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Give It Up,

Council Members!

Dear Editor:

This is my advice to members of the city council.

It has come to my attention that there are those of you who are trying to undo term limits when it's time to go. Why not just have the grace and dignity to go out and find a real job.


From A Fed Up Shareholder

Dear Editor,

Is Dayton in some backward time warp?

It's the same thing all over again. The letter written by the Board president and the members going up for re-election was a joke and a perfect example of how they have been leading Dayton all wrong. If you just walk through the buildings you can see them going down. What have they done in all this time? Nothing. These are the members who threw out our Rules that kept people and their kids from tearing the buildings up, dogs going all over the place and order around in Dayton. They are the same members who fought every meeting before Jennifer Grady and Hazel McLean got on and they were still fighting every meeting since.

They've been fighting for two years straight! And give me a break already, my take is that Bruce Jacobs is the most disruptive Board member to sit on Dayton's Board hands down. He, Joanne Smith and Ella Van Zanten should be removed immediately if disruption is the real reason for kicking out Board members.

We all know it's not; it's obvious why they are doing this to Jennifer and Hazel and it's not right.

Shareholders, do yourself a favor and vote NO on all three amendments and don't vote these members back on the board.

I am a fed up shareholder,


Just A Thought

Dear Editor,

To our fighting members of the Board. We all know that Dayton Beach Park is in arrears, for whatever reasons.

Have you thought of housing cell towers on our roofs?

Surfside Manor on Beach 95 Street is housing cell towers and are profiting from it. It's just a thought.


SMK Pharmacy Cares About Customers

Dear Editor,

I would like everyone to know about a wonderful new pharmacy that has graced our community, SMK, located at 87-02 Rockaway Beach Boulevard. This pharmacy, located across the street from CVS, is very similar to the old mom and pop drug stores of years ago. After a very painful back surgery, the pharmacist, Mark, has been very helpful and considerate. He makes calls to health plans when the patient does not know information and he provides answers to all your questions and concerns. He takes the time to get to know his customers individually and explains the drugs you are taking thoroughly.

When I could not walk and was in extreme pain, he made sure my prescription was ready when I needed it. When I was told that I needed an AFO (ankle foot orthotic) ASAP or else I would lose the use of my leg, he was there with support, and made calls himself to a doctor who would take my coverage and even set up the appointment and followed up with phone calls to let me know the status. He even had my prescriptions ready when I was not aware I was running low and called to let me know it was ready. So much for the BIG chain stores, whose commercials say they care about you.

After years of dealing with these big chains that couldn't care less, let alone remember you, it is heartwarming to see a neighborhood pharmacy that really does care. If you get a chance to visit this pharmacy, please do so. Mark also has great sales on non-prescription products. I'm sure you'll enjoy this breath of fresh air.


Thank You Ms. Baxter

Dear Editor,

On behalf of myself, my family and friends of the Italians, I wish to extend my gratitude to Beverly Baxter for the fine article "For my friend, George, on Columbus Day" the Wave (October 6, 2006) It was really refreshing not to read the usual stereotype reserved to the Italians: Your name ends with a vowel, you are a Mafioso; you came from Italy, you are Mafioso; you are an Italian's descendent, you are Mafioso, no ifs, nor buts. Ms. Baxter mentions names known only to us Italians, names unknown to other ethnic groups because they end in a vowel; names that you seldom find in school books because they are not of an Anglo-Saxon's descendent; names known only to a deep scholar, like Ms. Baxter, a person that the end of the name doesn't mean anything.

Baxter cites the accomplishments of many Italians in the new world. I am not going to re-write her long list. Yes, Ms Baxter when other groups (not all of them, of course) were sacking and plundering the new land for gold and any other precious materials or virtually annihilating the natives for their land or destroying the entire civilization of the Aztecs in Mexico and Incas in Peru, many Italians were discovering the main land of North America or mapping the Pacific from Mexico to Alaska or helping Thomas Jefferson, embodying "All man are created equal" in the Bill of Rights or founding the biggest bank in the world, The Bank of America.

Yes, Ms. Baxter, we are the sons of Rome, the mighty Rome that gave the "Roman Civil Code," a code still adopted by the entire world; we are the sons of Dante Alighieri, the sons of William Paga, the sons of Giuseppe Mazzini, the sons of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the sons of John Basilone, the sons of Cristoforo Colombo, the sons of Americo Vespucci, the sons of Pietro Giannini, Fiorello La Guardia, Guglielmo Marconi, Enrico Fermi, Leonardo da Vinci, Gallileo Galilei and many more whose contributions gave luster not only to Italy but to the world; we are the sons of tens of thousands of Italians whose names are enshrined in U.S.A. military cemeteries round the world. We are proud Italo-Americans, ready to give our contribution to our new country.

To my friends, the Italians, I have to remind them what our great ancestor, Dante Alighieri, told us long, long ago: Fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtude e conoscenza : You were not born to live like brutus, but to spread virtue and knowledge.

Thank you, Ms Baxter, grazie for having placed a rainbow over this Italian's head.


Dog Owners Beware

The following letter was sent to City Council Member Joseph P. Addabbo Jr., Parks Administrator Jill Weber, and Joanie Omeste, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce of the Rockaways.

I am writing this letter in response to a terrible experience I had last weekend while walking my dogs on the beach. During an early evening beach stroll, a stranger carrying a golf club approached me and my dogs. My dogs, being quite friendly and sociable animals, greeted the stranger with wagging tails. I was stunned to see what ensued next. The man proceeded to violently whip my dogs with his golf club. It quickly dawned on me that this could be the same person who had attacked another dog on the beach several weeks ago, an incident I had heard about from a friend in the community. I then confronted him on that point, at which time he admitted that it was in fact he who was responsible for that incident. At this point, both of our emotions escalated, ultimately ending in him fleeing the scene. I then left the beach with my battered animals, feeling a combination of anger, awe and sadness that such an incident could occur on the friendly Belle Harbor beaches.

So I am writing this to alert all dog owners to be on the lookout for this violent individual. He is a tall man with a lean build in his mid-60's with gray, slightly balding hair. He wears glasses, carries a knapsack, and holds either a stick or a golf club, whichever is his weapon of choice on that day. The first incident with the other pet had occurred early in the morning. My incident occurred around 5 p.m., so there does not appear to be a time pattern.

This man is clearly disturbed, exhibiting violent, inappropriate actions. I don't care how you feel about dogs, or how strongly you are opposed to having them on the beach. Nothing warrants the kind of violence and cruelty that I witnessed.

If anyone has further information regarding this person responsible for these events, please contact the local police department or The Wave.


Rockaway A Player

In Statewide Politics

Dear Editor,

For the first time ever a Rockaway representative has a chance to be one of the three men in the room who determine most New York State policies. The election of Senator Malcolm Smith as leader of the Senate Democrats put him in position to replace the powerful Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno if the Democrats win a majority in the State Senate.

The State Senate presently has a 35 to 27 Republican majority. Only 4 seats would have to be gained by the Democrats to gain control, since if David Paterson is elected Lt. Governor along with Elliot Spitzer, Patterson could break a tie in the favor of the Democrats.

The Democratic candidates at the top of the ticket, Elliot Spitzer for Governor and Hillary Rodham Clinton for U.S. Senator are leading by a wide margin. Since many voters vote a straight line, Democratic candidates for the State Senate have a substantial head start this year.

There are competitive races in several parts of the state. In Westchester Andrea Stewart-Cousins who lost by 18 votes in 2004 is trying again. In Staten Island the retirement of the venerable John Marchi has left an open seat for Matthew Titone. In Suffolk which has elected two Democrats to the House of Representatives and a Democratic County Executive, two Democrats, Brooke Ellison and Jimmy Dahroug are waging spirited campaigns.

In Queens County there are two gerrymandered Senate seats held by Republicans Frank Padavan and Serph Maltese. Nora Marino is campaigning with Queens County Democratic organization support against the popular Senator Padavan. Serph Maltese whose district in western Queens has a majority of registered Democrats has not been challenged by a Democrat for at least 10 years. Maltese is also the Republican County Chairman.

Control of the State Senate is important to all voters in Rockaway and the rest of the state. If Senator Malcolm Smith becomes Majority Leader he could certainly demand and get the reopening of the Rockaway line which he supports and Senator Maltese opposes. On broader issues Democratic control of the Senate would mean the end of the gridlock which has plagued Albany for decades and led to late budgets and the blocking of needed legislation passed by the Assembly.

For years it has been an open secret that the Democratic and Republican organizations have had a non-aggression pact. This year it means that four Democratic Senators, Onorato, Sabini, Malcolm Smith and Stavisky have no opponents and Albert Baldeo the Democratic candidate against Maltese gets no support from the Queens Democratic organization.

If these political games continue it means that most Queens voters get no choice of State Senator and it may mean that the Republicans maintain narrow control of the State Senate even in this strong Democratic year. It is time that voters ask their District Leaders and State Senate Leaders how these arrangements benefit us.


Cell Towers Can Rake In Revenue For Dayton

Dear Editor,

To our members of the Board: just a thought.

We all know that Dayton Beach Park is in financial trouble, for whatever reasons, and I hope it's not a ploy to go private.

But there is a way to make money and help pay some of our bills. Surfside Manor at 95-02 Beach 95 Street has joined a growing number of buildings that house cell towers on their roofs. They had ten cell towers installed on their roof. It would bring thousands of dollars a month to the building owners.

Dayton Beach Park has five buildings, and the towers are approved by city health officials.

It's a thought, unless you can come up with a better way to make money, without costing us anything. Let the shareholders decide, and read The Wave. And support Bruce Jacobs, still the only board member against privatization.


Request To Recall

Dayton Ballots

Dear Editor,

Privatization issues are really hot. I do whatever I can to help the people of Dayton Beach Park. I attend all meetings and have put a lot of time into my committee. I've always brought the truth to the people of Dayton. In my opinion inventory control must be put in place. Supplies and contracts must be watched. A Lot of people like to attack others, no matter who it is.

In this election, there were people who collected ballots. I personally had people come to me and say they were told to give the ballots to them. This election should be recalled and investigated. I expect to be attacked because I lead the fight against privatization.

At the election, people were asked for I.D. Other people had many ballots and they were taken without I.D. I am willing to leave the board if that's what the people want.


Freedom Of Religion

Dear Editor,

I have been reading the stories and editorials about Michelle McCusker being fired last year from the St. Rose of Lima Catholic School because she was pregnant and not married.

I hope I am not the only one troubled by the fact that a federal bureaucrat that nobody elected to anything decided it is illegal for a private religious school to demand that its teachers preach Catholic values and live them as well. However, it would appear that this bureaucrat will permit St. Rose to teach Catholic values provided they teach hypocrisy at the same time.

Funny, I seem to recall a document unique in the history of the world called the U.S. Constitution that guarantees me, you and St. Rose freedom of religion.

Perhaps tomorrow, another bureaucrat will decide that freedom of speech is not what we thought it was, or freedom of assembly, or freedom of the press. Oh hell, maybe we will get an especially arrogant bureaucrat and he will decide that the entire Bill of Rights is not in the public interest.

Protections from the intrusions of government are not important until a bureaucrat comes after you with unlimited resources, the judicial power to deny you life and liberty, and police to enforce their decisions.

I hope the diocese appeals this dangerous ruling which is a threat to the freedoms we hold dear but take for granted. Yes, an appeal will be expensive, but unfortunately, in this country you only get as much justice as you can afford.


Ripped Off At Rockaway Gas Stations

Dear Editor,

Can someone, anyone, out there explain why we, living on the peninsula, get ripped off by our local gas stations with higher gas prices? Why is the difference in price always 12 to 15 cents higher on Beach Channel Drive?

Don't the owners make the connection between higher gas prices and higher auto repair prices? I believe everyone is entitled to a fair profit on resale, but when does retailer/customer integrity enter into the relationship, or is it take all you can!


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