2006-11-03 / Editorial/Opinion


The Wave Endorses...

For Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Eliot Spitzer

and David Patterson:

Democratic candidate Eliot Spitzer has been around New York City politics for years, most recently as the State Attorney General. In that position, he aggressively went after large corporations and others who defrauded the public. Likewise, David Patterson (despite his anti-police stand on some occasions) has done his former job well. They are, we believe, more viable candidates than Republicans John Faso and Scott Vanderhoef, who are relatively unknown outside of their own orbit. The other candidates for Governor, Malachy McCourt, John Clifton, Jimmy McMillan and Maura DeLuca, are one-note candidates who have no chance for victory, although McMillan, who is running on the "Rent Is Too High" Party has an intriguing platform. We endorse the Democratic duo.

For State Comptroller,

Allan G. Hevesi:

Once again, the Republican candidate is relatively unknown and has done little during his campaign to change that or to make himself a more compelling candidate. Democrat Hevesi has been serving Queens and New York City for many years and has always done an adequate if not outstanding job. While we do not like his use of pulic money, which has led to his current ethical problems, those actions do not outweigh his past service to the community and the lack of credibility on the part of his major opponent. Julia Willebrand, John J. Cain and Willie Cotton, the other candidates in the race are only a distraction for voters.

For Attorney General,

Andrew M. Cuomo:

Had we simply considered experience, we would have endorsed Republican Jeanine Pirro for Attorney General, but that cannot be the only consideration in a race where Pirro was continually under the gun for wrongdoing on her own part as well as on the part of her husband. Had her husband been the only wrongdoer in the family, we could have excused her and not blamed her for the sins of her mate. There is too much evidence, however, that she is not the straight-shooter prosecutor that she claims to be. None of the other candidates, Rachel Treichier (Green Party), Christopher Garvey (Libertarian Party) or Martin Koppel (Socialist Worker Party) seems to offer a alternative. Therefore, we offer the LOC - the Least Objectionable Candidate, Andrew Cuomo for the position.

For United States Senator, Hillary Rodman Clinton:

We do not like the things that Republican John Spencer stands for in the fields of education, women's rights or the war in Iraq. We know that Democrat Clinton engenders either love or hate (with nothing in between) in the minds of voters, but we think that she has done a good job. and she deserves another term. The other candidates, Howie Hawkins, Jeffrey Russell, Roger Calero and William VanAuken are all just along for the ride. We like Clinton for another term as the junior Senator from New York. It does not worry us that she may well run for President, because, in our minds, that possibility gives her even more political credibility

For House of Representatives, Sixth District, Gregory Meeks: Democrat Gregory Meeks has had a very controversial term, what with his world travels and his vote in NAFTA. He is, however, a young man on the move who is running unopposed this year. We have to wonder why the Republicans could not find anybody to run against him. Perhaps it was part of a deal for his vote on NAFTA, which the Democratic leadership and the unions opposed.

For House of Representatives, Ninth District,

Anthony D. Weiner:

We like Weiner and wish that he had stuck out the Mayoral race last November. While there are many who do not like his abrasive, know-it-all demeanor, we do and want him to serve right up until the time he becomes Mayor of New York City in 2009. Weiner is running unopposed.

For State Senator, Tenth District, Shirley Huntley:

This State Senatorial District covers Broad Channel and we are glad to see Ada Smith go. We know little of either Democrat Huntley or her Republican challenger, Jeriline Hunter, but we like anybody who could push the long-time incumbent off the ballot, so we'll go with Huntley.

For State Senator, Fourteenth District, Malcolm Smith:

Democrat Smith has represented Rockaway with style and panache, even if his staff says they never heard of The Wave. Smith is running unopposed, but we would endorse him against any other candidate even if he were not.

For State Assembly, Twenty-Third District, Audrey Pheffer:

This race is the only local race of interest this year. Democrat Audrey Pheffer has represented Rockaway for nearly 20 years and never fails to show up for local events. While the fact that she always votes with the leadership angers some, as does the fact that she was on the committee that turned the governance of the public school over to the mayor, she did come through for those supporting the surfing beach and has been pro-Rockaway in the Assembly throughout her run.

Republican Mirsky is an outsider (not necessarily a bad thing), who is retired from the City's Health Department. Unfortunately, Mirsky backs the president on Iraq and favors school vouchers, two seminal issues in our mind. This is not a good year for Republicans, and Mirsky is about to find that out.

For State Assembly, Thirty-First District, Michelle Titus:

Titus, a Democrat, is opposed by Independence Party Candidate Michael Duvalle, who has run a stealth campaign. We did not even know he was running until last week and he has never contacted us to talk about his run. Titus has done little for the community, but beat Duvalle going away in the last election. Had Duvalle run an aggressive campaign, this time might have been different.

For Justice of the New York Supreme Court (Seven to be Elected), Steven W. Fisher,

Evelyn L. Braun,

Richard Butcher, Kevin Kerrigan,

Robert C. Kohm, Darrell Garvin and Willis H. Stephens, Jr.

This is the final time that party bosses rather than the public, will make the decision on who will run for this important position. From now on, there may well be open primary elections or a judicial convention. It is about time.

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