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It Takes Teamwork To Build A Memorial

It Takes Teamwork To Build A Memorial

Dear Editor,

It was nice to meet you on Friday 9/22 around 11:00 on the premises of the project at Beach 116 Street for the Flight 587 Memorial.

As I explained to you the success of this project is the consequence of a beautiful Team Work represented by:

The Flight 587 Memorial's Artist: Freddy Rodriguez who succeeded to create an outstanding concept.

The Flight 587 Memorial's Architectural Team: Kaitsen Woo and Wes Haynes of Kaitsen Woo Architects who succeeded to put to proper scale and on paper the Artist's Vision and Concept.

The New York City Memorial Design Team: Angelyn Chandler of the Department of Park & Serices of the City of New York and Sal Cali of the Department of Design & Construction of the City of New York .

The Flight 587 Memorial's Construction Manager: Henry Santos of URS .

The Flight 587 Memorial's Contractor: Mohamed Elkordy of OTTAVINO A CORP of Ozone Park.

We are only the Memorial Granite Manufacturers, but as I explained we need to succeed to produce what the Artists and Architect envision, but contractor that will be erecting the project will have to contribute to the success: ''We can do an excellent Sup-ply and He can do a lousy Installation destroying our supply'' or ''We can do a lousy Supply and he can do an ex-cellent Installation improving our supply''.

One way or another the success is only the result of the work together, and during my visit to the Memorial, I was very pleased of the exceptional work made by Elkordy and his men on the site. I have been very please to collaborate with Elkordy and the rest of the Design and Construction Team on this challenging project.

For your record: the Granite used is a Canadian Granite from North West Ontario known as Vermilion Pink. The textured non-reflective finish is known as Thermal finish which is achieved by exploding the crystals of quartz at the surface of the stone through the intense heat flaming (cutting torch) to exfoliate the surface of the stone and expose the actual grain.


Mirsky's Speech at BCA Halted

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Beachcomber note in The Wave of September 29, on the happenings at a Bayswater Civic Association (BCA) meeting held in the Bayswater Jewish center on September 18.

How a note such as the one describing the BCA meeting got into the Beachcomber portion of The Wave describing the ill treatment that a Republican candidate received without any attribution is beyond me. It seems to me to be a plant by some Republican party member to put those "Democrats in Bayswater" in a bad light. If that be the case, one should sign his/her name to a piece in the Letters to the Editor section. If that is not the case, I apologize.

I am a member of the Board of Directors of BCA. When an open meeting of the association is planned, guest speakers are discussed as to their relevance to the problems of the community or those who have special information our members may need, such as planning for emergency evacuations, persons of knowledge of our sewer problems are invited, etc. Mr. Mirsky was not on any agenda proposed at any board meeting discussing proposed guests. For this meeting, the Captain of the 101 Precinct was invited along with Mr. Goldfeder, a representative from the mayor's office who was bringing down representatives from the Department of Environmental Protection to discuss our ongoing sewer problems, and a representative from St. John's Hospital to describe the hospital's ongoing project to upgrade the hospital and it's services.

How Mr. Mirsky got there, I do not know, since his name was not brought up as a guest. It seems the president of BCA took it upon himself to invite Mr. Mirsky on his own authority, without consultation with the Board, to further his own agenda as a Republican. I know for myself that I will voice opposition to such actions and see to it that such actions by any member does not happen again.

It is the policy of BCA not to endorse any political candidate for any office locally, citywide or nationally. If the board decides to invite politicians to a meeting that is of interest to our community during an election cycle, it will invite all candidates to speak at the same meeting. It will never be a single candidate.

Mirsky was there to introduce himself. He was allowed as a matter of courtesy. At his introduction, he said who he was and started to state his views and what he will do as an assemblyperson. He was cut off by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He was told it was a political speech and as such was not allowed since BCA does not endorse any political position or candidate. He graciously accepted that decision and left the podium.

As to what happened outside the meeting room, I do not know. When I got into the lobby, I was involved with detectives from the 101 Precinct, discussing the community problem concerning harassment of Jewish children.

If members of the community admonished Mr. Mirsky stating their personal views whether he liked them or not in the lobby outside of the meeting hall, that is their affair. This does not in any way reflect on the policies held by BCA as to its total neutrality in political campaigns.


No Right To Lie About VP

Dear Editor,

Does Bob Sarnoff, your editorial cartoonist, have any second thoughts about his cartoon of 9/15 which literally demonizes the Vice President in agreement with Caesar Chavez's cartoonish representation of the President? By their allies shall you know them.

I am very disappointed in the usually lucid Beachcomber. To make a statement that is not proved does not equate to telling a lie unless there is intent to deceive. Beachcomber's assumption of the Vice President's intent is common but not proved. Beachcomber is no more entitled to call the Vice President a liar on the basis of his original statement than any reader is entitled to call Beachcomber a liar based on the statement of 9/15, since Beachcomber's assumption of the Vice President's intent is certainly not proved.


BCA Not A Political Organization

Dear Editor,

Let's set the record straight regarding the Beachcomber's article in last week's Wave.

Bayswater Civic Association held a regular quarterly open meeting on September 18. Several speakers, as publicized in BCA's newsletter, the Breeze, were on the agenda. We were not holding a political forum. Mr. Raskin, the president of BCA, did, on his own, invite Mr. Mirsky to the meeting. No other political candidates were present. Mr. Mirsky acknowledged to the audience that he was told not to be political. He was just going to introduce himself. When he began giving a political speech he was told not to continue.

We rely on and welcome our elected officials and they have on occasion been asked to speak at our meetings, but we do not endorse any candidates, as is our policy.


Please Curb Your Dogs

Dear Editor,

For the fourth time in the last two weeks, I have just found a pile of dog waste on my lawn. Unfortunately, today, my son stepped in it and tracked it into my house.

I am asking my neighbors on the beach block of Beach 123 Street to please take better care of their animals. If it is too much trouble to walk and curb your dog properly, perhaps you should not own one.


Keep Up The Good Fight

Dear Editor,

I was in total agreement with all of your comments in your "Nobody Asked Me But,,," column.

As a ten-year New York City Department of Education teacher (we call it the dumb of ed), it was great to see your remarks based on your 30+ years experience and the Coleman study.

Coleman's report and your remarks are more valid then ever. The schools can never compete with what is going on in the lives of our students when not in the school environment.

Once klein/bloom or bloomie/klein come to grips with this reality we may finally have a chance as educators, but right now, we remain cogs in a severely broken wheel.

My 10 prior years as a parochial school teacher could never have prepared me for the last 10 years of dumbed-down curricula, micro-management and incompetence. Keep up the good fight.


A Paean To Bernie Blum

Dear Wave Editor,

I would like to say something about my good friend, Bernard Blum, who passed away on September 30, 2006.

Bernard was very devoted to the environment. When he traveled Statewide to make his point on crucial issues that would change the face of our community, he would often come back and state with sadness, "I was the only one there." The great poet Robert Frost wrote about people like Bernard, "When has it ever been anything but treason in the heart of man to go along with the drift of things."

Bernard was anything but a traitor. Never in the history of Rockaway Beach was there a human being who devoted as much time to the environment as Bernard. Not once did he ever mention a monetary gain for himself. Bernard spent every penny in his pockets on stamps to mail his statements to every federal, state, and city agency involved in making decisions for Rockaway. About 10 years ago he came into my office with a cardboard box full of letters. I said, "What on earth are you doing with all those letters?" He said, "I'm mailing them out, but I don't have the stamps. Can I leave them here till I get the money?"

One of his greatest disappointments was the demolition of one the last remaining wooden Synagogues in New York City, Derech Emunoh on Beach 67 Street in Arverne. "Another Rockaway treasure needlessly erased from the face of this beautiful earth," he said. His disappointment grew more and more because he was expecting someone to question the legality of the demolition. The fire started one evening and the following morning Derech Emunoh was demolished. He said to me, "How is it possible to be able to get a demolition permit overnight?"

Another disappointment was the development of the 308 acres in the Arverne Urban Renewal Area. Bernard was one of the few local residents aware that the development was breaking federal, state, and city building codes, and most important to Bernard, breaking environmental laws. Bernard knew a great deal about the migration paths of birds, butterflies and other species that made their homes in the natural oasis that formed in the overgrown Arverne acres. He was saddened and worried to think of what would become of the Monarch butterflies and other marvelous creatures that graced us yearly.

Bernard was, without a doubt, way ahead of his time and that was his biggest drawback. At times he got upset with me for not being able to comprehend what he was talking about. Bernie expected everyone to understand what he was saying and to take their responsibility as stewards of the environment seriously. I wish I had taken his words and efforts more seriously. Now, all I can say to you, Bernard, is what I should have said to you directly, "You are a great compassionate human being, a tireless teacher, and a golden thread in the web of life."

Clinton Bashing Is 'Old And Worn Out'

Dear Editor,

After reading Eric Ulrich's "Bill Clinton Freaks Out" article, I felt trapped in a 1990s time warp, where Clinton bashing was a non-stop everyday occurrence. From 1993 to 2001, Bill Clinton was a marked man, targeted by the Right and blamed for every single misfortune to befall America. When terrorists first hit the World Trade Center in 1993, Clinton had only been in office less than a month. There was no "war on terror" in those more innocent times. Yet, the matter was treated as a local police problem and those responsible were arrested, tried and convicted for the crime. I didn't recall anyone blaming Bush Sr. for making this country less safe after the transition of power to Clinton.

In this knee jerk "everything is Clinton's fault" opus, Ulrich ignores the fundamental fact that 9/11 happened on Bush 43's watch. The current President Bush ignored a report entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in America" while on his extended vacation in Crawford, Texas in August of 2001. And as the planes hit the World Trade Center on that hateful September morning, Bush went ahead with the now infamous photo op at the Florida elementary school. Yet to those on the right, Bill Clinton is still the epitome of all evil. Just think how different modern American history would be if the Republican Congress had not been blinded by its hatred of Bill Clinton. Instead of concentrating on a pointless impeachment witch hunt, we could have focused on national security and other important concerns.

The Right should really get a new act. This "when in doubt blame Bill Clinton" routine is, still, old and worn out.


Two Wave Columnists 'Insult My Intelligence'

Dear Editor,

I read The Wave from cover to cover each week to get current, unbiased news about the happenings on the peninsula.

Of recent, I find two of your columns very offensive and an insult to my intelligence. "The Progressive" by Culotta who prints incorrect facts he must be getting from the Chomsky-Finkelstein gang that has spent the last 20 years trying to destroy Israel. The other is "From The Right" by Ulrich, who is trying to get conservative votes before election by bashing former President Clinton and blaming him for the 9/11 American deaths.

These mud slinging columns are not flattering to the high standards of The Wave. There are many other avenues from which we can get different points of view based on proven facts.


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