turn their energies to patrolling the neighborhood to prevent muggings (like the one that took place in early October on Beach 132 Street) or the bands of kids making trouble and hanging out on Beach 129 Street, and robberies - like the problem with the stolen Christmas decor off houses that they know about and do nothing to help. Or should we expect the answer again of "we don't have a car covering that sector tonight." Gee, are they off writing tickets at the school?



Thanks Daytop Village

Dear Editor,

The Broad Channel Athletic Club and the Broad Channel Volunteer Firehouse and Daytop Village recently sponsored some drug awareness sessions in the community. I would like to thank the Daytop members, Jenny Murray, Liam O'Connor and a few other Daytop members who volunteered their time to help educate our children just how bad drugs are for them.

This program is aimed to help a child in his or her future to say no to tobacco, alcohol, and many other drugs. We were also fortunate to have Doctor Peter A. Guiney to help clarify what drugs and alcohol could do to a person. Thank you also to the members of the VFW for allowing us use of their hall, our moms for delivering the flyers and our teachers for the free Homework passes!!

As society takes on making it a smoke free environment, we should also be tackling the problems of easy access for drugs!! Doctor Guiney made the parents aware that there is easy access to drugs on the internet.

Broad Channel and Breezy Point are the first communities to step up and get involved in educating our children on the bad effects of drugs. I hope that other communities will follow the lead of Broad Channel and Breezy Point.

Thank you Daytop for the education.



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