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Keep Dayton As Is... Affordable! Dear Editor:

From a Dayton shareholder against going private:

Don't be fooled. There is no "Dayton Beach Park Privatization Committee." They are just some shareholders fronting for some real estate giants and brokers, who have not identified themselves yet, wanting to make Daytons go private. They're trying to do this all over the city. Stuyvesant town is one example. Don't let them do it here. Stand behind Bruce Jacobs, who seems to be the only board member fighting to keep Daytons affordable.

I lived in Daytons for over 25 years, met a lot of good people and made a lot of friends; most important, I have some wonderful memories here. I want to keep Daytons the way it is-affordable. If you don't like it, you have a right to disagree.


To The Vandal Of The

Andre F. Anderson Memorial

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to denounce the deplorable actions of the person(s) that deliberately destroyed the memorial I personally built for my dear son, 14-year-old Andre Anderson, who was killed on September 24, 2005 while riding his bicycle on Shorefront Parkway. Only a callous person(s) would lack the morals of any decent human being to perform such an act. How could anyone do such a thing? This memorial was built from the heart with an abundance of love, care and time. They had the time to remove the red stones, break the board and swing it around; however, they never stopped to think that this tragedy could happen to them.

There are many people in the community who commented on how beautiful and well kept his memorial is. But there still exists those who do not care about anyone else's feelings but theirs.

Maybe you have a right to be offended by its presence, but my son Andre had a right to be on that street and be treated with respect, but he was denied that right. He was killed by a driver who was never even given a summons for his traffic violation. Therefore you should be addressing your frustrations at the driver. Until you have walked a mile in my shoes, you will never understand the importance of this memorial.

Is this the legacy you intend to have your future generations inherit? Make the rest of your time on this planet earth a worthwhile one.

Rest assured that I am now empowered by the strength of an angel to overcome the likes of people like you on this planet.


Senior Shareholders:

'Stand Behind Jacobs'

Dear Editor,

I agree with senior R. Freest about being misled by SCRIE.

I am also a senior, making under $24,000 a year, who was turned down [for SCRIE]. Nobody cares.

So I urge shareholders and senior citizens to stand behind Bruce Jacobs, who by the way is the only board member in favor of keeping the Daytons affordable.

I repeat, the only board member.


SFP Changes

Make No Sense

Dear Editor,

When I first saw the stripes on Shore Front Parkway, I thought that Christo had decided to make SFP his next art exhibit. Perhaps he would paint every other one "citron" just like the colors of the drapes hung all around Central Park. I realized this was not going to happen when I decided to drive to Rockaway Park on a hot summer day along SFP. There were three cars in front of me all cruising for a parking space- none existed. However, each time someone walked towards a parked car we all had to stop and then drive on when the first car determined that the much-coveted parking spot was not going to come to fruition. It took me at least twice as long to reach my destination on a road that is usually a great ride. On the way home I encountered at least two cars, annoyed that I was keeping to the speed limit, passing me by driving on the much forbidden striped area.

I decided to take my own survey. Between Beach 73 Street and Beach 90 Street there are no traffic lights or full stop signs- why? Starting at Beach 91 Street to Beach 108 Street there are nine traffic lights. They are at Beach 91, 92, 94, 95, 98, 101, 102, 105 and 108 Streets. Who so many?

Between Beach 73 Street and Beach 90 Street there are nine high-rise buildings, a new housing development and some private homes on the north side of the Freeway- all of which make use of the beach and boardwalk. In addition, on Beach 84 Street there is a church, a school, a shopping center and Hammel Houses, which run along Rockaway Beach Boulevard. I cannot believe that there is not a traffic light on Beach 84 Street and SFP. When I leave mass on Sunday I find it difficult to see a car going west while I try to cross SFP to go east due to parking on the north side. One has to ease out very carefully. I'm very surprised that there hasn't been an accident at this particular spot.

Now we get to the west end of SFP- between Beach 91 Street and 108 Street. This area has six high-rise buildings (as opposed to nine on the east end), a church, a school and some private homes, plus some new development as on the east end, and nine traffic lights. I would hate to think that the people on the east end weren't thought enough of to receive at least some of the safety measures that those above Beach 90 Street have. It almost looks like a form of discrimination. At the very least there should be a traffic light at Beach 84 Street and another one somewhere between Beach 73 Street and Beach 84 Street and remove the artwork. This would also entail getting rid of the artwork that prevents those living below Beach 84 Street from making a U-turn around a median. One must go from Beach 84 Street east to Beach 73 Street and then drive back west to get to Beach 83 Street- a mile- think about it.

I have lived in Rockaway and specifically Arverne all of my life and have never seen anything such as this. I would really like to know whom the one-lane brain is that thought this up. You can't compare our Freeway (suicide highway) that truly needed to have the changes that were made up to what is probably the safest road in NYC. To make it worse I now see that other roads in the area are being one-laned. Can Cross Bay Boulevard be far behind?


Deterrent Value Of Recent Drug Arrests

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the NYPD and all in law enforcement involved in the multiple arrests of individuals charged with large-scale narcotics distribution on the Rockaway peninsula.

I would ask that your newspaper track their status in the criminal justice system and provide your readers with updates. If convicted, these offenders should be sentenced to significant jail time, given their ongoing involvement and scope of the offenses. Hopefully, a positive result of such sentencing would be a somber reality check for Rockaway youth, who would want to emulate these drug traffickers.


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